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Comment from edchoat:

Happy birthday to this kid @peter_choat now a big ol teen, love you son pistolpetechoat teenager 13yearsold

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Z o e J o h n s o n 1 3 🇬🇧


Comment from Z o e J o h n s o n 1 3 🇬🇧:

•Talent you have naturally. Skill is only developed by hours and hours and hours of beating on your craft. • • • • •here are some new skills that I have been working on !❤️ • • •this took ages to film 🎥!!!!!❤️ • • •dancer_zoe_x dancer 13yearsold skills tricks arco summerhoildays dancefeature jm • •Zoe xxxx❤️

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Patricia Marx


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Nature Lover

Comment from Nature Lover:

A long walk on the mountains of gargellen /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// naturegram nature natureshot naturelovers naturephotography naturepic naturelove naturelover landscape landscapephotography landscapes landscapelovers photography photographer photographylovers 13yearsold dutch curacao park sunrise panorama naturewalk iphone iphone6 austria instaphoto view mountains gargellen

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Comment from のっぽ:

2017.8.16 息子、13歳になりました。 切迫早産で1ヶ月入院し、予定日より2週間早く産まれた息子。 ・ ・ 母乳をたくさん飲んで、手足をバタバタとよく動かす元気な赤ちゃんでした。1歳を過ぎて、熱性けいれんから、てんかんの発作を起こすようになり、熱を出すたびに入院…小学校入学まで何度入院したか覚えてないくらい。 ・ ・ 食物アレルギー(卵、牛乳)もあり、ひどい時は調理する鍋まで別でした。偏食もあり(今、思うと自閉症の特性が出てたのかな)食事には苦労しました。 ・ ・ 検診で毎回、発達の遅れを指摘され、歩行や発語の遅れ…4歳で自閉症の診断。本当にいろいろな事がありました。今は、てんかんの発作も無く(経過観察中)アレルギーもほぼ大丈夫(生でなければ)になりました。あの頃は、今こうやって中学生になって、走るのが大好きで陸上部に入ったりするなんて想像すら出来なかったけど、元気に毎日過ごせている事に感謝しています。 ・ ・ そんな息子に「誕生日、何が食べたい?」と聞いたら即答で「肉!」…てなわけで、奮発しましたよ!地元産黒毛和牛どーん!(こんないい肉を焼いた事がないから、ネットで焼き加減を検索したよ!笑) ・ ・ プレゼントは…攻略本2冊。マインクラフト極めたいらしいww ブロック感覚なのかな。娘からは「お兄ちゃん、13歳ね!お星さま好きでしょ、たくさん描いたよ」と似顔絵プレゼント。母ちゃんからのおまけプレゼントは、本屋さんのレジ横でひっそり売ってた【海の危険生物】下敷き! ・ ・ ふたりの子どもに願うのは 自分を大切にすること。 自分以外の誰かを想って祈ったり 一緒に泣いたり 笑ったり 優しく 強く 育って欲しいと願っています。 お誕生日おめでとう。君の母ちゃんで良かったよ。 息子氏 13歳になりました お誕生日おめでとう happybirthday 13yearsold 自閉症スペクトラム asd いろいろあったなあ 静岡県産 黒毛和牛 大奮発 焼き加減わからず ネットで検索 任天堂switch nintendoswitch スプラトゥーン2 splatoon2 マインクラフト minecraft おまけプレゼント 海の危険生物 これからもずっと 父ちゃんと母ちゃんは 君の応援団だ

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Jenna Makin


Comment from Jenna Makin:

Did this in registration so it's just bits that were in the class uselesshashtagsfordays uselesshashtags dailyart sketchbook class registration umbrella reallybadart reallyboringday school 13yearsold highschool

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Comment from xfionaxx13x:

My puppy turned 13 today 💜🐶she's had so many health issues but has come back from all of them and is still going strong 💜love my Skysie 💜🐶 puppy puppylove oldgal chocolatelab labrador happybirthday 13yearsold

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Luca D'Souza


Comment from Luca D'Souza:

This came up in my fb memories today. Exactly 1 year ago today (my voice has definitely changed) Such a good song by @jamesbaymusic . . . . . letitgo jamesbay jamesbayfans coversongs sing greatsongs omfgvoice1 wowmusicians tb 13yearsold @wowmusicians singerspotlight @singersspotlight singersongwriter piano vocal musiclovers musicmemories

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Comment from Karyn:

I'm having a hard time thinking that this little cuddle monster is going to be starting 8th grade in a few days. This little smile still melts me😍. . kids boys toddler love growingup bittersweet stayingyoung beingmom momlife 13yearsold 8thgrade reminiscing memories smile

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Comment from naojoan:

Happiest Birthday Brylle! 13yearsold babynomore😭 🎂🎁🎉 foreverdeit everydaycheatday😂

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Diana Tracey


Comment from Diana Tracey:

mygirl china ❤️She'll be 13yearsold september 24th. We've had her since birth and have been blessed to have her inourlives😘💓 everyone loves her...❤️🐶😍😘

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Rheena Ulilang


Comment from Rheena Ulilang:

I've been noticing slight changes in myboy lately. He's a bit more uncoordinated and he has a hard time navigating the stairs... especially going down. This morning he stumbled and I had to catch him and help him the rest of the way down. whymusttheygetolder? beagle seniorbeagle 13yearsold ilovemydog bestdogever❤️

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linh / jordan follows 4/11/17♕


Comment from linh / jordan follows 4/11/17♕:

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Comment from Turton360:

@jack.turton4 ; you have grown to become the young man that you are, and we are most proud. Your journey thus far has been rewarding and we know the next 13 years will be even better! We love you! 13yearsold teenager youngman

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Comment from Shane:

The birthday kicks🔥8/16/04 13yearsold finallyateenager

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Grover 🐾


Comment from Grover 🐾:

Happy 13th Birthday Aunt Cookie!!! ❤️🍪 🐶 grovergram pets doglovers puppy puppylove cute dog minigoldendoodle doglife lovedogs mansbestfriend mydogiscutest puppiesofinstagram bestfriends goldendoodlesofinstagram goldendoodle happypuppy doodles cookiedog birthdaygirl maltese 13yearsold

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Léo le Patriarche


Comment from Léo le Patriarche:

Is it possible to be more explicit ? 😉 iamhungry timeforbreakfast shihtzumania olddogs doglife shitzulover shitzumood shitzugram olddogsrule olddogsofinstagram shihtzu 13yearsold chien epicurean epicurien

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Comment from chippernelly:

Clearly having a nice photo with ones mother was too much to ask teenlife 13yearsold hateseveryone andeverything beachandfriends essaouira

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aaliyah baylis🇬🇧


Comment from aaliyah baylis🇬🇧:

- a short leg video seen as i have nothing to post atm. i filmed this a few months ago so i like looking back at this and seeing how much I've improved on my flexibility⛅️✨ - song: quit ~ @arianagrande @cashmerecat 💕 - dance dancer flexible flexibility 13yearsold passion dancing tilt leghold aspiringdancer dancerslife dream love dancelife determind

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Jen O'Hara


Comment from Jen O'Hara:

This nugget starts 8th grade today 😍 We had fun dying her a little pink color last night and an up do this morn 💕 GrowingUpTooFast LilSis 13yearsold

2 Hours ago