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Sook Mook


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Marquis L. Taylor


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I'm right there with you Simba! . Like comment share!

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Lisa Kotyk


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Many good things still coming our way. whimsicalgardenartart artforfunkeeplearning keeptryingbelievefun believeinyourselfbecreative wonderofitall

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Colton Lloyd


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Umm no lol write it down! When your constantly tired and excited and everything all at once when there is a million things to do just document and save yourself some trouble. Dont expect to remember anything lol this is why documenting is important as well as legally. medicalschool medical medicine medicalassistant nursing health healthcare stayweird sacramento student study inspired motivated college collegelife focus focused knowledgeispower knowthyself belief believe believeinyourself workhard grind grow

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Marquis L. Taylor


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Rebecca Works

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Marj Saunders


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train your mind to see the good in every situation ... . . marj fitnfabulousfebruary teamunited dreamteam teamwork happy believeinyourself lovewhatyoudo dream believe achieve inspiring inspiration inspirational inspirationalquotes motivation motivational motivationalquotes helpingothers leadbyexample instadaily instagood instahappy

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Andre Stanton


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Kyle James Goyette


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Just remember the "Five D's"....Dodge, Dip, Duck, Dive and Dodge. Tag who'd be on your team!

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Taylor Jordan


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Content warnings: Mental Illnes, self harm. Okay guys real talk time with insomnia fueled Taylor. I suffer from anxiety, major depression, and post traumatic stress disorder. I used to self harm, and sometimes I still struggle with that recovery, even years later. In this photo, we covered my self harm scars with glitter, to represent how women are often forced to hide our pain behind beauty. I've struggled with mental illness for most of my life and even though I put on a brave face almost every day, I'm honestly not in a good place mentally. I have good days, I have bad days, yesterday was a really bad day. But in general, I'm not coping well. I don't say this for sympathy or attention. Your likes won't magically give me the motivation to clean my house. Your comments won't stop my mood swings, my crying spells, or outbursts of anger. Your follows won't get rid of the flashbacks and panic attacks, the insomnia and sleep paralysis, or the hallucinations and psychosis that flood my mind. I post this because I think the front we all put up on social media can make people feel very alone, like everyone else has it perfect and they're the only ones hurting. Well my mental illness is a part of me, for better or for worse. And I want you all to know, you're not the only one hurting. I'm hurting too, I don't have it together. So many others are feeling something similar to what you're feeling and we understand. We are here for you. Don't let this, depression, ptsd, whatever it is for you... Don't let it defeat you. If you keep fighting, even on the days when you don't think there's anything left to fight for, you will find happiness, in your own way. Just keep fighting. There's an end in sight. mentalillness selfharm mentalillnessawareness depression psychosis sleepparalysis ptsd nonmilitaryptsd posttraumaticstressdisorder anxiety hallucinations awareness strength together donthide keepfighting believeinyourself

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Officially part of the LCSW club!!!!!2017goals socialworker yougotthis believeinyourself motivation mood fmspad fms_drip (this has nothing to do with drip, but I'm just so happy 🙌) workhard thankful hardwork paysoff

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Marquis L. Taylor


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What is the first country you plan to visit upon traveling over seas? . Credited to . Like comment share

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❤️Wild heart. Gypsy soul❤️


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nevergiveup godonlygivesyouwhatyoucanhandle youcangoon bestrong youarestrong havefaith believeinyourself havecourage everythingisgoingtobealright

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Yasir Sultan


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Dream building goforitall vancityvibes scorpio selfdevelopment iamthatiam icanandiwill beyourownkindofbeautiful bebetter attitude attractpositivity thisismycanvas itstartswithyou believeinyourself

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Very powerful post @thinkgrowprosper The key is inside of you! Always has been, and always will be. You just need to find the right door. 🚪 🔑 failurebreedsuccess

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Mariale Pérez González


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“Naciste con potencial. Naciste con confianza y bondad. Naciste con sueños e ideales. Naciste con grandeza. Naciste con alas. No estás destinado a arrastrarte. Tienes . Aprende a usarlas y vuela”. -Rumi. Dupla con mi profe querida @mariduquesita ❤ en mi academia @olympuspole muchopole polefitness poledance lifestyle polelife control balance strong fit poledupla poletrick pdhorizontal pdsuperman friends poledancers polefriends poledancersofig believeinyourself fly dowhatyoulove proudtobeapoledancer whatifyoufly decabezamimundoesmejor 😉

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Melanie Eke


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Coco 💙 Missy 💚 & Roli 💜


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🐶🐶🐶💖💬 Fill your heart with what's important and be done with all the rest, goodnight 🌟 goodnight cityofstars sweetdreams dreamscometrue believeinyourself friendship ohana positivevibes positivemind strong love joy keepitreal riseandshine happiness yorkiesofinstagram1 proudyorkies_feature yorkshireterrier yorkie dogsofinstagram animallover cute followme instagood yorkiegram love blessed together borntobehappy

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Sally Patel


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