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Comment from Greg:

Happy birthday to my favourite son Corey the big 1 ohhh!! What would you like for dinner mate? Ummm Beer Can Chicken please Dad haha DONE! beercanchicken emuexport redcan doublefigures

1 Hours ago

Francesca Daniela Gordiani


Comment from Francesca Daniela Gordiani:

This beercanchicken is everything. italian potatoes broccoli

9 Hours ago



Comment from djallene:

Beer Can Chicken on deck!!! beercanchicken bbq🍖 bbq budlight

9 Hours ago

Buddha Belly BBQ


Comment from Buddha Belly BBQ:

Hey! Hey! Hey! As Fat Albert would say! How are all of our favorite BBQ eatin' heathens doin' these days??? Just a little PSA ~ We are almost all healed up and are itchin' to sling some BBQ. The weather is beautiful, Life is good, and we are ready to smoke some damn MEAT! Get your taste buds primed and ready because once we get the Dr's thumbs up, we are off and runnin'! PS - You will be the first to know! ❤❤❤ buddhabellybbq brisket pulledpork beercanchicken BBQ smokesumthin getready whoshungry

10 Hours ago

Benny Mac


Comment from Benny Mac:

The chickensoup I made with the carcass of the beercanchicken from @bountyhunterbbqnapa ! Perfect for a rainyday ! fresh

10 Hours ago

BK Reid


Comment from BK Reid:

Keeping it simple and tasty! homemade khmerfood cambodianfood roastedchicken savory beercanchicken spicyfishsauce basil jasminerice

10 Hours ago

Benny Mac


Comment from Benny Mac:

@bountyhunterbbqnapa having the beercanchicken half rack of ribs beans and slaw had it with their brokenspur napa syrah grub bbq tecate

10 Hours ago

Tara Marquez


Comment from Tara Marquez:

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11 Hours ago

Lisa Marie Frantz


Comment from Lisa Marie Frantz:

beercanchicken pbr acornsquash . . . . applecider bbqsauce pabstblueribbon homecooking vafoodie girlswhogrill instafood foodporn chefsdayoff cheffinainteasy truecooks

12 Hours ago

Oscar Meza


Comment from Oscar Meza:

Pollo violado🐓🔥marinado y ahumado. El resultado no fue malo pero tampoco lo que esperaba, por lo que me ha quedado una espinita que ya estoy pensando sacarme este fin de semana🤔 Eso sí, la pose sensual nadie se lo quita💃 • smoked sinpruebayerrornohayinnovacion polloviolado makechickengreatagain lacapital grilled beercanchicken marinado

13 Hours ago

Denay G.


Comment from Denay G.:

Pretty bird🍗😂 this was my first beer can chicken, and won't be my last! I used a Estrella Jalisco tall boy, the chicken sits better on a tall can. Pat the chicken dry with paper towels first then Season the chicken well with salt pepper garlic, added some garlic cloves under the skin, garlic powder, paprika, you could also do a lemon pepper chicken or even a roseMary options are endless! Roast 425•f for 1hr 20min Of course this can be done in a BBQ pit, & don't forget to foil pack your veggies! We did beets & carrots 🥕 beercanchicken eats instafood recipes instarecipe skinnykitch beets carrots garlic lunch cooking testkitchen

17 Hours ago



Comment from caz_2286:

Best way to get rid of the last can of beer beerbuttchickenbeercanchickenfoodpornproteinherbslimechickenlincolnshirechillichickenhomemadebeercookedchickentastyseasoningcrispychickensmellsamazingbeermarinadebeerbakedchickenroastchickenpiggyqualitytimetimeoffpicofthedayunhealthy

19 Hours ago

Peace Son, Fancy, Bond trader


Comment from Peace Son, Fancy, Bond trader:

peace enjoylife 마포 먹방 우리집근처 닭발예찬 닭발은 못먹으니 유명한 비어캔치킨 beercanchicken 맛있는 실내 포장마차 느낌. 뭔가 치킨 을 지켜주지못한거 같아, 좀 가려줄걸...sorrynotsorry

20 Hours ago

Ben Palmer


Comment from Ben Palmer:

beercanchicken ahhtheboys

1 Days ago

Richard B.


Comment from Richard B.:

When one of the bay areas best rappers of all time likes your beercanchicken thanks @tooshort that shit made my day

1 Days ago

Ross Kuster


Comment from Ross Kuster:

Beer can chicken steaming a little bit on the Grill 😏food foodporn yummy chicken beer beercanchicken homecooking healthyfood paleo farmtotable fitfam veteran bbq grilling chef nyc

1 Days ago

Tuyen Tran


Comment from Tuyen Tran:

If you don't like beer can chicken- I don't think we can be friends. 🙅🏻Dinner tonight. Only thing missing is my gfs... . .yegyegbloggerbeercanchickendinnerisservedeatyourproteinbootygains🍑

1 Days ago



Comment from firehousecook:

Crispy skin beercanchicken piled on a bun with bbqsauce, paired with citrussalad that uses roasted beets redonion & fenel

1 Days ago

Joni Wanzer


Comment from Joni Wanzer:

Chicken enchiladas made with leftover beer-can chicken. enchiladas beercanchicken leftovers mexicanfood mexicanfoodisthebest cilantro dinner mondaynightdinner foodie cheesey

1 Days ago



Comment from g_outnbout:

Beer can chicken! beercanchicken grill food

19 Days ago