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🌼 Tamires Lipovetsky 🌼


Comment from 🌼 Tamires Lipovetsky 🌼:

seriousface weekend night thisishowedoit nosepiercing me memyselfandi lovingme

6 Seconds ago

adolf hitler


Comment from adolf hitler:

Haven't been very active as some of you may have noticed. Anyways I'm getting better at doing makeup and I've been looking at song's to do covers of so if anyone has any suggestions feel free to let me know any songs you would like me to do and I will be more than happy to learn to lyrics and make a video. scene scenekid sceneboy sceneboysandgirls piercedboy piercings spiderbitepiercings nosepiercing lippiercing angelbites alternative alternativekid alternativeboy rippedjeans sweaters emo emokid emoboy

47 Seconds ago



Comment from 🙊🙈LAYSER 🙉😍:

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2 Minutes ago

Cyndi ∥ シンデイ


Comment from Cyndi ∥ シンデイ:

7 Minutes ago

💉Melanie Is High On Unicorns 💉


Comment from 💉Melanie Is High On Unicorns 💉:

🌚You look sexy af maniac 🌚 • • • • • • • 💉Hate is baggage. Life's too short to be pissed off all the time. It's just not worth it. - Danny💉 • • • • • • • emo emogirl emohair emoboy alternativegirl alternative altgirl punk pastelgoth gothic dyedhair bluehair bluehairdontcare makeup eyeliner chockers sisters redhair redhairdontcare puns flowercrown flowers piercings nosepiercing snakebites earplugs earpiercing •

9 Minutes ago

Mysterious Jelly!


Comment from Mysterious Jelly!:

Just be yourself and be proud of it! proud yourself sunglasses nosepiercing cute punk

12 Minutes ago

🇬🇧Anglo Saxon🇬🇧💙🥓BACON 🐖


Comment from 🇬🇧Anglo Saxon🇬🇧💙🥓BACON 🐖:

Me and my brother earlier today he's wearing a hawaianshirt both wearing aviatorsunglasses hobojackclothing hobojack hobojacks tattooed throattattoo necktattoo owltattoo owl longmessyhair anglosaxon cockney craftycockney nautical nocturnal fingertattoo fingerstattoo fingertattoos longcurlyhair nosepiercing greeneyes💚 kraken nauticaltattoos manbun kingofthesea ilovetattoos bearded

17 Minutes ago

Kehlani Fans


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Slay babygirl💞💞💞💞fansforkehlani fanpage duckface peacesigns kehlani kehlanisnap kehlanitats kehlani4life kehlanimusic kehlaniupdates crazysexycool kehlanicrzy SSS kehlanigangsta kehlanidistraction kehlanifanpage kehlanistattoos kehlanilyrics nosepiercing kehlaniparrish kehlanitsunami kehlanisnaps kehlanitsunamiupdates tattoos nails necktats stunning Tokyotour pinkhair

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Comment from matthewnormand79:

So this just happened !!! Hit my girl up your piercings @angelbiteallnite tattoolife nosepiercing northside shoplife ftw youaintaboutthislife getit nopain

24 Minutes ago

Dëstiny Dëliriüm

Comment from Dëstiny Dëliriüm:

Sc (fucking.666) stretchedears nosepiercing shorthair snakebites alternative addmeonsnapchat nomakeup bands zooyork choker catscratcheyebrow

27 Minutes ago

Little Monster


Comment from Little Monster:

"There's so much to dream about, there must be more to my life. . ." 🎶 . . . . . . . . . alexisonfire boiledfrogs lyricsquote lyrics alternative metalcore rock rocknroll song songquote music posthardcore bluehair bluehairdontcare altgirl altgirls altgirlsofig piercedgirlsofinstagram piercings nosepiercing triplelobe geekgirl girlswithpiercingsandtattoos blueeyes goodnight

28 Minutes ago

QAHTEA lives


Comment from QAHTEA lives:

Daisy Face selfie vegan vegangirl whatveganslooklike makeup mua wetnwild elf elfcosmetics crueltyfree crueltyfreecosmetics crueltyfreemakeup fakefreckles stretchedears girlswithpiercings nosepiercing colouredhair purplehair greyhair pinkhair fakelashes eyelashextensions nyx nyxcosmetics

32 Minutes ago

♡ kay ♡


Comment from ♡ kay ♡:

coffee arabica 🌿.

35 Minutes ago



Comment from Jenna:

Guys, I got my nose pierced 😂 thank you @michellehmtattoos for doing such great work 🖤💉 nose nosepiercing pierced newestaddition piercings selfie love cute bored snapback tattoos snapbackandtattoos tattooedlife piercedlife piercedgirls tattooedgirls girlswithtattoos girlswithpiercings piercedlesbians tattooedlesbians lgbt lesbian lesbiansofinstagram

37 Minutes ago

Monkeyshines Lodge-N-Garage


Comment from Monkeyshines Lodge-N-Garage:

Congratulations to the bride-to-be (center) is over the moon about her new nostril piercing and her bridesmaids got a nostril and double forward helix 😉🙈😉🙉😉🙊 thank you ladies !! monkeyshinesbodypiercing minkeyshines bigbearlakecalifornia professionalbodypiercing nosepiercing forwardhelixpiercing bacheloretteparty ranchogirls girlswithpiercings

39 Minutes ago



Comment from Yumi:

New piercing 🤗🤗🤗

40 Minutes ago



Comment from Benaa96:

Got the medusapiercing and nosepiercing today.

40 Minutes ago



Comment from Rachel:

I'm fading away, and I used to be on fire me redhair greeneyes septumpiercing nosepiercing katvond katvondliquidlipstick girlswithpiercings

42 Minutes ago

Danielle Robey


Comment from Danielle Robey:

So I got a haircut finally makeup redhair blackhair halfandhalfhair eyeliner eyeshadow lipstick piercings girlswithpiercings septum septumpiercing nosepiercing nosepiercings nostrilpiercing nostrilpiercings selfie alt alternativegirl alternative altgirl vegan atheist tattoos girlswithtattoos nyx katvond anastasiabeverlyhills tarte toofaced crueltyfree

42 Minutes ago



Comment from Chris:

Nostril piercing done last night👌🏻👏🙌 thanks for looking!! Aftercare: @officialh2ocean piercing piercings pierced titanium nosepiercing nosering ftlauderdalepiercings photooftheday i ftl modifications bodymods piercingaddict nose nostrilpiercing microdermals dermals ftlauderdale kingpintattoosupply ftlauderdalebeach vacation southflorida h2oceanaftercare h2ocean

43 Minutes ago