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Love Art, Make Art, Be Art


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Transitioning takes time! Be patient & committed❣️➰ the good thing is, time flies 😉 HealthyHairJourney . . . . . TransitioningHair BeautyBlogger CurlCare HairCare BeautifulCurls MyHairCrush Hair2Mesmorize Curly CurlLove CandyCurls CurlyHead Cachos CurlSquad CurlyGirls NaturalHairDaily WeLoveCurls OrganicCurls Naturalista Curls ForCurlsSake CurlsUnderstood LoveYourCrown EmbraceYourCurls ThenAndNow CurlWeek GoCurls CurlsAunatural BeArtsyBeArtiful

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~ Destiny ~


Comment from ~ Destiny ~:

Go check how I laid my edges!!! LINK ON MY BIO😘😘😘

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Comment from Janaé💛:

{ FOCUSED } . . . . . I'm rocking my @kinkycurlyyaki wig in the texture Kinky Curly 16in. It's my fav when I don't feel like doing my hair or need a little break. Use code NAE2CURLY to save on your next purchase of $150 or more. Visit! 💛

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Esther De Gracia


Comment from Esther De Gracia:

La mejor decisión es tu cabello natural! 👍👍👍 . . . rebekmakeupandcurls bigchop mynaturalhairisdope naturalhairdaily naturalhaircommunity beautymakeup beautymaker magicmakeup makeupartist protectivestyles teamnatural fingercoils naturallyshesdope naturalhair berrycurly curlyhair kinky_chicks1 curlbox naturalhairjourney curlsunderstood amazingnaturalhair naturalchixs

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Jade Cymón


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🍇 shades of grape😋😂 . . . . . . . . . . . . . berrycurlycurlswithattitudecurlsforthegirlscurlscurlsunderstoodcurlyhaircurlyhairstylescurlytreatscurlyhairmagnaturalchicsnaturalhairpostnaturalhairacademynaturalhaircanonhairselfieurbanposturbanhairpostnaturallyshesdopevoiceofhairhealthy_hair_journeyprotectivestyles

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Emma Kahler


Comment from Emma Kahler:

@hxileym DevaCut ekahler Kiss2Makeup GlamAddiction HiTextureHair DevaCurl @mydevacurl devacurl NaturalHair NaturalHairSalon NaturalSalon naturallyshesdope modernsalon BEHINDTHECHAIR Respectmyhair HealthyHairJourney healthy Natural CutAndStyle cnn CNNNews CurlyHair CurlyBigHair BigCurlyHair NaturalCurls Natural curlsunderstood Curls TheCutLife DuluthStylist SugarloafStylist manelovers BigHair

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Brave Curlz


Comment from Brave Curlz:

Happy Friday everyone! 😄 I did a deep conditioning treatment yesterday with olive oil, and it really helped bring some definition back to my curls! Really happy with the results :) --- Used DevaCurl no poo and conditioner, then treated the body of my hair with olive hair, putting a bit extra on my ends and leaving in for 15 minutes. Rinsed out, and reconditioned with DevaCurl. Styled by slathering my curls in Deva SuperCream and then scrunching with Ultra Defining Gel. Seems to be the perfect way to fight this humidity and rain frizz!

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Comment from NuGenesis:

Don't need a day to wear pink but I'm here for it nationalpinkday

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Natural Hair By Curly Girls


Comment from Natural Hair By Curly Girls:

☀️ 🌴 SummerSeventeen 📷 @charmsie - use dearcurlfriend to be featured - follow us ( @) for daily hair inspiration

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Nikki Johnson


Comment from Nikki Johnson:

Goal: golden shoulders

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Comment from Mariel:

⬅️READ AND SWIPE ⬅️Ok so I finally decided to get my hair colored now that it is the healthiest it has ever been. I need tips/advice about what has worked and works for you now that you have healthy color treated natural hair (from cleansing, deep conditioning, styling, etc.). Hey let me know what hasn't worked too! I colored my hair professionally for the first time 10-11 years or so ago and that in addition to straightening every other day, destroyed my curls. The last picture shows when I decided to dye my hair dark brown and began taking care of it. Then two years ago I decided to use a boxed ombré . . . And I'm not even gonna tell you what happened next lol! Thanks in advance for your help!

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Lic. Hairstylist/MUA/Colorist


Comment from Lic. Hairstylist/MUA/Colorist:

Last night pre the nobodysafetour 🤘🏾 naturalhairdaily naturalhair naturalhairmag naturalgirlsrock vegas_nay wakeupandmakeup blackgirlmagic kinkychicks makeuptutorial muotd healthyhairjourney myhaircrush hair2mesmerize taperedcut twa thecutlife naturalrootsista turban curlsunderstood kyliejenner houstonnaturals trialsntresses returnofthecurls anastasiabeverlyhills mua makeup-artist houstonmakeupartist

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Stay Flawless ❤


Comment from Stay Flawless ❤:

That smile is everything! 😘Repost via @melaniin.goddess naturalista Naturalhair naturallycurly melanin melaninqueen afrohair naturalbeauty twa curls curlyhair curlynatural curlsunderstood afro healthy_hair_journey foundation makeup beauty blackisbeautiful teamnatural flawlesskinkycurls

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Curly, Wavy, Kinky Hair Girls


Comment from Curly, Wavy, Kinky Hair Girls:

Lovely @chelliscurls ・・・ That hair mask (check previous post) did WONDERS to my hair. I used @sheamoisture JBCO Leave in Conditioner with @bouncecurl lightweight gel as one of you suggested and these are my wet results. My curls literally look perfect while wet so I know today is going to be a great hair day! I do recommend you guys trying out this mask and see how well it works with your hair. Happy Friday! 🤗 . . . . chelliscurls mynaturalhairisdope naturalhaircommunity naturalhairdaily protectivestyles teamnatural fingercoils naturallyshesdope naturalhair berrycurly curlyhair kinky_chicks1 curlbox naturalhairjourney curlsunderstood amazingnaturalhair naturalchixs voiceofhair kinkycurly kinkychicks berrycurly amazingnaturalhair curlsoncurls protectivestyles thenaturalslife luvyourmane curlyculture curlyafro voiceofhair unconditionedroots curlycommunity curlybeauty curlyhairkillas

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Romance (ro·mance)


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Hortencia Caires


Comment from Hortencia Caires:

Nevertheless, she persisted. In those times where you feel like you want to give up... remember that in those defeated moments you have the opportunity to rise above and conquer whatever it is that you are facing. Nothing worth having is ever easy, you can bet on that. Think of how great it's going to feel when in the end you pat yourself on the back and go, I DID THAT SHIT! • • • • • myhaircrush curlyhair curls naturalhair curlsonfleek universocachos bighairdontcare forcurlssake curlsunderstood hair2mesmerize embraceyourcurls naturalhairdaily ootd aboutalook cachosbra beautyblogger berrycurly curlygal1 gocurls thenaturalslife curlyhairmag curlyafro sony curlsaunaturel hair_videos healthy_hair_journey hairvideos

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Comment from Crystal:

Because I'm proud to be FemaleAF ✨ Happy Friyay beautiful people !

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christina robinson


Comment from christina robinson:

Colorful buildings keep me coming back.

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Mimi N Julz 🌀


Comment from Mimi N Julz 🌀:

〰Where are you going boo? That one straight strand that refuses to cooperate, no matter what you do... you condition, you put the right products, you bribe her, you even ask the hair Gods to intervene, but nooo, she wants to hang out with the bleach crowd and just get damaged and stuff, just being a rebel without a cause, why? After all I have done for you and your other 6 million siblings! But like they say, there is always one in the family!!!!!! Although I am in no way a violent person... but let's just say.... she is no longer with us.. ✂️ @themonacut need to see you soon! 📸 @mountainbikekeith happyfroday

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