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Comment from StylishNaturally:

Key to beating jet lag is organic, plant based b complex vitamins, good probiotics, hydration & ginger!! vegan veganofig amazing love instagood yummy happiness bestofvegan goodvibes selfcare selflove selfie selfcare universe plantbased universe veganism plantstrong plantlove bestofvegan

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K A T I E 🌺 H U S S O N G


Comment from K A T I E 🌺 H U S S O N G:

Soothing Deep Blue, working overtime on our bods today. Yoga yesterday was sooo good. I stretched so far and deep and wide, and did my very best in every pose. (Thank you, Ryan Leier.) The result was: Bliss. And pain. (Like, everywhere.) But the good kind, ya know? Can't believe it's our last day! So thankful for this experience, this body, and the oils. nowthatsbetter naturaloptions essentialoils empowered doTERRA deepblue qualitymatters wanderlustfest wanderlust2017 hawaii oahu northshore turtlebay travel adventure yoga stretch challenge health natural wellness selfcare soothing pain muscles vinyasa

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Comment from jamessback:

Dit kaartje kreeg ik een paar weken geleden op de ADO waar ik nu zit van een van mn therapeuten. Ik dacht meteen nou laat ik dat als naam nemen want ik had geeen idee wat anders. 🙈 maar nu ik hier zo'n drie dagen rond 'snuffel' denk ik.. ben er toch niet helemaal tevreden over (nou is dat niet zo gek voor mij😅denken denken denken en altijd bang zijn niet goed te doen/zijn.. maar probeer ht nu wel bij deze te laten!🙊) iedere dag probeer ik mezelf een stukje meer terug te vinden en van het leven proberen te genieten. Jamessback it iss dus. Hopelijk ooit op dat punt dat ik trots kan zeggen; JA HET GAAT GOED 😊 en gelukkig lukt dat al op sommige dagen (nouja momenten..), iets wat ik twee jaar geleden noooit geloofd had. Have a good day warriors 🐧💕 loveyourself selflove selfcare dutchrecovery edfighter edrecovery warrior mentalhealth mentalillness levenismeeevoudvanleffoodisfuelnotevil haataanzelfhaat depressie angst ocd fucku stronglikeafighterarmy zondervoedselisjedagpoep eetstoornis vechter

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Andrea Clarke / mama quilla


Comment from Andrea Clarke / mama quilla:

Time to find that space within - the heart centre - connect, find something that fills you with complete & utter joy & then allow the feeling of joy to ignite the love in your heart.....breath out and let it expand and shine forth...all encompassing, all inclusive & unconditional. Check in with yourself & see how that feels... ❤❤ selfcare onelove heartwarming heartcentre fertility wombawareness period

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Christiana Jackson


Comment from Christiana Jackson:

Hope everyone is having a happy Sunday! Hopefully with some time for self care 🛀 ❤ bathe ritual bathsoak bathsalt aromatherapy happypampering selfcare relaxation recharge

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🕉Saruh Skip🌱


Comment from 🕉Saruh Skip🌱:

I'm not ashamed of my body I'm not ashamed to be nude. Its a human's most natural state, and I feel comfortable that way. artisticnudity aftershowertokes art photography humans neverashamed loveyourself nudist nonegativity goodvibes positivevibes stonerchicks stoners stonernation pnw northweststoners hippiechicks hippies hippiebeauties comfortable zef zef2def selflove selfcare selfconfidence nofucksgiven namasté flowerchild freespirit

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Kate Kanter Berry


Comment from Kate Kanter Berry:

A couple glasses of red wine + red wine face mask. 🍷winning on a saturdaynight @tonymoly.us_official @tonymoly.official imreal treatyoself selfcare selflove

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Holisitic Nursing Solutions

Comment from Holisitic Nursing Solutions:

Reflection for today...... we all put so much trust into our healthcare system.... but putting our trust into someone else's hands can be dangerous if it just doesn't sound talking about that gut feeling..... it doesn't make sense to you and when you start asking questions they either shrug it off or can't explain the reasoning behind why let them do it? Its true patients need to have patience for medical 'prac'tioners to practice on them.....!!! Your knowledge is your best insurance..... we need to empower self care and self education! YOU know your body the best so listen to it and communicate no university degree will do that better! Thankyou❤ to my client who called me today and asked the question does this treatment plan sound right to you as it doesn't to me..... The result? We held a teleconference, problem solved and provided education to empart the knowledge which equated to a better outcome for all! So if there is any advice i can give a nurse ..... listen to the person 'patient' and ask them how they are... or how they feel about whatever task your going to do with them.......their answer may actually teach you something! Now back to my sunday! 🌻 hnsangels👼 nurse knowledge education selfcare education healthcare healthewound empowerment healthewound passionatenurse

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Poetry & Quotes for the soul


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Katie Paget


Comment from Katie Paget:

This is needed after my morning work out....I am getting a little addicted to lemon water though, makes me feel so fresh! 🍋🍋 mybreakfast sundaymorning

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Suzanne McCorkell


Comment from Suzanne McCorkell:

This combo sounds perfect after a massive weekend. Relax and de-stress ❤️ doterralife holistic wellness teenmum letthembelittle doterralove doterraessentialoils oilmama naturalmum clicknmom naturalremedies motherhood healthykids happykids confidence courage grateful personalgrowth business homebusiness selfcare organic vegan eatclean kharma gratefulcapture Repost

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Tiffany Etherton


Comment from Tiffany Etherton:

Trying something new lipmask sephora lips plumplips kissablelips puckerup nakedface takecareofyourself selfcare pamperyourself

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Sophia Karlsson


Comment from Sophia Karlsson:

Sunday morning ~ self care ❤ detoxdigsmuk detoxdigsmuk2017 ninkasdetox ninkamauritson detoxfood spring🌷 breakfast omelet chicken spinach omega3 healthyfats healthybreakfast protein selfcare selfcompassion

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Comment from ✖️Rel✖️:

instadaily sunday tb metime mehendi henna arabic movie design bestie simple chillax selfcare love fam asian squadgoals exotic indian rosegold islandlife mauritius

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🔹Confident Life


Comment from 🔹Confident Life:

I'm excited to open up our new Contributors page to Confident Life! If you want to write something for us, get promoted in front of our audience, and spread your knowledge to help others, head to the website and fill out the form:

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Eve Lee


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coming soon


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Freedom is a state of mind neoeveryday

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Comment from BARE ELEMENT:

Pretty but a little guarded 👀

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⚖ Finding Balance ⚖


Comment from ⚖ Finding Balance ⚖:

How much help are you going to be to others if one day your body has enough and packs in?! ➖ "As if that would happen to me". Sure. Just keep going at it and see what happens... ➖ Well I did. ➖ I ran my body on cortisol (stress hormone), overexercise, CAFFEINE and a lack of carbs, thinking I was super healthy! ➖ Eventually after ignoring my body's cries for help I gave it no choice but to almost stop working. I got ridiculously ill with adrenalfatigue (leaving me bed bound for many months, unable to work or workout for the last two years! See my account @adrenal.fatigue.awareness for my story) so since then I've been learning to SLOW THE HELL DOWN! ➖ It's been two LONG crazy hard years, & I'm now prioritising my health, realising that in order to get back to living I need to learn to stop & relax! If I don't this will just happen again & I've been told my body just won't make it through it again... Pretty final! ➖ Now I'm sure some of you reading this thing "oh yeh sure, I'd love to find time to stop & do nothing. As if I can do that!" Ha! Well I totally get it, that was me, Mrs Rushing Around, & look how well that turned out! ➖ So on Sundays I like to rest & chill the hell out. I do girly things like face masks and paint my nails. I do as much mindfulness breathing as I can. No chores. I colour in (amazing for lowering your stress levels!). I often don't get "ready" or go out. I just veg. It's so nice! I'll also catch up on my TV shows. ➖ To some this may seem like a luxury. Well I can tell you that after 30 years of not taking care of myself, having 1 day a week to chill out is essential if I'm going to be able to cope with "real life" again ❤️ Don't learn the hard way like me! ➖ So here's to resting. It's okay to take care of yourself. You need to if you want to keep going & also be able to look after everyone else around you. Hannah 😘 ➖ selflove selfcare selfcaresunday selfcarematters paleo plantbased whatveganseat fitfam cleaneating chocolate eatclean vegandesserts foodies veganfoodporn cacao stress glutenfree refinedsugarfree health dairyfree vegan vegetarian cacao rawchocolate gym caffeine caffeineaddict mum

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