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Javier M.


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Because every little GRAM counts, be conscious about everything you put in your mouth... healthyfood snack . . . gym aesthetics physique fitness shredded exercise bodybuilding gymlife gains muscle gainz fitmeals healthymeals IIFYM legday squats

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Ariel the Healthy Mermaid


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✨Question I get asked about my daily nutrition shake: "So what are superfoods and antioxidants and why are they so important?" ✨ - - A number of your body's vital processes depend on a series of chemical reactions called the oxidation-reduction cycle. You may have heard of these things called "free radicals," which are generated by oxidation reactions. Antioxidants inhibit oxidation (even says so right in the name). Now poor diet, stress, and other things in your environment can promote free radicals, causing an imbalance in your body. Consuming antioxidants helps bring the balance back, helps fight the damage caused by free radicals, and supports your immune system. So why are some foods "super"? Well, partially because of their antioxidant properties! They're like little superheroes bouncing around your body kicking free radicals butts 😉 - - Got any more questions? Curious about other "superfoods" properties and what they do in our body? Drop them below ⬇️

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Anthony Immediato


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idk if I miss San Diego or my sister more

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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ॐ я օ ω ɛ n ɑ ॐ


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Eyore, our cute assistant at our preschool says, "will work for carrots & salad!" 🐰🥕🌱

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Teresa West


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All over the place today.

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GrimmGreen ╳ OhmboyOC


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Available to all on 😤 Repost @crazyvapeman ・・・ Some muted colors on the 14 ply/44g staple installed in the new recoilrebel RDA from @ohmboyoc and @grimmgreen. After the 1st day of use I'm very impressed! The coils installed super easy with no manipulation of the leads and this 25mm build deck is capable of handling a whole lot more. I'm currently using the cloud cap and with the slightly shorter chamber and with the airflow design the flavor is on point. Everything about this RDA is super solid. Duane and Nick knocked it outta here with this one. @recoilrda Rebelrda

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Kenneth Barlis


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It was such an amazing experience to be one of the judges and witnessed all the hard work of the contestants during this competition. Everyone deserves the crown but only the chosen one will take it home. pageantjudge pageantqueen winners kennethbarlis eveninggown hollywood sd sandiego lajolla sdff sdfashionfest fashion festival

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UC San Diego Alumni


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Have you tried the Challenge Course on campus yet? We had way too much fun climbing the Leap of Faith! Check out @ucsdrec for more details 💪

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i'm not okay with just leaving or holding back my words until i need them

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