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How to pack a #painting for shipping with your host Blake Chamberlain, Part 2-- Shipping more than one ? Use the steps mentioned in my earlier post today for each . Then use foam core or make custom cardboard spacers to go in between the s to add extra protection and eliminate space in the box. Remember to pad either side with foam core or sturdy cardboard as well. Use additional cardboard spacers to eliminate any space caused by disparity in height differences. Oh, even if you use a sturdy box, always double box for larger s. *** #artshipping #shippingart #artsales #artwork #artist #artlife #artistsoninstagram #art #packingart

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So far this is the largest mandala I've ever made, it's my first ceiling mural as well. Now moving to the third one! 💃 ☺ Highly inspired by the music video of "Hymn For The Weekend" (by @coldplay)

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