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Noemi D'Agostino


Comment from Noemi D'Agostino:

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Comment from stitchnboo:

‘’Every beauty needs her beast to know she not that beautiful.. Every beast needs its beauty to know he’s not that bad ‘’ 🌹Beauty And The Beast . . . . beautyandthebeast2017 beautyandthebeast rose disneyprincess frenchie frenchiegirls frenchieoftheday frenchie frenchbulldog dogs dogsofinstagram dog dogofthepuppy puppylove lovedogs lovepuppies lovepets dogoftheday frenchiesofinstagram frenchielove doglover

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Moorpark Veterinary Hospital


Comment from Moorpark Veterinary Hospital:

Give your pet to a little extra TLC today because today is National Love Your Pet Day! Why not give them an extra treat today, take them for a longer walk or give them some extra cuddles! There's always ways we can show our 4-legged family members just how much we love and appreciate them... and in our honest opinion, every day should be love your pet day! 🐱🐾🐶 art credit: Papersource in Thousand Oaks! • • • loveyourpet loveyourpetday nationalloveyourpetday dogs cats pets catlover doglover catstagram dogstagram moorparkvet mvh moorpark vet venturacounty vethospital veterinarian vetsofinstagram pets petstagram petsofinstagram aaha aahahospital catfriendly catfriendlyhospital igdaily iphonography instadaily iphonephotos papersource

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Bone Thugz Toronto


Comment from Bone Thugz Toronto:

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Comment from Sean:

Aww! Doggy friends!! Penny with Ginny the puppy! halifax novascotia canada cutepuppy silkyterrier yorkie yorkiepuppy yorkiesofinstagram dogsofinstgram dogs

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Lily, The Spoiled Doodle


Comment from Lily, The Spoiled Doodle:

Just a cool pup, being cool 😎 imsobitchy lilythegoldendoodle goldendoodlesofig dogsofig dogs dogs🐶 dogsagram doglover doglife

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Jamie Huguez


Comment from Jamie Huguez:

It's nationalloveyourpetday. This is how we relax on a lazy day off. 3dogs pets dogs beon12

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Leathercraft Beck


Comment from Leathercraft Beck:

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I am Guizmo - German Pinscher


Comment from I am Guizmo - German Pinscher:

🇬🇧 I found a big bean sleeping ⭐😴🌜 🇫🇷 J'ai trouvé un gros haricot dormant comme un bienheureux ⭐😴🌜 | | | | | cute weeklyfluff dogsofinstagram funpetloveclub dogscorner dogdailyfeaturesss pinscher dog dogsandpals mydogiscutest germanpinscher petfancy dogs petstagram instadog petsagram doglover dogs_of_instagram instagramdogs dogoftheday ilovemydog instapuppy dogstagram lovedogs pets puppy adorable mypets mydog

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Comment from dogsociety365:

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Marley Blue


Comment from Marley Blue:

She such a poser ! . . . . . . .staffy staffordshirebullterrier dogsofinstagram staffygram staffiesdaily dog staffiesofinstagram dontbullymybreed staffyoftheday dogs puppy staffylovers staffiegram dogoftheday staffordshire petstagram dailystaffies staffylove bullterrier englishstaffy shout4shout

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Comment from Sammy:

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Rachel Poulin


Comment from Rachel Poulin:

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Comment from Karin,Animal-Lover,Switzerland:

Repost @savetheunwanted ・・・ LOVING HOME NEEDED ASAP! ! 🙏 ❤ @Regrann from - EUTH LISTED! ★★ SOS! SOS!! CODE RED!!! ★★ DIABETIC 7 ear old POODLE! MUST HAVE RESCUE PLACEMENT BY 5PM ON 02/20/2017 *extended over weekend to Mon.* Phoenix, AZ ~ Animal ID A549587 Arizona Humane Society - Sunnyslope . ~ PENNY IS BONDED IN WITH: DAISY - ID A549586 ~ MEDICAL/NOTES: Penny was in a foster home and began coughing, having labored breathing, and green nasal discharge. She became lethargic, slow to eat, and began to excessively drink and urinate. Bloodwork was done, and it was discovered that Penny has Diabetes. She will require insulin and special care for the rest of her life. When Penny arrived at AHS she had 2 mammary masses that needed to be removed. The masses were removed and sent into the lab. The larger mass was a mammary carcinoma- mixed, grade 1, narrow excision, no ascular/lymph invasion noted. Grade 1 mammary carcinoma is associated with 7.1% recurrence/metastasis rate. Penny would benefit from a dental. . ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Penny was born in her former home and lived there all of her life. She lived with children and other dogs. She is friendly with men, women, children, dogs, and cats. Penny knows basic commands, such as sit, stay, down, and come. . PENNY! ‒ My Name is PENNY. I am described as Female (Spayed), Black Miniature Poodle and Maltese. The shelter thinks I am about 7 years old. I have been at the shelter since January 16, 2017. . Shelter Staff made the following comments about PENNY: I am a sweet girl weighing 11.5 lbs! I love to wrestle with my best friend Penny! I know how to sit, stay, come, and lay down! . For more information about PENNY, contact: . Arizona Humane Society - Sunnyslope Telephone ‒ (602) 216-6440 9226 N 13th Avenue Phoenix, AZ ________________________________________ 4rescue • OPCA Shelter Network Alliance 4rescue_AZ • 4rescue_AZHS1 rescueneeded rescueme dogs doggie dogsofinstagram aplacetolovedogs fosteringsaveslives adoptdontshop fosteradog homelessdog rescuedogsofinstagram adoptdontshop pets poodles poodlemix shelterdogsofinstagram blackpoodle m

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Michela D'Ippolito


Comment from Michela D'Ippolito:

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Beau Beau


Comment from Beau Beau:

enjoying a walk on the beach 🐾☉🐾☉🐾 dogs dogsofinsta danelife danelifeistough beau beaubeaugd love beach beachday beachdays maine

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Comment from titti😄🐾🌏Italy:

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Jinet Halyo Toledo


Comment from Jinet Halyo Toledo:

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chris sciolla


Comment from chris sciolla:

If money ain't a thing, I'd photograph dogs for the rest of my life. Bodey is special in so many ways 🐶

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ᴰᴹ ᴾᴴᴼᵀᴼᴳᴿᴬᴾᴴᵞ 📷✨


Comment from ᴰᴹ ᴾᴴᴼᵀᴼᴳᴿᴬᴾᴴᵞ 📷✨:

~Happy National Love your Pet Day

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