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Michelle Rose


Comment from Michelle Rose:

bestill and knowthatiamgod Be bravegirl. yourgod walksonwater and will not abandon you. faith untogodbeallofthepraise togodbethehonorpraiseandglory🙏🏽👼🏼🌈💕 Australia faithknowsnolimits mustardseedfaith

9 Minutes ago

Lizz Duke


Comment from Lizz Duke:

We've got a date devil on our hands sweetsummertime bravegirl littledaredevil😈

34 Minutes ago



Comment from CoachKloe:

Brooke's side aerial back handspring is an awesome connection! Too bad she can't compete it until she's a level 9! silviasgymnastics gymnasticscoach gymnasticsfun level7 bravegirl sideaerial woah

35 Minutes ago



Comment from ms_lalonde:

Eve's recital this weekend, she was wonderful and we are so proud earthangel bravegirl

50 Minutes ago



Comment from errisation:

Oh the feeling of the sun on you and the wind in your hair and cape! youngwildandfree bravegirl wonderwoman funinthesun

55 Minutes ago

Megan Miller


Comment from Megan Miller:

Not gonna lie, this little thing is cute!! That perfect snake tongue lol bravegirl snakes connecticut wildchild

1 Hours ago

Julia Salerno


Comment from Julia Salerno:

💛🌻🎗sarcomaawareness sarcomawarrior ewingssarcoma rarebreed bravegirl nohairdontcare illneverstopfighting strongerthanthisdisease cancerpickedthewrongbitch imnotdoneyet fuckcancer

1 Hours ago

Tracey Ratzlaff


Comment from Tracey Ratzlaff:

Kitchen decor nailedit 🙃😜 And time to take the advice and start being awesome!! ☀️🤓☀️🤓🌱🤓🌱🤓☀️🤓 kitchendecor rusticchic art artist whitestwash inspiration makeup bciscouts selfie canadiangirl beawesome girl beauty modelling bravegirl quotestoliveby quotes artistcommunity blackandwhite canadianartist kamloops lips sketch beautyinstrength courage @quotesfromtheheart100 @thegoodquote @motivation_inspire_dedication

1 Hours ago

Sam Lee


Comment from Sam Lee:

My wife feeding the tarpon at robbies in the Florida keys love her robbies feedingtarpon keys floridakeys wife love bravegirl honeymoon

2 Hours ago

Fallen Angel


Comment from Fallen Angel:

So this would be my daughter about to try frogs legs on her school trip to Normandy. Report was "they were bland, but the snails were garlicky" barf notforme bravegirl foodie frogslegs snails France Normandy

2 Hours ago

BraveGirl - Steph Redhead


Comment from BraveGirl - Steph Redhead:

Be brave enough to pursue joy - it transcends all circumstances! bravegirl bravegirlpantson pursuejoy joy

2 Hours ago

Indhira Niño


Comment from Indhira Niño:

Big day for Camila! She just started to swim by herself!!! bravegirl nomorefloties 😅

2 Hours ago

Sarah Taggart


Comment from Sarah Taggart:

Makeover Monday...awww yeah! Brightened up her blondes with a mini highlight, and cut 8 inches of hair off! sarahelizabethhairdm eastvillageiahair bloomstudios healthyhair blondie trackstar bravegirl cutfornationals🏃🏼‍♀️ ;)

2 Hours ago

〰hitn📧y 🌷♊️


Comment from 〰hitn📧y 🌷♊️:

this sweet baby has no fear 👼🏼 She didn't want anyone holding her at the top of the lighthouse 💖 ontopoftheworld brave bravegirl lighthousetour cutenessoverload cutie herfirsttimehere stsimonsisland happiness

3 Hours ago

Christine Wharton


Comment from Christine Wharton:

byebyehair forthekids bravegirl shestilllookscute

3 Hours ago



Comment from MaMaJ:

She's officially a girl with piercings!😍💁🏻😍happy6thbirthdaymybeautiful firsttimepiercing bravegirl

3 Hours ago

Casey Turnbaugh


Comment from Casey Turnbaugh:

We were having lots of fun at the park today until this little girls slippery elbow acted up again 😟 Playing with Nolan on the slide ended up in a dislocated elbow for my little Wonder Woman. It has happened a couple times before and is a fairly common issue in young kiddos called nursemaid's elbow. I had my Peace roller in my purse and we applied that over her heart and on her wrists before I rotated the elbow back in place 😳 Thank goodness we got it back in place in just a couple short minutes and she is back to normal. She's got a cold pack on and some Frankincense on the elbow too for any following inflammation and is enjoying some Minecraft with her big brother. wonderwoman bravegirl essentialoils

3 Hours ago

Megan Barnum


Comment from Megan Barnum:

Swimming lessons this week. 💦 My daughter needed some courage to get there so I thought Valor was the perfect fit! ❤️ . I put a few drops of Valor and some carrier oil in the roller bottle and applied to her. She also smelled 👃🏻 directly from the bottle. (It smells amazing!!) By the time it was time for class, she was much calmer than before. While she was sitting on the side of the pool she was even cracking smiles and laughing with the boy next to her. 😉 valorforthewin

3 Hours ago

Denise E. Johnson


Comment from Denise E. Johnson:

2 hours of calming and coaxing. This 9 year old's ingrown nail is history. bravegirl butitwasnteasy

4 Hours ago

Daphne Rosier


Comment from Daphne Rosier:

Frog🐸Kissing, stages 1, 2, & 3. frogkiss wheresmyprince fungranddaughter scaquarium itdidntwork bravegirl

4 Hours ago