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Repost @elsielola ・・・ 2nd day on 2nd hike, real deep... 6 hours in return, 1/3 on rock climbing... my muscle gonna die soon..... This one is a bit scary when I was going to this stone.... when I looked down and felt like dizzy... . . . . . bravegirls bravegirl hikinggirl norway workingholiday whlondon hkig hkhike hiking ighk 山 慢活倫敦 緣山上見 kjerag

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CowgirlDreamsCo / Robin Brown


Comment from CowgirlDreamsCo / Robin Brown:

Don't waste your precious time dwelling on what you thought it was. Walk away. And walk into whatever you want your "real" to be. ~~~♡~~~ Love the look? You can grab it during our Live Events on our Facebook page! We go live with fashion sneak peeks, new releases, behind the scenes and so much more! Come join us on FB at Cowgirl Dreams Co.! ~~~♡~~~ . . . . . createyourlife bossbabe girlboss lifestylebrand lifestyleblogger westernfashion lovewhatyoudo badass bravegirl boutiqueboss boutiquelove style fashiontrailer mobileboutique westernfashion smallbusiness trentonmichigan trailerboutique metrodetroit downriver trenton michiganbrand michigansmallbusiness bohocowgirl

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Riitta Seppänen


Comment from Riitta Seppänen:

Eilen ekaa kertaa! 5. kerta toden sanoo, aiemmin oli aina "jotain" ettei pystyny luovuttaan. Tiesittekö, et tosi paha allerginen reaktio (anafylaksia) voi olla syy, ettei voi luovuttaa enää ikinä? Aina oppii uutta! Ei ainakaan hemoglobiinista jääny kiinni tämä kerta, on meinaa huippuarvot! Veri ei vaan tahtonu virrata tarpeeks nopeaan ni tuli naapuripedistä spontaani kommentti "eksä ottanu argia ennenku lähit tänne?" Ens kerralla toivottavasti parempi flow, koska MÄ OLEN NY PÄÄSSY YLI MUN PIIKKIKAMMOSTA! Olin niin reipasta tyttöä, ja voin kertoa niille joilla kans ehkä se piikkikammo estää luovuttamisen.. Se ei ollu läheskään niin paha kokemus kuin oli päässään kuvitellut. P.s. Tätit kertoivat että nyt olis kova tarve, joten ei muuta kuin ojennakätesi 😊 bravegirl wannahelp

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Comment from g.Rohmer:

So my brave little girl FINALLY let me pull her tooth. That thing was driving me nuts! She was so excited for the tooth fairy to come. We always put the tooth in a small cup of water to see what color the fairies wings are. She was really hoping for blue wings this time. toothfairy toothfairywings glitter bluewings bravegirl

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Wendi Wood Photography


Comment from Wendi Wood Photography:

Kind heart. Fierce mind. Brave spirit. wwp wendiwoodphoto wendiwoodphotography wwpchildren somethingbeautiful blackandwhitephotography portraitphotography childportraits msgulfcoastphotographer headshot wildandfreechildren bravegirl jacqui

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Barshevskaya Olya


Comment from Barshevskaya Olya:

Brave girl теперь со мной🙈🙈🙈❤️наконец погоня за этой книгой оказалась успешной!!! hetabelarusdzietkaminskminskarenabravegirllovebookreadbookstoryonceuponatimebelaruscooltimerunsummeraugustестьтакоедело

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Ellahoot Designs


Comment from Ellahoot Designs:

My big girl had her first haircut today 💕 💇 5 years of growing and maintaining this gorgeous amount of hair..... We get told how pretty it looks and is it hard to get her to brush it lol .. don't worry we haven't cut it all off only half has gone. Good buy baby hair 💕 firsthaircut haircut hairdresser cute firsthaircuts mygirl babygirl agefive bravegirl cute littlepeople littlegirl prettyhair longhair

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Comment from Lainey:

Reunited with this cutie @mybuttercupbae coldwater bravegirl swimming cutekids

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Ir Bis


Comment from Ir Bis:

Кто молодец? Я молодец! 😂norway jotunheimen besseggen nike justdoit✔ hiking bravegirl большаяпрогулка👣 14км быстреевышесильнее

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Eeshan Bhardwajj Tedd


Comment from Eeshan Bhardwajj Tedd:

My story our story her story ..Thru my scribble.... Sixth Glimpse ...Of me and mine......Well may be this is a common scene for every Guy when his BAE mad over pink color ..Well m lucky though having her in my life ..pinklove myloveforpinky shoppingkida shoppingfun sexygirlmadoverpink ... tedd luckyme scaredme mygirlthebest stylechic bravegirl 2806💝 loveintheair fiancelove always is fashionalbetale lovenest ourdream delhikamunda eeshan bubblymoments lovestory talebysketch lovemomentseries twostates 2017 mygirlthebeautiful luckyme luckyus lovelywe lightmoments to make hard things light @mariealoffmariamarie_aloff @mrdoodle @illustraionbest

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Monika Paterek


Comment from Monika Paterek:

Showing my western world to a Burmese couple living in a forbidden for tourists area. I was the first tourist they have ever seen in their life. polishwoman polishtraveller myanmar burma villagers adventure adventures travel travelling traveller femalephotographer solotravel explorer picoftheday instadaily instatravel polishgirl bravegirl

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Law Dog Omma


Comment from Law Dog Omma:

At Vets. Quess who was pawfully brave today? vet bravegirl treatearned chihuahua chihuahuas chihuahugram chihuahuasifinstagram dogsofinstagram puppiesofinstagram omma ommaandmomma eläinlääkäri hyvätyttö olinreipas

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Criselle Torres Junsay


Comment from Criselle Torres Junsay:

👧🏻🐴🙌🏻😍 bravegirl horsebackriding happiness carellediaries

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Tamara Murphy/Ultimate Body PT


Comment from Tamara Murphy/Ultimate Body PT:

Today our brave Little Q had a laser procedure to release both her lip and tongue ties. Whilst this is typically something done in infants, unfortunately Quinn's was overlooked until now. We can not thank Dr Jones and her team at Enhance Dentistry for there services and the way they looked after Quinn and so thoroughly and professionally explained the procedure to us. We are happy to report it all went really well and after a big sleep, a little top up on pain relief and a yummy doughnut, Quinn is back to her happy twirling self! It's going to be a long and tiring few weeks with her post procedure therapy but we are super happy we did it! Only upwards from here for our little gem! ❤️ quinnrose

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Helena Ludkiewicz


Comment from Helena Ludkiewicz:

summer bravegirl cancerfighter 💪🏼💪🏼

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Jessica Ryan


Comment from Jessica Ryan:

Creative life HomeEssentials. Apple for everything. WordNotebook for ideas and to-dos. LG Monitor cause too much for one screen. SkullCandy headphones for tunes and calls. LA and NY clocks from ikea cause duh. Vintage Vornado fan to stay cool as a cucumber. Nice to be home 😍. . . . . Onward Jessface Bicoastal Hustlewithheart Girlsthatgetit Whatifwhynot Bravegirl entrepreneurlife entrepreneurs entrepreneurlifestyle entrepreneurship star actors actor directorslife movies cinema actorslife manhattannyc unlimitedmanhattan igmanhattan iphoneography

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Judy Ann


Comment from Judy Ann:

bravegirl brave ulcerativecolitissurvivor endometriosisawareness photography art butterfly fashion music guitar poetrycommunity poetry poetryofinstagram heal health mixedmediart fusedglassart smile hope wings stampedmetals spoonjewelry image tattoo writer model vintage vintagebutterfly redhead

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Emiefrans Lapidez


Comment from Emiefrans Lapidez:

Caught a caiman at night during our Amazon trip. bucketlist bravegirl caiman amazonlagoon peru caimanhunting pitchblack fireflies bullfrogs lotsofmosquitoes nightcaimanhunting anacondaland

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Jennifer Seitzer 🌞 🌵🔮


Comment from Jennifer Seitzer 🌞 🌵🔮:

Awareness🦋 . When you become aware there is no going back to what was. You may visit that place from time to time but with awareness, your Soul will not allow you to remain in that place for too long. . That place is our comfort zone. I have gone back to that place many times all the while knowing that this "comfort" has now become uncomfortable. . Where in your life do you want to move away from because the pain of staying is too great? . This past month has taken me on a journey that is literally forcing me to grow because if I stay where I was I know that I would wither away and slowly die from the inside out. . I'm looking for 10 passionate, driven women who know there has to be more to life than what the current situation is showing. . To empower others to live life by design and not by default and has a love of health and fitness. . Comment Below or send me a message to join my team. 🦋🦋🦋 . . . . . livelifebydesign liveinyourmagick teammystic🦋empoweringwomen empower awake awareness onlinecoach athomeworkouts teambeachbodycoach mysticfitness healingjourney nutrition nutritionmatters leadership midlife mystical motivation fitlife fitnessjourney fitmomover40 fitness 47andfit extrovertintrovert quietrebel wildchild personalpower bravespirit bravegirl

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Judy Ann


Comment from Judy Ann:

bravegirl brave ulcerativecolitissurvivor fibromyalgiawarrior photography art butterfly fashion music guitar poetrycommunity poetry poetryofinstagram heal health mixedmediart fusedglassart smile hope wings stampedmetals spoonjewelry image tattoo writer model vintage vintagebutterfly redhead

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