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Historical Photos 📷


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Two young German soldiers armed with Panzerfaust (anti-tank weapons) and Mauser rifles, march along Bankowa street in Lubań (Lauban), Lower Silesia. Towards the end of the war, German boys as young as fourteen and fifteen were often sent into battle to augment the dwindling numbers of able-bodied men. March 1945

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Jennifer Bastian


Comment from Jennifer Bastian:

mut zur hässlichkeit man wird ja nicht jünger anti falten 😂😂😂

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Comment from antisocialmediaclub:

Isn't it better to read on a newspaper instead on a phone? Be smart and don't destroy yours eyes watching on small screen + it looked fancy 👀

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👑 Rihanna 👑


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Robyn in LAX yesterday. LA ° ° rihannariribadgalririfentyrihpostrihannanavylosangelesbabyririrhennafentyxpumaantilotbaubrihbatesmotellikesforlikeslanycloyaltydjkhaledbrysontillerfentybeautywildthoughtspuma

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robyns pickney ❤🏆


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This look needs a comeback 🔥❤️ • • • • RobynRihannaFentyririrhennarobzbadgalriribarbadosRihannanavyNavyNavyordiefandomUnapologeticANTiANTiworldtourLOUDLOTBWorkSexwithmeFentyXPumaPumabyrihannaCreeperg4ldetailsfilterAubrihl4lmandowndwt @badgalriri @mdollas11

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Anti Label 3️⃣🏆


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That Part 👓🎩🔥 schoolboyq that part black hippie kanyewest travisscott chancetherapper kendricklamar tde anti label like4like follow4follow followme

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- anastasia


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im so jealous type i hate it lmao

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Go follow ➡️➡️➡️ @chrisbrownreposts ° ° ° TeamBreezy breezy chrisbrown chris Royalty Rihanna riri chrihanna cbreezy fenty brown x graffiti anti unapologetic followforfollow follow4follow like4like likeforlike followback followforlike likeforfollow instafollow spamforspam mgxmg hot sexy chrisbrown badgalriri f4f l4l Royalty spamforspam mgxmg hot sexy chrisbrown badgalriri f4f l4l Royalty spamforspam mgxmg hot sexy chrisbrown badgalriri f4f l4l Royalty spamforspam mgxmg hot sexy chrisbrown badgalriri f4f l4l Royalty spamforspam mgxmg hot sexy chrisbrown badgalriri f4f l4l Royalty spamforspam mgxmg hot sexy chrisbrown badgalriri f4f l4l Royalty spamforspam mgxmg hot sexy chrisbrown badgalriri f4f l4l Royalty spamforspam mgxmg hot

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Imma Giggly Bitch


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This is so me omg😂 (if repost plz give creds❤️) - - - - - markiplier markiplier septiplier markipliergame jacksepticeye jacksepticeyeedit pewdiepie wiishu marzia markiplieredit crankgameplays antisepticeye dark anti darkiplier mark jack cinnamontoastken felix caillou memes earrape ripheadphones gloup auxcord passtheauxcord bitchimfabulous

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Tryna Meet My Sis Robz 🙏


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Flew in from Mexico last night, what better drawing to start with than the amazing @diggzy 📸 ⚓️ ⚓️ ⚓️ @badgalriri rihannafenty FentyXPuma barbados puma creepers RiRi NeededMe tattoo rihanna fenty NavyRDie rihannanavy navy robynrihannafenty anti AWT R8 teenager artist pencil paper eraser art crayons sketchbook practice dreamchaser beautiful

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robyns pickney ❤🏆


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Beauty 🌺 • • • • RobynRihannaFentyririrhennarobzbadgalriribarbadosRihannanavyNavyNavyordiefandomUnapologeticANTiANTiworldtourLOUDLOTBWorkSexwithmeFentyXPumaPumabyrihannaCreeperg4ldetailsfilterAubrihl4lmandowndwt @badgalriri @mdollas11

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Robyn Likedx3


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nailart art • Rihanna Riri Rhenna badgalriri badgal navy navyordie navyfamily thebest Queen bae boo love NavyTurkey NavyCroatia rihannadaily singer music artist R8 ANTI BestFanArmy RihannaNavy

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Rafal Lisowiec


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💖The Most Advanced Skincare Set – Infinite By Forever Living Products Infinite by Forever™ 💖 🌟Just For You👉Because You're Worth It🌟 The latest advancement in advanced skincare. Using the power of science and nature. The four unique products combined into the infinite by Forever™ skincare system reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve the smoothness of your skin, support beauty from the inside out and leave you with radiant, moisturized skin that looks and feels younger. Infinite by Forever™ includes: Hydrating cleanser Firming complex Firming serum Restoring crème This moisturizing powerhouse contains more than 15 skin conditioning ingredients. Our Aloe is synergystically enhanced with an anti-aging essential oil blend. Together, these ingredients of the restoring creme deliver proven results for soothing skin and seal in all of the powerful benefits your skin has just received so you can start slowing the sands of time. 🌟 Visit The Website And Stop Wondering If It Works - Because It DOES✌ 🌟Get 15% Discount When You Sign & Shop Now 🌟 👉Buy 👍Use💪Love💖Share✌ AloeVera FaceLift NonSurgical Women FirmingSerum Anti-aging Excitement Beautiful SkinCare Sexy Lubricant BeautySalon HydratingCleanser Vigor Freshness Radiance Dermatology Facial FirmingCreme LoveMe Follow4Follow InstaGood LookBetterFeelBetter Collagen Fit RestorativeBeauty FollowMe Cosmetics Like4Like Follow4Follow

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Edson Jair


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Comment from ✧kel✧:

Hey everyone...its me,Kel.....I don't know if you've noticed or not but I haven't posted an edit in almost a let me explain,Incase any of you don't know I use kinemaster to edit,but a few weeks ago it just stopped working....i don't know how or why but it won't let me export any files or anything,I don't know any other editors I can use because I am a phone editor but I feel really bad for slacking this much,You people obviously follow me because of my me not posting them isn't fair to any of you....I feel like I defiantly don't deserve over 300 of you guys following me for my piece of shit sorry I haven't posted and hopefully I can figure this out...thank you for sticking with me through this ❤ Markiplier markimoo Markipliergame markiplieredits jacksepticeye lettucehead septic jackaboy booperdooper speediskey Felix pewdiepie pewdipieedit felixkjellberg crankgameplays ethan crankgameplaysedit septiishu amyplier amynelson peebles icedarkroast wiishu signehansen cutelilbeans anti jacksepticeye dark darkiplier

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Robyn Rihanna Fenty ❤🌹


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- June 24, 2017 ❤✈ Rihanna heading through security at LAX Airport in Los Angeles, California. [ @badgalriri Rihanna RihannaNavy NavyRDie RiRi Queen Gorgeous RobynRihannaFenty Legend Icon ANTI Unapologetic TalkThatTalk Loud RatedR GoodGirlGoneBad AGirlLikeMe MusicOfTheSun AWT DWT 777Tour TheMonsterTour LoveOnTheBrain Work NeededMe KissItBetter ClaraLionelFoundation]

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Comment from deluxerih:

This looks so good

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Rihanna Navy


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Bitch I want this clothes G4LIFE 😂 This is so perfect 😭 Robyn know what do 😍 She's my everything ❤ rihanna badgalriri badgal rihannanavy riri Robyn robs navy beautiful boo beyhive hive beyoncè yonce perfect slay sweetie swag g4l follow4follow flawless follow fenty anti

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rihanna Departing from LA @badgalriri LosAngeles FentyBeauty Parih rihannastyle streetstyle navyrihannanavy fashionkilla drake beyonce fashionlady rihannafentylove robynnavyordienavyfamily rihannasexy fentyxpuma pumabyrihanna awt antiriristyle blackannaaubrih throwbackbestfanarmyR8

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Rodan and Fields/Cackie Marsh


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💧Active Hydration Serum💧 Why your skin needs it 💦 Been using AHS for 2 1/2 weeks and i love it! What is the difference between Moisturizer and Hydrator 💧 Moisturizer - creates barrier that traps moisture level and does not allow moisture to escape Hydrator 💧- not only acts as your moisturizer it also pulls in 💧moisture from the air ☔️ and atmosphere and can actually increase the current levels in your moisture💦 💧properly hydrated skin has anti aging benefits 💧skin looks younger, feels younger and acts younger 🍎 How is Rodanand Field Serum different from others 💦💦💦 💧Dr Rodan and Dr Fields created a new molecule by combining 2 of the best hydrator out there . 💧hyaluronic acid and glycerin Combined the two together in a whole new way F A C T S : 💧💧💧💧 💧others has 1-3% levels 💧our AHS has 30% glycerin which is more effective 💧good for ALL skin type ( oily, sensitive et al) 💧 non comedogenic - which means it wont clog your pores 💧oil free 💧💦Self adjust! ❤️ pulls in moisture as it needs it 💧everyone that uses AHS receive smoother, softer , younger looking skin ❤️❤️😘😘💧 💧added with your Rodan and Fields regimen will boost the benefit you are already receiving above and beyond. Comment below or message me for more info. Scroll to see before and afters! changingskinchanginglives 60daymoneybackguarantee realpeoplerealresults whatareyouwaitingfor lifechanginghydrationnation rodanandfields skincareanti-aging multimedtherapy icanhelp contactme clinicallyproven

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