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Ken Nichols


Comment from Ken Nichols:

My newest mandala. imakethem mandala iornament energypainting

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La Muerte Ink Tattoo Studio


Comment from La Muerte Ink Tattoo Studio:

Watercolor/mandala cats by @millasipola lamuerteink cats cattattoo watercolortattoo colortattoo mandalatattoo mandala geometrictattoo abstracttattoo eternalink dynamicink cheyennetattooequipment tattoo tattoos ink inked skinart tattooart watercolor

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Valentin Roman


Comment from Valentin Roman:

I don't really know what this is, just some deep inspiration darksky night moon demon giant longhair fairies mandala eyes psychedelic dream 23 longhair thoughts

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Comment from Soul_Leather_Craft:

Comfortable green bag decorated with authentic painting. Mandala. Women's leather hand bag, shoulder bag. Soul in each item. Welcome to our shop!!! Free shipping!!!!! SoulLeatherCraftbeautifulornamentamazingbecorleatherbaggreenleatherbagmandalaonleatherleathermandalabagsleathermandalawomansaccesorieswomanleatherbagleatherartworkleatherartwomansgiftsgiftforhergiftforgirlfriendwifegiftscreativecreativedesigsoulsoulshopetsymandalaindieboholeatherbagbohochicbohogypsyleatherlovegypsymandalaleathermandalaonleathermandalaleatherbag

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Comment from Itzblanca:

➡️➡️➡️....🐌 art arte artlife lavie B. mandalas mandala

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day schildkret


Comment from day schildkret:

Two days, 30 full hours, many hands and enormous gusts of wind laboured to birth this glorious morningaltars here at @wanderlustfest in Stratton, VT. If you couldn't tell, I'm glowing! ☺️ Without any preconceived planning, she evolved into a sun-shaped star -- and is devoted to the endless days of the summer solstice, to Pride and all the good work, big and small, that needs to be seen and acknowledged! And, a special thank you to YOU for continuing to love-up and encourage my work. I couldn't continue to do it so boldly without you. ❤️☀️🌈

2 Minutes ago

Colouring Dreams


Comment from Colouring Dreams:

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~ We all deserve better ~


Comment from ~ We all deserve better ~:

Quinny 💕💕 ✧ ★✧ ★ Mood: ✾ ✧⇁⇁⇁⇁⇁⇁⇁⇁⇁⇁ ★ ✧ ★ ✧ WELCOME ❈ ★⇁⇁⇁⇁⇁⇁ ✧ ★✧ ★ You only live once ✿ ✧ ⇁⇁⇁⇁⇁⇁⇁⇁⇁ ★ ✧★ ✧ NEVER FORGET TO LOVE YOURSELF ♡ ★⇁⇁⇁⇁⇁⇁⇁⇁⇁⇁⇁⇁⇁⇁⇁⇁⇁⇁ ✧ ~TAGS~ Leagueoflegendsupdates leagueoflegends leagueoflegendsmemes leagueoflegend leagueoflegendsmeme meme Rework Update Leona Poolparty Project Bloodmoon Nami Sona Adc Supp top Mid Botlane Drawing Art fenart Lulu Mandala Neko Anime Cute Girl

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Cherelle Buscall


Comment from Cherelle Buscall:

Happy Sunday ❤ . . . . . bohohome bohoart bohodecor art goodvibes raiseyourvibration artoftheday artistoninstagram mixedmedia mixedmediaart sacredgeometry mandala artlovers freespirit nothingisordinary creativityfound creativelife calledtobecreative artistherapy happyme feelgoodart thehandmadeparade creatorslane etsyseller contemporaryart abmlifeiscolorful instaart makersgonnamake

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Jahziel Andrade


Comment from Jahziel Andrade:

Imitando dibujos 1 😁 ¿Cuanto le dan del al 0 😏💕? @danielahoyos mandala mandalas sharpie illustration arte zentangle zentanglecondani zentangleart zentangleartist mandalaart mandala mandaladrawing dibujo draw arte art

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Simona 💋


Comment from Simona 💋:

Le domeniche creative 🌈 suncatcher rainbow mandala diy iocihoprovato

4 Minutes ago

Attitude Tattoo Studio


Comment from Attitude Tattoo Studio:

Av flinke @miriamandreatattoo Eksperten på line-work, dot-work og mandalaer😋😋😋 Har du en kul idee til en tatovering?? Send oss din forespørsel på

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Comment from J Δ M E Z:


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Лена♀Lena, St-Petersburg Ru


Comment from Лена♀Lena, St-Petersburg Ru:

English below ⇩"Сегодня в петербургском небе был замечен загадочный об'ект". Новая мандала, посвященная солнцу, личной силе каждого человека, третья чакра в моей серии - чакра Манипура. Твое личное Солнце , Шайн Брайт лайк э Даймонд, вот это все. Так и переводится с санскрита - "алмазная область". 26 см, пряжа, бамбуковые палочки. Продаю ~ This ojo is called Your Personal Sun. This is the third Mandala of my Chakras series. It represents Manipura, or Solar Plexis chakra. Manipura is translated from Sanskrit as the 'diamond area'. This is the energy center which represents a persons own inner strength, will power, ability to stand out and shine (therefore the name). Available through my Etsy store, link in bio ~ мандала ojodedios mandala wovenmandala manipura sun solarplexis chakra meditation плетенаямандала olhodedeus ojosdedios weaving textileart huichol mandalaart nofilter boho bohoart

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Kim Smith


Comment from Kim Smith:

word 👐 mandala artist writer ink words wordporn quote meaningsoul deep burn find naturelovers hippy emotional being unique gypsy nomad beautiful warmth travel animallovers elephants freedom for wildlifepiscies omm boho

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Atelier Compose


Comment from Atelier Compose:

Delicada Mandala com Espírito Santo R$ 95,00 - Pronta entrega 📦 babydecor delicadeza muitoamorenvolvido mandala enxovaldebebe quartodebebe ateliercompose

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Mandala 182 art digitalart artwork mandala fractal fractalart apophysis symmetry commitment kaliedescope photo photoshop photoshopart design

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richard gelens


Comment from richard gelens:

Mandala sketch tattoo design mandala blackandgray dotworktattoo

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Comment from Emma:

I wouldn't ever have posted a pic like this a few years back... so this speaks volumes about how comfortable I am with myself now. ... don't get me wrong, I'm a girlie girl, I love make up, I love getting dressed up, I've been playing about with wigs too recently. But I also count my worn brown boots, ripped jeans, jumper and my faithful beany hat as my favourite outfit... but this is me with no make up, no hair either pretty much, dressed down, and actually this reflection is just as nice... Nothing is more beautiful than being yourself, other than being yourself and just owning it 👊🏼👌🏻👌🏻 me nofilter nomakeup selfie sunday nohairdontcare blonde buzzcut buzzed tattoos freshfaced positivity bodypositive goodvibes life inked piercings instapic picoftheday shorthair freckles tanned summer uk today natural ootd weekend mandala positivity positiveenergy

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Comment from Marian:

mojacar findesemana mandala mauibeach 🚥

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