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iPhone case第2弾はiFace❤️ 前回のchampionはお互いボロボロになるまで使いました👌 * 久しぶりに会ったけど相変わらずとても楽しかった💃 * * * #0124 #iphonecase #iface #couple #date #🐜🐯

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Hello friends, thanks so much for hanging in there with us this last week. Honestly, it's been rough. One of those weeks that come out of nowhere and take your breath away (not the good kind). But you know what else hard weeks teach us? They teach us that we're stronger than we know. And more determined than we realize. And more compassionate than we ever thought. But we didn't navigate the ugly and the scary alone either. We had the kind words of friends and strangers. So just remember, life really can change in an instant. And you are stronger than you know. More determined than you thought. And much kinder than you give yourself credit. So get out there and enjoy the hell out of life. And when the hard stuff comes up, think of it like a burning house. If your house were on fire, what would you grab? Because that is the clarity that comes with crisis. You instantly see what is the MOST important. And everything else fades away.

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