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Comment from GroomerNicole:

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A. Jonathan


Comment from A. Jonathan:

For crying out loud.. Stop it 😂🐕😘 chihuahua appleheadchihuahua instapet doginstagram dog paws chihuahualove camerashydog chihuahuaoftheday dogstagram chihuahualover chihuahuasofinstagram chihuahualove dogoftheday wail howling miniwolf crying protesting socute howsad

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Jeffrey Grimes


Comment from Jeffrey Grimes:

JoJo loved the beach!! He got car sick a few times on the way there but enjoyed himself when we finally got there! chihuahua beach washingtonlife

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Moya Dawson


Comment from Moya Dawson:

Rico 🐾 💕 chihuahua dog walk walkies nature Herrington Park Penshaw monument dogwalking outdoors pet animal bestfriend

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Joni Hernandez-Speck


Comment from Joni Hernandez-Speck:

Dogbear is like a meerkat whenever there's peanut butter involved. I can't even look at this picture without cracking up. dameranian dachshund chihuahua dogs dogsofinsta dogislove

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Ruben Cadena


Comment from Ruben Cadena:

pinup shot... blackandwhitephotography chihuahua dog

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StellaDigital 🐾


Comment from StellaDigital 🐾:

Mom said that brick wall is dad's favorite color, so I had to pose in front of it. What am I, some kind of prop? stelladigital minpin miniaturepinscher minpinstagram minpinsofinstagram chihuahua chihuahuasofinstagram mutt muttsofinstagram dogsofinstagram adoptdontshop

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Comment from rach:

Ohhhh shnookums. How am I going to survive without you? chihuahua notmydog dogsitting borrowed dog love stealingher dogcuddles snuggle furry howsmall

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Comment from betty_chihuahua:

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Comment from ♡くぅぷりん♡:

♡ ぷーきゅん😊 チワワ ちわわ Chihuahua ふーきゅん

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Angel Corey


Comment from Angel Corey:

My 2 babies have b-days nxt mnth Dash will be 7yrs and Roux will be 4yrs. dash roux lesbianswithdogs california sunshine gayswithpits adoptdontshop savealifeandadopt chihuahua smalldogs littledogs ilovemychihuahua chihuahuas chilife chihuahuasofig chihuahuapride chihuahualove adoptdontshop weareloved savealifeandadopt iamloved

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Sarah Sullivan Haddix


Comment from Sarah Sullivan Haddix:

Getting warm and dry after bath time chihuahua instadogs bathtime furbaby

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Raymond Vagell


Comment from Raymond Vagell:

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Dottie and Tina


Comment from Dottie and Tina:

Our very cute pride rainbow bear hats that Itsy's mom @itsythechihuahua made us 🏳️‍🌈🐾🐶 We love everyone ❤️ pridemonth pridedog lgbt rainbow hat chihuahua chihuahualife love loveeveryone benice chihuahuasofinstagram lgbtq

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Comment from dogsneedyou:

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Maike Bunk


Comment from Maike Bunk:

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Comment from Adrienne:

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Graysenn Loran Moschella


Comment from Graysenn Loran Moschella:

Momma got her baby back! chihuahua mine missedhim love kisses amazing finallyhome hashtageverything

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Comment from Prinsesse_nellie:

Nice to know🙌🏾🐶chichihuahualovenelliechihuahuachihuahualifefooddog

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Comment from myme:

* * Good morning♪ * * 兄さんより御礼をひとこと•ㅅ• 𓃟𓃟𓃟 * 昨日は ラヴィ ド リュクス 期間限定ショップへ お越し頂き ありがとうございました🐶 * 5分ほど遅刻して到着したら... すでに会場は大変な賑わいで レジも大行列 (*⁰▿⁰*) さっそくカゴに妖精の扉を 入れてくださってる方が💚 扉をパタパタしてくれてる方も☻ * * 午前中だけの在廊でしたが 沢山の方が見てくださったり 会いに来てくれたりとても 賑やかで楽しい時間を 過ごす事ができました꒰ღ˘◡˘ற꒱ * * イベントはまだまだ続きます❁ 作品だけでなく ドライフラワーやプリザなどの 資材も折を見て納品しますので ぜひぜひ吉祥寺PARCO 7Fへ 遊びにいらしてくださいね ⍢⃝ * * 追納などのタイミングはまた こちらでアナウンスさせて いただきます❁ * * *

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