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Marcin Klimczak


Comment from Marcin Klimczak:

Wszystko jest w porządku❗️ Dziękuje za wszystkie wiadomości. Szczęście w nieszczęściu. crash caradelevingne tour band snow ice road accident 🚘

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All Cars Instagram Ⓜ


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⚊rollsroyce phantom accident رولزرويس حادث امطار سيول البحرين السعودية 1 راحت الفانتوم 💔 .. هذي بالبحرين ؟؟ ⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊ supercar hypercar luxury luxurycars luxurylifestyle amazingcars247 carinstagram carsofinstagram cargram carswithoutlimits dupontregistry blacklist exoticcar instacar amazing fast caroftheday instacars cars bestofthedayinsta instacar instacars supercar

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نشب بظهره 😏😕 . . SailinQatarMiddle_Eastcobraحادثتفحيطخطيرتخميسقومهتوجيهbadaccidentحوادثاربيجاب_العيدفكه_لله_crashاستعراضferrarirunoverترفيعcorvetteاعصابbmwbikeporche @best_car_smashccwدبابات

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Omar Atef


Comment from Omar Atef:

Bae is back to it's former glory 😂😂😅 Almost.... 😭😭😶 petrolhead accident headlights dacialogan

5 Minutes ago

California Highway Patrol Pics


Comment from California Highway Patrol Pics:

The calm before the storm. __________________________ 🔵⚪️🔴|🔵⚪️🔵|🔴⚪️🔴 __________________________ Photo Cred: @bmartinez_1234 📸 __________________________ californiahighwaypatrol highwaypatrol statepolice statetroopers police cops policemen policewomen thinblueline policlivesmatter thinbluefamily federalsignal fordexplorerutility policeinterceptor code2 code3 moveoverorslowdown moveoverorgetpulledover heroes firstresponders accident pushbar ford welovepolice thankyoufirstresponders sheepdogs blessedarethepeacemakers

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Comment from Kimb3rl3y_Kyl3:

Petite journée calme mis à part la chute de Kyle dans les escaliers chez ma tante. Heureusement il est tombé sur les fesses et est tombé dans cette position. Je n'imagine pas si ça avait la tête la première : Il a pleuré deux minutes et est repartit courir de plus belle. chute escalier accident petitgarconsolide costaud dimanche plusdepeurquedemal mamanaeupeur

17 Minutes ago

24 | Fa & Fjalar | 14


Comment from 24 | Fa & Fjalar | 14:

Hi guys.. I went to see Fjalar today although I can barley walk and move 🤕😓 I'm not so sure anymore that my back is really okay, because the pain spreads into my left leg whenever I move, but this might be just a muscular thing.. or at least I hope so.. 🙏🏻 Well, anyway, enough of this post accident stuff and details.. 🙄 My dad was so nice to drive me to Fjalar and although getting into and out of the car seemed almost impossible, I was glad I did this. My dad helped me prepare Fjalars food, because I couldn't walk everywhere, especially not down those huge stair steps.. Fjalar came to me when I called his name, so that's a good sign. He seemed like nothing happened, but we will see what effect all of this had on him. It's surely not forgotten yet. My dad helped me get Fjalar out of the stable so I could feed him and brush his back a little. After that, I brought him back to his stable and at first he went to fast but then he realised, that I couldn't keep up and went really slowly beside me. He was a bit hasty to get his treat, but he got nice when I'm asked him to. Whilst I was preparing to leave, he stood there at the wooden panel with his head over it and his ears into my direction and I don't know. It was so special, because my dad stood right next to him, but he just ignored him and only focused on me. So I went to him like a snail because I can't walk faster, and when I finally touched his nose, he made such a cute sound. Like a dog. I can't describe it, it was like he was saying sorry or something.. I know it sounds silly, and it wasn't even his fault.. but it was just so nice to hear that sound because normally he rarely makes any sound and I never heard a horse making a sound like this.. I wish I had it on tape.. 😍 Well, I hope I get better soon so I can start cleaning up this mess and get hopefully straight back on track.. I don't want to get my hopes up too high, because I know that this accident changed a lot, since I never had an accident with him and thought we were over the bolting thing and now I have to face the fact, that this might actually happen again and that maybe then we won't be so lucky.. ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

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Arte & Diseño


Comment from Arte & Diseño:

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FaHim Hasan


Comment from FaHim Hasan:

camry 😢 accident

21 Minutes ago

Bikes by Guff


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Gift wrapped

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Sebastiano amato


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Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable👊 gym goals motivation arm accident workout weights nevergiveup neverbackdown nextlevelfitness dontquit back muscle motorcycle injury motivated keeppushing dream gains fitness flex lift gymlife triceps gymrat dedication progress stronger legs limited @frank_medrano @beyond_limits_lifestyle @tavicastro @thefitempire_

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Virginie De Klippel


Comment from Virginie De Klippel:

quote true like pretty accident elegant art 💕

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Comment from Brett:

BodyByBrett accident PositiveThinking

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Comment from kholet23:

you don't meet people by accident, there's always a reason a lesson or a blessing fathma ali

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Comment from qlvb_007:

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Comment from qlvb_007:

Ouch... big boys don't cry . . . . . . . . accident streetlife hurt broken telaviv police bandit israel street blackandwhite suzuki ride pic style urban picoftheday lifestyle wall reflection graffiti beautiful art creative underground flowers music motorbike biker bar skull

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Comment from hha:

The sun decided to blind me and i accidentally took a pic of it... sunsaturdaysunsetshinepicturecountryparentsgrandparentstriptravelaccidentfencedirectsunlightamazingwonderfulcolorfulcoolawesomeredpinkblackbluereallycool

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Comment from Lilla:

When you have to have 3 boarding passes because you're broken 😂🎿✈️ planes Travel broken specialassistance skiing accident tornacl tornall kneebrace kneeprobs easyjet 3seats

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Comment from PiotrusPan:

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Mike Kemple


Comment from Mike Kemple:

You never know how strong you are until be strong is the only choice you have

7 Days ago