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Oops I'm at it again. Another cookie recipe from @thelittlegreenspoon.... I swear I do cook savory too!!! I love this site and have just got the cookbook!! These are the Coconut Oat cookies 🍪🍪...a couple of these with my cuppa later as my Friday treat. Although the crumbs that fell off the biscuits tasted fab 😂😂 couldn't let them go to waste. Nearly 2 weeks down back eating clean and working really hard at the gym. Feel so so much's to getting the results. They say it takes 4 weeks for you to see results....right?? # #cookies #feelingconfident #feelingstrong #happyinside #happyinthekitchen #earnyourtreats #cleaneating #cleantreats

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Hareket eğitimi. Cimnastik. Oyun Grubu. Doğum günü partisi. Workshop

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Throwback July 2016 I miss flexing. I miss my transformation. I miss this fit and healthy me. But I know I will be this fit once again and even better. In God's time, I will recover and be healed completely. I will gain that full strength once again and I will achieve that goal once again. #tbt2016 #iwillgetfitagain #iwillrecover #iwillgethealed #accidentinjury #rightshoulderrotatorcuffinjury #imissmyoldfitbody #iwillbebackontrackagain #slowworkoutisbetterthannoworkout #slowprogressisbetterthannoprogress #ibelieveinmiracles #miraclesofhealing #keepingthefaith #feelingconfident #iwillgainmystrengthback #motivatemyself #beinspired #iamsuperman #workout #fitness #flex #godisgreat #thankgodforeverything

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#kickingassandtakingnames ✌🏼 The life you feel when you can tell your IM FUCKING WORTH IT & I CAN DO ANYTHING!!! That's what I have done ✅ really changing 🌱my life not just these past 2 1/2 years but even more in the last 7 months ✌🏼🍻SOBER!! #sober I have 🥊defeated so many DEMONS 😈👿 with myself in this journey at some points feel weak, 🤕worth less, defeated and 😰 #depressed but those moments have made me #failforward creating the most amazing 🎉‼️life dreams most days! 🤗🌱✌🏼I feel alive, healthy, #fit strong, worthy, #beautiful #confident 😏sexy, #badass and most of all HAPPY!! It was because I decided to ✌🏼kick something that was destroying 🌱💪🏼❤️my #mindbodysoul and let's be real my bank account! I committed myself to my 🥑🥒NUTRITION, daily SUPERFOODS🌱, 30 minutes at home 🥊🍑💪🏼WORKOUT programs, and coming together with 🤗 #empowering uplifting women in a online community! 🙏🏼😁I just want to SHOUT from the roof tops how this all is beyond 🎉🎉WORTH it not letting limiting beliefs, finances, or others telling you can't! Because that feeling when you feel 🎉🌱😱HAPPY ALIVE out does that them all!!!!!!!!! 💓💖I'm on a mission to empower other women and give them back their life! 📮Enrollment ends Monday for my 💎next online community will you be us learning, growing, becoming healthy and building new friendships with US?!? 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼Please post below or shoot me a MESSAGE don't miss out on this babes! #transformation #transformationthursday #throwbackthursday #livingtothefullest

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