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c u t e :)

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Comment from Chacha:

Tenang saja, ketika sesuatu yang kita anggap baik berakhir, ketika kita kehilangan seseorang yang kita nilai spesial, ketika sebuah kesempatan emas hilang maka, tenang saja, akan datang sesuatu pengganti yang lebih baik, seseorang yang lebih istimewa, pun kesempatan emas lainnya. Pastikan saja syaratnya dipenuhi: bersabar.Bagi orang2 bersabar, selalu datang hal-hal baik sebagai pengganti hal-hal sebelumnya.😊 #quotes #instagram #instagood #instadaily

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Comment from Reese:

You know kinda like when you eat 45 chocolate chip cookies and then lay on the floor of your living room wondering why life is like this. Then you go to the gym the next day and hope that after your hour and a half work out that everything will be okay but then you eat 20 more cookies that night? No?....just me? Ok

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Comment from poeticpanacea:

I was always the one who needed saving 😏.... I like setting up my poems like this because when reading it you really get to pause and it puts emphasis in all the right places. 👌

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