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CLEBURNE, TEXAS. CLEAR THE SHELTER! FLORA WILL BE AT THE CLEAR THE SHELTER EVENT THIS SAT AUG 19TH.SHE IS SPAYED, VACCINATED, WORMED, HER ADOPTION FEE IS WAIVED FOR THE CLEAR THE SHELTER EVENT ON SAT! PLEASE SHARE HER INFO TO HELP HER FIND A GREAT HOME. LOCATED AT CLEBURNE ANIMAL SERVICES AT 2375 SERVICE DRIVE IN CLEBURNE TX, FLORA 35802031 Domestic Shorthair/Mix Female Calico/Tortie Black/Red calico beautiful girl flora cleburne texas cleartheshelters dallas adoptdontshop foster rescue home love family catsofinstagram cat cats catstagram catlover kitty kittycat purr forever @ntxshelteranimals @_calico.cats_ @helping_homeless_pets @rescuecatnetwork

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AMAZING KITTY <3 Tag your friends <3 @catsbestforever Rate this 1-6 catloversclub cat cats catofinstagram catoftheday catlover catsagram catlovers cat_features catlady cateye catholic catlife catlove catsgram cutecat cutecats cutest meow kittycat catinstagram catsclub cats_of_instagram kitty ilovemycat caturday catsofig craziestpetsworld kitten sweetcatclub

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Good morning! Happy Caturday! 🐱 🐈 cat cats catlover animallover animal animals loveallanimals caturday Caturday

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For The Fur Kids


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Know someone who loves cats? Here is the purrrfect gift idea for them! Order now and surprise them with this super adorable mug and kitty cat notebook. 😻 Message here or on +919810424152 to place your order. 🎁 . . . catlover catstagram catsofinstagram kittycat iphoneography nofilter cuteanimals mugs diaries catlady crazycatlady delhi delhidiaries mumbai gurgaon gifts instashop instagood instadaily petsofinstagram merchandise bestmeow shopaholic shoppingonline onlineshopping cutenessoverload

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eğlenerek kilo verelim


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Ön kayıtlarımız başlamıştır.... İlk 100 kişi içinde olduğundan emin ol... Neden mi? Süpriiiiz... pozitif sagliklibeslenme saglik kitap siirsokakta wellnescoach wellness diyet diyetkardesligi sendekatıl workouts fitness fit motivation sivas zumba egzersizdiyet healthy healthyfood kilo bilgi guzelsozler followforfollow konyaherbalife catlover animallovers okul takip konya

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Keluarga Kucing


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Bersih-bersih dulu sebelum malam minggu 😻😻 supercute cute animallover petlover pet petstagram persiancat cat cats catlover catstagram kucing kucinglucu kucingmanja animallover catfamdaily catlady catfamily catsofinstagram saturdaynight malamminggu malming date lickingpussy jilat

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First love 😻🌿♥️ •• catsofinstagram firstlove catlover sunlight sunrise morning ilovenycat prettygirl lichtspiele

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Сэр Пипито


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Доброе утро... Еще только утро, а меня уже все достали! Дайте мне поспать! 😾 кот коты рыжий рыжийкот котики котик 😻 cats cat catlover catsoninstagram catsofinstagram instacat instapet instagram catslovers instagood instaphoto selfie селфи я me catlife relax goodmorning

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طلا خانوم 🐾 Miss Talaa


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حموووووم🛁🚿😾Bathtime . . . misstalaadomesticshorthaircatgirlilovemycatlovefollowmekittymeowcatlifecatstagraminstacatcatofthedaycatsofunstagraminstagoodcuteprettylovecatscatloveranimalpetstagramthedailykittenpetzgallerypersiancatdogkittiesofinstagramطلاخانومطلاگربه

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ロンちゃんに会ってきた。 指出すとお鼻スリスリしてくれた。 まだ食欲は戻らないそう。ウェットを強制給仕すると少し食べてくれるそう。 明日血液検査して結果によって入院継続か通院にするか決めることにした。 見た目は元気そうでちょっと安心。 . 旦那と話し合ってある程度の方向性は決めました。ロンちゃんが少しでも快適になるよう調整しながらやっていきます。 費用もざっくり聞いてきたので全くわからなかった時よりは安心。 . 昨日のポストにたくさんのコメントをいただきありがとうございます。お返事はまた後ほど。 ちょっと弱音を吐いちゃって恥ずかしい。 . 腎不全 猫 猫部 ねこ ねこ部 cat catstagram ilovecats catlover にゃんすたぐらむ GBK48 猫胴長部 もちぽよ部 ペコねこ部 みんねこ petoftoday 7catdays キジトラ キジトラロンちゃん 幅猫 くそくらえじゃ 痛いの悪いの飛んでけ ゆきさん応援団 ドルチェちゃん頑張ルンバ

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Comment from ardella:

"Hello, I'm Betty. Now I live a happy life. But before my mom brought me here, I have a hard life out there. - I couldn't remember why I was alone on the street. All I know is I was afraid of anything so I hide under the gutter. Until oneday I met Berry; another abandoned kitten in this area. I made a good friends with her and she invited me to live together outside my mom's house, in a small cat house that mom prepared for all strays around here. - Having Berry as my companion, a warm cat house as a shelter, and a human who always provide a delicious meal is enough for me. I thought I already have a good life. - Until oneday, all of a sudden, Berry became sick and passed away. I was so sad and started feeling unwell too; I had digestive and skin problem, I refused to eat and play, I gradually lost my weight, and I felt like dying. Mom was so worried about me, she took me to the vet and she let me stay in her house so she can take a better care of me. - I'm officialy adopted since then. I'm happy that now I have a new family and a chance feel loved. I hope all the kittens out there can meet their mom soon!!!" - cat catstory kitten catsofinstagram kittensofinstagram catstagram instacat catlover

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ふく FUKU♂


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・ ここなら弟に邪魔されな……みつかった!!!! ・ ねこ部 ねこ 猫 スコティッシュフォールド ネコ にゃんこ はちわれ モフモフ cat instacat scottishfold cats mycat catlover catoftheday ilovecat kitten catstagram instapet neko meow にゃんだふるらいふ にゃんすたぐらむ

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Odin&Marvel CAT


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뭐 좀 보려고 하면 다 찢어버리고 물어뜯어버리고ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅠㅠ . . . 후추 cat catstagram catlover cute cutecat pet petstagram instacat kitty scottishfold scottishstraight 스코티쉬폴드 스코티쉬스트레이트 펫스타그램 고양이 반려묘 냥스타그램 캣스타그램 ねこ neko

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Happy Caturday 😆 Had to smile when I saw this. .me to a T ! 😄🙆😻🐈🐱 cats catsofinstagram catsrule catlady eightcats crazycatlady catlover gingercats whiteandtabby blackcats caturdays caturday365 true pets_perfection catcuddles furbabies love mylife

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Minami Sekine


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撫でて撫でてだいふくまん そのに . フェイク 騙されるな . 白猫 しろねこ シロネコ 白猫部 猫 ねこ ネコ ねこ部 ネコ部 みんねこ にゃんすたぐらむ ねこすたぐらむ ピクネコにゃんだふるらいふ ペコねこ部 猫好きさんと繋がりたい cat neko cutecat nekostagram catsagram catsagram_japan instacat picneko followme catlover 大福

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peek a boo .. cat catlover catsoftheday catstagram catsofinstagram ilovemycat instacat instalike instapic instasize instavsco vscofilter vsco_allshots vscostyle vscoedit vscolike vscoapp vscocam vscolife vscoph vscophoto vscocamphotos vsco📷 vscophoto catdaily

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ハク & ラテ


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2017.8.19 ハクの根性が 悪い時。。。 . . ブロックされてる エキゾチックショートヘアー exoticshorthair cats catlover picneko ホワイトキャット レッドダビー 猫 愛猫 猫男子 猫とのくらし ネコスタグラム .

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🐱 cat cats @top.tags catsagram tags catstagram instagood kitten kitty kittens pet pets meong neko petstagram petsagram photooftheday catsofinstagram ilovemycat instagramcats kucing catoftheday lovecats furry sleeping lovekittens adorable catlover instacat

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