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Comment from Brooke:

12 / 13 / 14 weeks pregnant bumpprogress Baby 2 is showing way more than Brielle did at this stage! BigBelly idontthinkyourereadyforthisbelly

15 Seconds ago

Toni Chimienti 💋


Comment from Toni Chimienti 💋:

Under tow 2 peetscoffee espresso coffee

20 Seconds ago

Muebles Infiniti Design


Comment from Muebles Infiniti Design:

mueblesinfinitidesign sofa monetespecial2,30x,10

21 Seconds ago

Carina Nogueira


Comment from Carina Nogueira:

Chá do Heitor EusouProxima chadebebe 2/3

30 Seconds ago

Brenda Wasconcelos ⚓


Comment from Brenda Wasconcelos ⚓:

E quando vejo já to ouvindo os modao duido , sofrido 🎶 Sãojoao hojetemmais modaoduido 2/4

39 Seconds ago



Comment from Hi!:

oğlum canım 2numara batu 2,5months

43 Seconds ago



Comment from Mateus:

Neste dia, eu só tenho motivos para agradecer! Não por ter a vida que eu pedi a Deus, mas por viver a vida que Ele me pediu para viver! Agradeço por não ter muitos amigos, só aqueles que realmente me agregam! Quero deixar registrada aqui minha gratidão por todas as mensagens de aniversário 🎂🎉🎁🎈MeuChamadoÉMaiorQueAMinhaVida 2.3 Birthday ToMuitoVéio

45 Seconds ago

Keelan Donovan


Comment from Keelan Donovan:

MLB Ballpark 2 of 30 - Yankee Stadium, home of the New York Yankees. Ugh. It kills me to say it as a @redsox fan, but I kinda really really re2pect this franchise. Been to this stadium a few times & it's always so much fun in the stands with the ridiculous NYC fans. If you don't mind a long train ride into the Bronx, The House that Ruth Built is a must-see. Hey New York!! I'm playing a show tonight after the game. Meet me at @rockwoodmusichall at 11:30pm, tix still available at the door 🤙🏻 kdballparktours

47 Seconds ago

Stephanie Robinson


Comment from Stephanie Robinson:

That awkward bathroom selfie... outfit of the day 2!! ootd partytime happysaturday hungry

48 Seconds ago



Comment from Study:

journaling 2 . . . . . . bulletjournal bujo bulletjounaladdict pencilcase pens penswatch writing write studygram studyhard studybr studyblr studytime bujotime colorpencil colored brushpen sakurakoi micron finepen postit place clean minimalism minimalist estudando estudos

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Comment from shkurteerashiti:

2 🌟

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Comment from DIELLZA:

2 😁

58 Seconds ago

D Hawkins


Comment from D Hawkins:

Headed to gig 2...more tired than I was before....still smilin though 😁😁🥁 lookupmarlonsaycheese dreads smile locs drums drummer letsgetit

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Comment from Shirane:

Big in Japan 2 🙈👘♥️

1 Minutes ago



Comment from 👩🏼👩🏼👶🏼😺🌈❤:

NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO 🎥 Update on baby 2! If you watch our Snapchat, you probably saw Katie had bandages going across her chest. Watch our update to find out more 👀 Also, thank you to everyone who entered our Pride Giveaway with @mitzaccessories and @pridesocks! The winner was contacted via email but everyone gets 0% off using the code: iloverainbows . . . . mitzaccessories ivfjourney herbunmyoven hereggmynest AheadOfTheCurve thebump ig_motherhood thatsdarling motherhoodrising momtogs babylistbabes uniteinmotherhood momsquared lesbianmommies thenextfamily teamtwomoms lesbianfamily femmetribe mrsandmrs samesexfamily loveislove somefamilies

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OLD NAME: lisaandlena.tweets❤


Comment from OLD NAME: lisaandlena.tweets❤:

Lisa or Lena ?🌼 Lisa oder Lena?🌼 girl leli lisa and lena 2 2017 lelinatorsleli twins lisa and lena lisaandlena girl zwillinge 2017 lelinators 2 . . . . Sarah ♥

1 Minutes ago

Lorraine Taylor


Comment from Lorraine Taylor:

happybirthday 2 dancing happy girl toddlersofinstagram summerfun 😍Xxx

1 Minutes ago

🌙reseñas de maquillaje🌙


Comment from 🌙reseñas de maquillaje🌙:

Paleta doble de sombras khol cosmetics! En el tono 2 . . . .🌹 Buena pigmentación . .🌹empaque precioso y súper práctico para llevarlo en el bolso . .🌹me encanta que trae su espejo de cada lado de las sombras . .🌹las puedes conseguir en versiones la 1 que tiene colores más vibrantes y esta que tengo en el 2 con tonos un poco más neutros . .🌹todos los tonos del segundo lado de las sombras son matte y me gusta utilizar algunos de ellos como contorno y se ven muy bien . .🌹la compré en una distribuidora de belleza en 7000 pesos💕💕 . . recomendada . . . cualquier duda aquí estaré para responderles😘😘

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Annie Burton


Comment from Annie Burton:

Steps to completing your first 52 mile bike race: Step 1: Sign up for a race in a state where you don't know anyone well enough to ask for a favor. That way on mile 20 when you are crying and want to give up you don't have anyone to call and pick you up. 🙈 Step 2: Become a broken record and say over and over to yourself, "just keep pedaling, just get over this hill."👊🏻 Step3: MOST IMPORTANT STEP. Have a teammate who will be unbelievably patient and optimistic the whole ride. Really helps too if they sing to you to encourage you not to stop. 😍 Step 4: Optional, but definitely not recommended, don't train at all and just show up the day of the race. 😳 BIG THANKS to my teammate Josh. Seriously could not have done it without him. I wanted to quit so many times but he was always there with a joke or made-up song to pump me up and push me to keep going. TouroftheWitchitas LongPost DontCare ICanDoHardThings

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Comment from Anthony:

2017 rer a b c d e h p j metro 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 tgv

3 Minutes ago