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Comment from HOUSE OF ROSALEE ®:

Good morning 🌹

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Comment from Vanessa - GARNER Blog:

Pretty, chilly Exeter while I'm feeling under the weather and working from bed. Have a lovely day!

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Comment from Art of Being Fabulous:

One reason for a lack of motivation is because of too many priorities. A solution is to list everything you need to do and rank them in order of importance and see which ones you can get rid of. Read some strategies on how to get more motivated in your work or school and personal life in a new post on the blog (link in bio) by @samanthajwharton "Pump up your motivation"

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Comment from Selma Alidini-Memic:

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Comment from Alina 🌻:

Happy Monday! It's a put on your comfy flannel and take on the world kind of day. I find that taking a few minutes each morning and thinking about the day ahead and what I want to accomplish makes any day less stressful. ✋🏼 So stop what you're doing, take a few moment and think about what you want to accomplish today and how you're going to do it. Let's do this! #motivationmonday

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Comment from Heather Noel:

Let's take today to choose to be our best. Each day, minute, and second we create our tomorrow by our thoughts and actions. Your choices today are what is going to impact your future life, career, relationships, and health. Choose a present moment that you can be proud of -- full of strength, commitment, self love, and action. Understand that your choices are also contagious and will impact others, too 🤗 Why not work towards your dreams every day? Know that YOU are in control of THIS moment. Only YOU can build your future by your choices. Remember you are WORTHY, CAPABLE and POWERFUL enough to make a change...starting with your choices. Today. #drmartinlutherkingjr

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Comment from Andrew Barber:

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Comment from Kelley:

Screw you Monday morning! I don't wanna go to work (said in my most whiny voice😭) I'll just sit here for 5 more minutes procrastinating and looking at this pic of Marina and Trinda laughing about Trinda's Gumby knees! #honestmotherhood

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Comment from Chengetai Victoria:

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Comment from Tamar Eagle:

All Black And Bundled ✔️

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Comment from Blog da Jane:

Deus não coloca um desejo no nosso ❤ que ele não possa realizar. Boa tarde!

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Comment from Charlotte the Magpie:

Another fabulous Blue Monday party with the mamas. So good to hang out and our @brockohurn theme added an extra frisson of fun!! My 3 year old loved Brock's santa video! I must admit I enjoyed it A LOT!! Too 😂😂😍😍😍😍 #charlottethemagpiemama

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