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Marley & Piper


Comment from Marley & Piper:

Suns out tongues out! marleygirl🐶 chihuahuasofinstagram tonguesout goof chihuahua chihuahualover chihuahuafanatics chihuahuaoftheday chihuahualife chihuahuaworld chihuahuafan chihuahuamania chihuahuaholic chihuahuadaily

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Kamome Arts


Comment from Kamome Arts:

They are Paris and Oscar and now they are on their way to London to see their beautiful owner @satti_1977 🐶🐶 . art drawing painting illustration artwork artist watercolour paint color draw creative instaart puppy drawings myart arte paintings instachihuahua colour sketchaday chihuahua chihuahuas petportrait chihuahualove chihuahualife ilovechihuahua chihuahuasofinstagram chihuahualover chihuahuaoftheday chihuahuastagram

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Comment from Mindy:

A little bat is she🦇💓

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Comment from Mindy:

My beautiful girl down the town🛍🐾

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Time to rest! chihuahua chihuahuaworld chihuahualover chihuahualover chihuahualife chihuahuaoftheday chihuahuasofinstagram chihuahuamania chihuahuamania chihuahuadaily chihuahuaholic chihuahuasrule chihuahuastyle mine instapet pet pets dog dogsofinstagram dogs dogoftheday chihuahuaoftheday doggiestyle doggie doggieofmyworld chihuahuaofmylife cute amazing lovely fantastic

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Chihuahua Cute


Comment from Chihuahua Cute:

Poster by @gazelle_blanche Cute baby :D Chihuahua Double Tap and tag a friend below :D . . . chihuahua chihuahuas chihuahualove instachihuahua Chihuahuaworld Chihuahualovers Chihuahuasofig Chihuahuagram Chihuahuaoftheday Chihuahuamix Chihuahuaofinstagram Chihuahualife Chihuahualover Chihuahuasofinstagram Chihuahuastagram chihuahuadog chihuahuapuppy chihuahuafanatics chihuahualovegram dog puppy dogs

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Nancy Kowalska


Comment from Nancy Kowalska:

Słodkiej cziłały ciąg dalszy chihuahua chihua chihuahuas chihuahualove chihuahualife chihuahuainsta chihuahuaoftheday lovechihuahua dog dogs chihuahualover cute instagood dogs_of_instagram pet pets animal petstagram petsagram dogsofinstagram ilovemydog instagramdogs nature dogstagram dogoftheday lovedogs lovepuppies doglover instapuppy instadog

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Comment from ruka-natu:

みんなでテレビ見てる(笑) chihuahua ロングコートチワワ ロンチ dog dogsofinstagram dogstagram doglove doglover 犬バカ chihuahuaoftheday chihuahualife chihuahuasofinstagram cutepets cutedog dogstagram instadog instapet 迷子犬の掲示板応援団 ♪

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Comment from cutechihuahua:

Thats my favourite spot!!! 👍🐕🙋🤗🐩🐶🤗🙋👍👉🐕🐶🐶😁 Credits:- @chihuahuaislander

15 Minutes ago

Cacau Chihuahua 🅰️Ⓜ️0️⃣🐶🐾


Comment from Cacau Chihuahua 🅰️Ⓜ️0️⃣🐶🐾:

Não vai me levar com você, mamãe? 🐶🤔i_love_chihuahuas chihuahua._.cute chihuahua_fun_club chihuahualove_feature chihuahuadreams chihuahua_appreciation chihuahuaoftheday chihuahuafanatics chihuahuamania chihuahuafamily chihuahuamodel chihuahuanation chihuahuamama chihuahuaforsale chihuahuapower chihuahualife thechihuahuaway theangel_chihuahuas chihuahuapuppy chihuahuahuaworld chihuahua_dog99 chihuahuatoy chihuahualove cute_insta_doggs instadog dogsofinstagram puppylove ilovemydog olhaessedog

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Comment from Chihuahuaboy_T:

☀️🍂 chihuahuaoftheday dogsofinstagram dachsmix

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Cocoapuff & Nina


Comment from Cocoapuff & Nina:

Cutest chihuahua in town 😍❣️🐶 • • • Nina chihuahua chihuahuasofinstagram wednesday humpday snapchatfilter needagiraffeemoji chihuahuaoftheday dog dogsofinstagram dogstagram dogsinclothes bigearsdontcare cutest cutenessoverload puppylove chien perros perrosdeinstagram happylife pet petstagram cutie lovelife instagood instadaily princess

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24 | Leverkusen | Düsseldorf


Comment from 24 | Leverkusen | Düsseldorf:

Seit 8 Jahren die treuste Seele an meiner Seite ❤️ dog chihuahua chihuahuaoftheday bestfriends doglovers besterfreunddesmenschen ilovemydog sun sunlovers☀️ chillen summer enjoy l4l like4like f4f follow4follow

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Crystal Ortega Martin


Comment from Crystal Ortega Martin:

Every morning before work, I sit on the couch and pet Pucca for 2-3 minutes and tell her I love her, she's a good girl and I'll be home soon. chihuahuaworld chihuahuas Chihuahua chihuahuasisters chihuahuasofinstagram chihuahuaoftheday chihuahuamama chihuahuamom chihuahualover chihuahuaworld chihuahualovers

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Freddie and Mia 🐾


Comment from Freddie and Mia 🐾:

Always looking out the window at the world going by 🐶😊 . . . . chihuahua chihuhuastagram chihuahuas chihuahualover chihuahualife chihuahualove chihuahuafan chihuahuaoftheday chihuahuadog chihuahuaworld chihuahuasonly chihuahuainstagram featuremychihuahua ilovemydog chihuahualove_feature dogspupsworld lovemychihuahua puppy featuremychihuahua dog puppies chihuahuas chihuahualove chihuahuasofinstagram dogsofinstagram puppiesofinstagram pawsomechihuahuas

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Cocoapuff & Nina


Comment from Cocoapuff & Nina:

XL Ears 🐶💜🐾 • • • Cocoapuff chihuahua chihuahuasofinstagram wednesdat humpday toothout dogsinclothes chihuahuaoftheday dog dogsofinstagram dogstagram dogsinclothes bigearsdontcare toothout cutenessoverload puppylove chien perros perrosdeinstagram happylife pet petstagram cutie lovelife instagood instadaily prettyinpurple boopmynose

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Jennifer Eolin


Comment from Jennifer Eolin:

"That thunderstorm last night was scary, Lady. I don't understand why you didn't join me and hide behind the toilet! You know nothing about thunderstorm safety." MaggieAndLady

32 Minutes ago

Tootie the Rescue Chihuahua


Comment from Tootie the Rescue Chihuahua:

Excuse me?! Can I come up on the couch?? 🐶🐾 • • • • dogs dogsofinstagram dogs_of_instagram dogsofinstaworld dogslife dogsofig chihuahua chihuahuasofinstagram chihuahualife chihuahualove chihuahuas chihuahuaoftheday dailydog rescuedog rescuedogsofinstagram rescuedogs rescuechihuahua wednesday humpday cute instafamous instadaily instagramdogs

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Comment from Charlie.Nacho:

"Is that camera on me again?!" 📸🐾🐶❤️😂 . . . leftside dog dogs puppy cute dogsofperth instapuppy instadog ilovemydogs photooftheday dogsofinstagram instagramdogs animal smalldog chihuahuasofinstagram animaladdicts mydogiscutest dogofthemonth petlove charlienacho chiwawa chihuahuaworld doggram chihuahuaoftheday chihuahuafanatics smile cute chilove ilovemydog camerashy

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