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Kate Geiger


Comment from Kate Geiger:

18 inches off! Somebody is going to get a great wig from this head of hair chopchop euforastrong euforastyle curlndefiningsolution portjeffstylist katjonsalon

2 Minutes ago



Comment from miss__alyss__:

✂️😏👋🏼 OhYa SaysWho ChopChop Byeee

2 Minutes ago

Dalen Dahl


Comment from Dalen Dahl:

I had too much fun with this project branding graphicdesign lumberjack wood chopchop BRUTE FlannelForTheFeral

4 Minutes ago

Life & Style Blogger 🏹 Barbara


Comment from Life & Style Blogger 🏹 Barbara:

Today I woke up at 7am, meditated for a little bit, and then I went downstairs to make myself a coffee. While I was drinking my coffee, out of the blue I thought, I kind of want to cut my hair. So I went upstairs, put on some descent clothes and went to the salon. Yup. That was my morning. 💇🏻☁️

12 Minutes ago

Diana Yank


Comment from Diana Yank:

pink pinkhair purplehair purple minsk belarus bright_world разноцветный chopchop

12 Minutes ago



Comment from Michelle:

Miss Kim is enjoying her new cut today! Styled twice in one day! kim getit lovemyschool TSPA REDKEN cutting chopchop style hot hair

16 Minutes ago



Comment from RockinLocksSalonLBC:

💜HEROS come in all ages shapes and sizes! Cheers to this babe for donating her hair for a good cause! 👏🏽🙌🏽 @hairuhbysara pixie perfect 🔥 makeadifferencenothingbutpixiesdonatepantene

25 Minutes ago

⌡○∃ Y


Comment from ⌡○∃ Y:

That -25 ➡️✋🏻🌱 chopchop chasingwinter newstick capitasnowboards unionbindingco handstands winter snow shredssv outside outdoors groomers sunshinevillage throwbackthursday frostyaf simplepleasures snowboarding roadtrippin l1premiumgoods natureisrad gooutside fuckdonaldtrump 📍Banff AB

25 Minutes ago

Ибадов Рустам


Comment from Ибадов Рустам:

29 Minutes ago



Comment from Anah:

yummyfood Loving chopchop in uptownsj

29 Minutes ago

Cody Buck


Comment from Cody Buck:

Something is happening. Brand new. About to get chopped up. 😈 axialyetiscorejr axial chopchop

34 Minutes ago

Jennifer Faith Pattillo


Comment from Jennifer Faith Pattillo:

Home a few & off... 'nother tradeshow... but 1st must shop!!! New framebag & t-shirt!!! Why do laundry? chopchop timetogetcreative shoplocal shopsmall colcycling pure.original... Eat & pedal. catsonshirts. 65°f in January?!

34 Minutes ago

Matthew Shepherd


Comment from Matthew Shepherd:

groomthesalon chopchop blue blue sandiego beforeandafter styling change👏🏻✌️🙇🏻🦀🌈🍎🍐🍇🍉🍊🍓🍇throwbackthursday downtown 2016bestsmenssalon Greg_orBust followback trendsetting

35 Minutes ago

jón alan salon


Comment from jón alan salon:

haircut and color by @jonalanhairbykortni at our nippers corner location jonalansalon janipperscorner healthyshinybeautifulhair top200salon

51 Minutes ago



Comment from 🌹Tiffany🌹:

8 inches gone! Love it!! 😍💇 chopchop newdo haircut

52 Minutes ago

Alison Onion Onion Chow


Comment from Alison Onion Onion Chow:

在朋友家食嘅炒麵,好食到震! Really delicious fried noodles in Asian style at my friend home 好食到爆炸 miammiam yverdonlesbains food noodles asian yummy swiss good stylish homemade chopchop

2 Days ago

Alison Onion Onion Chow


Comment from Alison Onion Onion Chow:

Have home style breakfast in Swiss Homemade swiss yverdonlesbains chopchop

2 Days ago

Alison Onion Onion Chow


Comment from Alison Onion Onion Chow:

A special meeting with friends in Yverdon…Swiss, delicious , home made with warm gathering…so precious swiss homemade healthyfood yverdonlesbains cooking class warm delicious roast meat roesti salad milk nespresso food chopchop

2 Days ago

Alison Onion Onion Chow


Comment from Alison Onion Onion Chow:

在瑞士朋友家飲nespresso with Swiss milk swiss yverdon milk chopchop

3 Days ago



Comment from nukix:

now and later. we can predict the future. usnow uslater theblondeandtheasian twinsies somethingswillneverchange sundayfunday

3 Days ago