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ICA Kvantum Värtan


Comment from ICA Kvantum Värtan:

Vi vill slå ett slag för en öl till maten i sommar, då öl passar till alla olika typer av mat 🍺👍 Ska du äta lite starkare mat, som asiatiskt, passar en lättare öl som lager eller veteöl. Är det burgare det bjuds på passar en IPA eller Pale Ale bäst 🍔 I vårt breda sortiment av alkoholfritt hittar du öl från alla olika kategorier ☺️ öl medpassionfördetgoda icakvantumvärtan

1 Hours ago

Kegerato Craft


Comment from Kegerato Craft:

Kegerator Craft is your friend too! Check the link in the bio for more info!

2 Hours ago

Kimberly Fricker Horie


Comment from Kimberly Fricker Horie:

Shall we dance? beercanchicken biggreenegg yxe

2 Hours ago

Jeremy Quattlebaum


Comment from Jeremy Quattlebaum:

Out of the grill beercanchicken philly chicken grilling

3 Hours ago

Montgomery Gardens


Comment from Montgomery Gardens:

And it's done! biggreenegg beercanchicken montgomerygardens

3 Hours ago

Montgomery Gardens


Comment from Montgomery Gardens:

Beer can chicken on the BGE! What's on your Egg for the 4th of July??? Don't have an Egg? Come see us. We can hook you up with the best grill and smoker ever made! biggreenegg beercanchicken eggheads montgomerygardens golddealer

3 Hours ago

Courtney | WeightWatchers

Comment from Courtney | WeightWatchers:

Smoking a beer can chicken but instead of a beer& a can using a pineapple with the core still attached to the bottom of the pineapple! Should be delish!!!! • • • • • • • • weightwatchers weightlossjourney weightwatchersfamily weightwatcherspoints weightwatchersjourney ww smartpoints weightwatchersmom wwmom portioncontrol onamission healthyeats weightwatcherssisterhood weightwatchersonline determination pizza worktheplan pineapplechicken pineapple healthyeats dinner beercanchicken lownslow smokemeatnotdrugs smokedchicken

3 Hours ago

Jon Orton


Comment from Jon Orton:

Dinner for my babes. Beer can chicken with homemade salsa and chips!! menwhocook beercanchicken

4 Hours ago

Jasmine Joy Corbeil


Comment from Jasmine Joy Corbeil:

Mmmm beercanchicken soo good! Why haven't I done this before!

4 Hours ago

I Have None


Comment from I Have None:

I love the smell of ass after a hard day's work. BeerCanChicken

5 Hours ago

Michael Tetreault


Comment from Michael Tetreault:

Little grillin and relaxing after our weekend getaway. beercanchicken grilling

5 Hours ago

Lindsay Shutes (Millner)


Comment from Lindsay Shutes (Millner):

5 Hours ago

Jeremy Quattlebaum


Comment from Jeremy Quattlebaum:

It's been a year or two since I did this, so I hope it works out. Beer can chicken. Grill roasted chicken grilling philly beercanchicken

6 Hours ago



Comment from smokeemifyougotem_bbq:

Beer can chicken with lemon garlic @caribeque rub!

6 Hours ago



Comment from Rick:

First time making beer can chicken with my anniversary present cavetools rack from @msymarvin24 beercanchicken

6 Hours ago

Carmiski Brown


Comment from Carmiski Brown:

atlantachef atlanta southside 1ghettochef food cooking chicken beercanchicken @budweiser mangorita

7 Hours ago

Diana Adams


Comment from Diana Adams:

What's up beercanchicken?! 🍗🍺 BBQ on a Monday 🙌🏼😎

8 Hours ago

Moto Well Traveled


Comment from Moto Well Traveled:

Sitting here on Monday, wishing it was still Sunday. Oh how I love this place ♡ malibucafe calimigosranch malibu calilove heaven loveit sundayfunday frose rose champs beercanchicken soyummy favoriteplace localdestination travel motowelltraveled

8 Hours ago

Jarett skeffington


Comment from Jarett skeffington:

Sometimes you just need to be a culinary rebel and do something crazy. This is my tandoori spiced beer can chicken. So good your tongue will jump outta your face and slap your momma. . . . . . culinarygangster culinaryrebel bbqbeercanchicken chicken dinner instafood foodporn norcal sonomacounty northbay rohnertpark jskeffphoto chefskeff skeffsbbqshack

8 Hours ago

Naomi Guess


Comment from Naomi Guess:

Finally tried the much anticipated Beer Can Chicken using a spice pack from the spice masters @spicentice ! If you swipe ⬅️ you'll see the beer I used, how the chicken looks once roasted and how I served it (with salad, corn on the cob and a little Mexican rice for less than half a Syn). The chicken was SO tender the thigh bones fell out as I carved! Although the spice pack itself is Syn free I couldn't resist eating some of the crispy chicken skin so I'm counting 5 syns for that which is ok as I've only had 2.5 today 👍 and completely worth it 😊. Bonus is that I don't even have to clean the oven as no fat splattered at all 👋 Another hit. Thank you Patrick ! 💜 Use code INSTA20 if you'd like to try any products yourself. beercanchicken slimmingworld slimmingworlduk slimmingworldfamily slimmingworldfriends swmafia swinsta slimmingworldrecipes slimmingworldmealsslimmingworldtargetmember slimmingworldinspiration delicious weightloss weightwatchers foodoptimising fooddiary foodblogger foodpics homecooking healthyeating healthyfood onplan diet foodie freefoodisthebest

9 Hours ago