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Comment from Kelly Beestone:

So today was my first #bookboxclub book group for the december book, Bone Gap, and I got to chat with a whole host of lovely readers. And on the back of that, here is my #feelgoodbook for the #abookwormnewyear photo challenge. I almost picked Harry Potter, but I totally loved the Raven Cycle too. It's a really great world to fall into, and just like Blue, I'm a little in love with all of her raven boys! #ya #youngadult #ravenboys #TRC #ravencycle #gansey #blue #Ronan #Noah #Adam #maggiestiefvater #bookstagram #instabooks #bookishlove #happiness #bookworm #bibliophile #bookaddict

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Comment from Amir M. Webb:

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Hareket eğitimi. Cimnastik. Oyun Grubu. Doğum günü partisi. Workshop

Comment from Rebecca:

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Приветствую, друзья и подруги! С вами "Полка с комиксами", сегодня пока еще четверг, а значит пришло время Константина! И потому не будем тянуть хвост за кота! Встречайте, John Constantine, Hellblazer №6 "Extreme Prejudice". Собственно, "Максимальный ущерб" возвращает нас к истории таинственной девушки Зед, которая сопровождала Константина в выпуске №4 "Ожидая мужчину". Там она показала себя с неожиданной, паранормальной стороны и вот теперь нам расскажут о ней больше. Оказывается, за мадам гоняются все, кому не лень! Здесь у нас уже неоднократно виденная ранее секта Крестоносцев добра, а в левом углу ринга их противник - Армия Проклятия, то есть очень-очень условное добро против вполне конкретного зла. Тем и другим позарез нужна Зед для каких-то целей. Хотя нет, Армия хочет ее убить, а вот с Крестоносцами все куда мутнее... Константину предстоит распутать этот клубок загадок, попутно отбиваясь от его старого знакомого инфернального злодея Нергала и его адового прихвостня - 2 фанатов "Челси" и 2 - "Арсенала", слепленных в одно тело. Демоны не в курсе, а вот Джон знает, что одни фанаты плохо ладят с другими;) Забавно, когда одна половина тела начинает бить другую в точно подгаданный момент. В целом, выпуск, конечно же, отменный. Здесь приоткрывается завеса тайны над Зед, показывается Нергал, который сыграет в дальнейшем важную роль в жизни Джона и появляются всякие демоны, страшные рожи и фанатики. Кровавые подробности изображены сочно, да и вообще рисунок в первых выпусках просто чумовой. Эпик вин в чистом виде. #johnconstantine #bookworm #bookblog #hellblazer #comicbook #comicbooks #comics #comix #jamiedelano #johnridgway #книжныйблог #книги #комиксы #комикс #джонконстантин #constantine #dccomics #комиксыdc #vertigo #instacomics #comicstagram #vertigocomics #книголюб #книжныйчервь #рецензия #обзор #review

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Comment from Mahaley🌌 | 18🌹:

"Fly, Abraxos," she breathed. Abraxos sucked in a great breath, tucked his wings in tight, and fell off the side of the post. He liked to do that - just tumble off as though he'd been struck dead. Her wyvern, it seemed, had a wicked sense of humor." Sarah J. Maas, Queen of Shadows. . . . Favorite SJM book character? Abraxos is just a giant scaled puppy and I love him.❤ #sarahjmaas #reader #instabook #instabook #booklover #bookstagram #bookstagramfeature #newadult #book #bibliophile #bookworm #books

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Comment from Kim:

What did everyone think of this week's Shadowhunters episode? It was SO EMOTIONAL 😭😭 Can't wait for next week's, even though i doubt I'll survive it 😂 Mug from @inklingsofwonderland

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Comment from Rachel:

This is my favorite book cover (and story) on my shelf! The Shatter Me series has such incredible covers! 💕📖 . What is your favorite book cover on your shelf?

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4:22 p.m. / 01.19.2017 #throwback to when when we got a few inches of snow 😌 I just want more snow, but all I see is rain in my future 😭

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Comment from Yuni Zai:

@Regrann from @paperbacks_plus - 💙💚💛💜❤️💙💚💛💜❤️💙 "Comics are a gateway drug to literacy." ~Art Spiegelman #ArtSpiegelman 📒📗📕📙📘📒📗📕📙📘📒📗📕📙📘 Jim Daly's " #Favorite Reader" 1987 #JimDaly ( 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊 (When I was a #boy, comic books were a big part of my life. Not only did I prefer reading them to doing #homework, but saving and #trading #comicbooks with other #kids was an important event. We moved around a lot, and there was no better icebreaker for a new kid than to appear with a fresh supply of comics. It was a great way to make #friends. ~JIM DALY) ------------------------------------------ #lovemydog #bookstore #bookish #literaryquote #mansbestfriend #booknerd #bookstagram #bookworm #booksoninstagram #booklover #nonfiction #bibliophile #paperbacksplus #fiction #reader #books #art #painting #kidsbooks #comics, #literacy

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Comment from mypaperbacklove:

Do or do not. There is no try. . Beautiful bookmark from the January box! Will feature the rest of the items next week. Time and again I'm stunned and so happy by what comes in the Nerdy Post boxes. . ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - A subscription box every nerd needs. . 📷 inspired by one posted a few days back. The bookstagram community produces some seriously great content. I love looking at other accounts for inspiration, especially when I'm in a slump. . What accounts inspire you?

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🎶 New Wave || Waterparks 🎶 • • • Happy Thursday everyone! I hope everyone's day was good ✨ • I'm about 150 pages into ACOTAR and enjoying it. Hope I love it as much as everyone else when I'm finished. • Today at school we started to choose our courses for grade 10 which I'm super excited about ☺️ • Day 19 of #pjmonthofmagic is I'd Rather kiss a wookie: romance you dislike. Honestly I didn't really like any of the romance in TID. I actually thing the whole series was kind of unnecessary which is really sad because I wanted to like it! • Anyway, hope everyone has a good rest of the day 💜 • and @nkmauricereads and @cityoflawrenceglitters . tagged me for #completedseries so thanks for tagging! I'm too lazy to tag anyone so if you wanna do this, go ahead ✨

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Comment from Kate:

"Life is a book and there are a thousand pages I have not yet read." -(Quote by somebody)

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Comment from 🌸📖🦄:

I don't know how this happened, but when I had this "photo shoot" (as I like to call it 😂) about a month ago, my camera did this weird thing, but I kinda like it 👌🏼❤

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Comment from Kensington Books:

Look at what our PR Manager found on her #bookshelf! It's an "old school" ARC. Who else remembers these? #bookstagram

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In 1959 the Boston Red Sox was the last team in the Major Leagues to integrate. But when they call Elijah “Pumpsie” Green up from the minors, Bernard is overjoyed to see a black player on his beloved home team. And, when Pumpsie’s first home game is scheduled, Bernard and his family head to Fenway Park. Bernard is proud of Pumpsie and hopeful that this historic event is the start of great change in America. 🔹 This fictionalized account captures the true story of baseball player Pumpsie Green’s rise to the major leagues. The story is a snapshot of the Civil Rights Movement and a great discussion starter about the state of race relations in the United States today. 🔹 Waiting for Pumpsie publishes February 21st from @charlesbridgepublishing Recommended for kids ages 5-8 and up. #waitingforpumpsie #pumpsiegreen

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