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Comment from mattbrimble:

Uh oh.... wine time with @sianhugs1 wine dragolounge pinot catchup gossip wineoclock friends drinking dranking

17 Hours ago

Jess Gjones


Comment from Jess Gjones:

Champagne on tap😎 champagne rich out meal partner relationship video boomerang like follow fruit lush cool pretty girl beautiful pretty raspberry fruity love life wales wales❤️ welsh welshie dragolounge

1 Days ago

Gaz Hill


Comment from Gaz Hill:

homeslice . . . weekend drinks catchup friends Newport Wales dragolounge beers boys oldschool remenising memories

2 Days ago

Cate Reardon


Comment from Cate Reardon:

Sunday afternoon munch, brownies for days! 🍨🍫😍👭 foodiesbrowniestoomuchfoodheavendragoloungemunch

9 Days ago

Tamsin 🌻


Comment from Tamsin 🌻:

Last minute Drago lunch 😍 dragoloungelunchmatedategirlies

9 Days ago



Comment from Nicola:

Chilli beef & rice. Washed down with a black tea Drago Lounge slimmingworlduk swgilljonesisamazing swtargetmember fooddiary dragolounge meetingfriends fullbellyaccoutable

13 Days ago

Kris Wiseman


Comment from Kris Wiseman:

Enough wine for three ladies? Lush night with @lucyann_loves & @husky_winking last night 🙌🏻 girlgang besties dragolounge tapas wine allthewine ladiesnight

14 Days ago



Comment from Jennie:

My yummy meal from Drago Lounge in Newport yesterday. Mac n Cheese with butternut squash and broccoli. dragolounge newport vegetarian eatingoutveggie macncheese lunch yummy

16 Days ago

Anna Romanova


Comment from Anna Romanova:

Райское наслаждение с утра можно получить не только от Баунти😉💦💕 photo mylife coffee coffeetime drago dragolounge dragoloungecoffe kievgram brovary

18 Days ago

Jess Dobson


Comment from Jess Dobson:

4th birthday celebrations at dragolounge

22 Days ago



Comment from ccodriscoll:

Pretending I'm sophisticated and drinking red. 🍷 dragolounge catchup malbec wine sundayfunday

23 Days ago

Lucy Hughes


Comment from Lucy Hughes:

LN dragolounge newport cocktails saturdaynight

30 Days ago

Jessica Evans


Comment from Jessica Evans:

Sunday vibes 👏🏽👑 dragolounge hashbrowns kendrarocks brunch goals sunday vibes✌

30 Days ago



Comment from Jenine:

I haven't posted for four days. I haven't given up, honest, I've just been such a superly duperly busy bee, it's been brill! What have I been doing? Well, glad you asked. I've scattered posters and money pots near, far and wide. My face is everywhere, you will not get away. I've contacted more supermarkets to ask for more ingredient donations, you can never have too much in a baking cupboard (plus, it's for charity)!! I've also collected some more ingredients from Sainsbury's Newport - thanks for that. I have my first baking day planned for tomorrow, fingers crossed it'll be a success. Another exciting thing that happened was I wrote a mini article for an advertising magazine. I think I'll keep the name a secret until I know it's actually going to be published, it may not have been any good. I also want to thank pierrebistrot dragolounge @wagamama_uk @cineworld who have all generously donated prizes for my raffle. I should have more coming too. If anyone has anything they would like to donate as a prize, it would be very much appreciated - let me know. I'll be selling tickets soon. I've planned a lot of things to, but you'll have to wait and see what's in store. If I told you now, my future posts would be ruined. Ooh, mysterious! Ok, back to training. I was due a 30 min easy run on Thursday but it was with deep regret (😉) that I had to postpone it. I needed to get my article submitted Friday morning, so I was sensible and dedicated Thursday evening to finalising it. Parkrun days are actually my own addition to the training plan, so I tactically swapped the Thursday to the Saturday and I'm still on track - win! Today's run went well. I listened to another of Dawn O'Porter's podcasts, which I enjoyed. I thought I was quite quick today, but it wasn't as good as I expected. Never mind, there are 13 park runs left before the Marathon. . . week5 londonmarathon2017 running charity runner ukrunner runnersofinstagram newlinkwales marathontraining londonmarathontraining marathon loverunning newport donate strave thankyou raffle article baking sainsburys podcast nofilter parkrun vlm vlm2017 @newlinkwales @parkrunuk @newportparkrun

31 Days ago

Ashley Lewis Pearce


Comment from Ashley Lewis Pearce:

36 Days ago



Comment from Ralphy🐶:

Mama took me for breakfast today. It was dog friendly AND vegan friendly, so we were both happy😀I was a well behaved boy, and lots of people were looking at me saying "awww!" - I think it means I'm cute! dogs dragolounge dragoloungenewport cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavalier ckcs ckcsclub dogsofig dogsofinsta itsacavthing cavworld cavclub dogfriendly vegan

37 Days ago

Jessica Rowland


Comment from Jessica Rowland:

Happy Saturday folks 💕✌🏼️ dragolounge newport coffee latte heart weekend

38 Days ago

Shelby Beech


Comment from Shelby Beech:

Drinks with bestie at the Drago Lounge in Newport last week :3 drinks dolledup bestie dayout dragolounge 1950s gothgoth vintage paleasfuck curlyhair rockabilly feelingcute weightloss feelingcute macmakeup urbandecay macredlipstick filter outfitoftheday red gothgoth vintage paleasfuck shopping feelingcute macmakeup urbandecay macredlipstick gothgirl nyx kikomilano goodweather newmakeup curlyhair

41 Days ago

Laura Jones


Comment from Laura Jones:

My office today 😍 workingfromhome dragolounge newport alwaystimefortea lovemyjob

48 Days ago

Shannon Nicole Waldron 🇬🇧


Comment from Shannon Nicole Waldron 🇬🇧:

Sipping cocktails 🍸🍹 cocktails happy dragolounge friarswalk drinks cute whitagram fleek onfleek instagood makeup

51 Days ago