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aka MusicGirl


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got two new babies β™‘ piercing piercings septum nosepiercing silver rosegold messyhair nomakeup justwokeup

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Ab in die Therme bei dem blΓΆden Wetter. 😍 πŸ™‚ me myself i lebeliebelache bavariangirl bavaria german germany germangirl instagood instamood pierced instagirl blondie blond nosepiercing piercedgirl yogaworld urlaub holiday thermomix greeneyes

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Evelina Kybjär


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I wear red shoes, she wears black shoes. Let's just drink the night away. music thebulletproofbomb shoes quote lyrics indie indierock punk musicaddict likeforlikes followforfollow instalike tagsforlikes selfie smile feelpretty dancer strechedears strechedlobes makeup septum nosepiercing inked tomboy wingedliner inked

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The Beauty of Being Modified


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" Hey yeah, shout out to my booty I'm straight up with this one boy, I know it. I call it when I stop feeling alone, I want it an sometimes see I don't. I dont need no problems with nobody, I know how to get that, unfollow me. " tinashe company latenights tb earlymorning snakebites piercings nosepiercing strechers likeforlike like4like l4l followforfollow follow4follow f4f instamain igmain likethefuckinpost

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Tanya ArtY


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There's a birthday of my cousin this Sunday. My stepmom, stepsister and I decided to organize a funny play in honor of the holiday, where my role is a rocker😁 That's footage of the rehearsal. Damn, it's so cool!πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸ‘ The last time I played in a theatre production when I was in elementary school. And I still remember how our teacher complimented me😳😏 I hope everything will be fineπŸ™ MetalGirl HeavyMetalGirl RockGirl HardRockGirl PiercedGirl NosePiercing piercing SkullShirt LeatherJacket rehearsal performance play TheatreProduction actress emotions FacialExpressions BlackAndWhite

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Emine Selimi


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Ritika Dass πŸ‘‘


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I like to limit the drama in my life to my lashes! ☺️ ritikadass indianbridalmakeupartist asianbrialmakeupartist bangalore livewiremakeupartistry bangaloremakeupartist likeforlike india indianwomen indianwoman indiangirl indian nosepiercing indianwomanseptumpiercing septumring septumpiercing septumpiercingindia facemetal mynkaa beautyscoopindia indianbride indianbridalmakeup bridalmakeup

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Heidi Kettu


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Kyonko Hizara


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So if it's wine, can I drink it πŸ€” β€’Μ€.Μ«β€’Μβœ§ I have terrible pores on my nose, but as soon as I took off the mask, my pores were reduced a lot more than I expected. Even with blackhead strips with a toner or balm, the results aren't as favourable as I like. Maybe I will have to couple this mask with blackhead strips in the future. ~ ~ ~ Tags: kawaii cute cosplayer cosplaygirl piercings nosepiercing lippiercing casual waifu cosplayersofinstagram instacosplay femalecosplayer femalecosplay animegirl koreanbeautyproduct tonymoly sheetmask tonymolymask tonymolyimreal tonymolyimrealmask asianbeautyproducts beautyproducts skincare asianskincare

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Angela Ansaldi πŸŒ™


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Arianna Braschi


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today work working fashion scarf graphicdesigner fashiondesigner tex cat blackcat outfit desigual curvy iamcurvy curvygirl alternative alternativestyle alternativestyle alternativegirl piercing nosepiercing monroepiercing bananapiercing AryStitch πŸ˜πŸ’žπŸ˜˜πŸ’–

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Work today and that's it, slowly getting into a routine. Excuse the mess on my desk πŸ˜‚ added filter as my face looks so pale and well my hair looks so nice in this filter. work glasses blueeyes greyeyes nosepiercing girlswithpiercings filter makeup wingedliner

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Everybody is gonna hurt you, you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for. β€’ β€’ selfie shorthair messyhair wavyhair ombre blonde plugs tunnels piercings pierced nostrilpiercing nosepiercing eyebrows eyebrowsonfleek lips necklace paris blueeyes swiss switzerland home swissgirl

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The Beauty of Being Modified


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There's literally been so many people asking me about this piercing. DON'T GET IT. This is probably the stupidest piercing to date and let me tell you why πŸ˜† The tongue is 2 separate muscles that move independently. This piercing binds those two muscles together and makes it nearly impossible to eat, talk, and swallow correctly. This is prone to rejection and will leave a nasty scar. (Common sense) Also, gum erosion, tooth chipping, and biting the jewlery is inevitable. Nothing about this piercing is safe & no reputable piercer will do it. So my advice about the "snake eyes" piercing: DON'T!

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VisHnu NaraYanan


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