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Comment from VinoLee™:

We look up at the same stars, and see such different things. wanderer milkyway stars skyporn nightphotography longexposure wonderland backyard experience explore exploring midnightmemories midnight madness reality dream landscape nature landscapephotography naturephotography wonderland wanderlust

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Comment from Kara:

❤❤❤ sajak puisi cinta menyakitkan dusta l4l mantap love dream likeit sendiri scarlet senja

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Nick Kent


Comment from Nick Kent:

Forced body positivity 😓🌈 . . transgender ftm shirtless dream oneday noshirt freedom free bodypositive transguy dysphoria boy

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Risna Az-zahra


Comment from Risna Az-zahra:

worldtravelpics dream imagine hope 😊😊

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Joey Astorga ‍ 🇧🇴


Comment from Joey Astorga ‍ 🇧🇴:

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Comment from Possi:

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Dream. Work. Repeat. Keep Pushing Towards Your Goals. Dream. Work. Repeat. Dream Dreams Dreaming DreamBIG Work Working WorkHard KeepPushing KeepGoing KeepMoving PushThrough NeverGiveUp NoQuitting DontQuit DontStop DontLookBack Focus StayOnTrack StepByStep DayByDay Action TakeAction ActionSteps 2017CheckList Goals Success Inspiration Motivation MogulMindset MogulInTheMaking

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vanessa hernandez


Comment from vanessa hernandez:

Happy to say i finally finished Lady Midnight. Review: Julian and Emma haven't seen each other since the dark war, and was delighted to see one another, being parabatai. Emma becomes more curious in investigating who killed her parents, as well as falling for her parabatai making everything go down. Rate: 1000000/5 WOULD 100% RECCOMED IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS SERIES, READ IT - - - BOOKS LOTSOFBOOKS LIBRARY HOMELIBRARY DREAM BOOKSTAGRAM BOOKSBOOKS READERSOFINSTAGRAM READER BOOKSBOOKSBOOKS FICTIONBOOKS FEBUARYREADS YABOOKS CASSANDRACLARE READING REVIEWS RECCOMENDS LADYMIDNIGHT CITYOFFALLINGANGELS CITYOFLOSTSOULS CITYOFHEAVENLYFIRE CITYOFBONES CITYOFASHES

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Ronnie Fernandez


Comment from Ronnie Fernandez:

The universe is under no obligation to make sense to you. NeilDegrasseTyson . . . . Science Space Cosmos Stars Galaxy Universe Time Lightyear ScienceBitch Facts TheMoreYouKnow Knowledge Thinkers StayWoke FreeYourMind Innovation Singularity Oneness Interstellar Energy EventHorizon MindBlown Nebula Reality Dream Self WakeUp Consciousness

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Comment from Shrouded_words:

relationshipgoals relationships quoteoftheday quotes happy hisstory goals lovequotes dailyquote lovelife herlife dream cutestory sweet friendship faith trust true forever follow

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Fede Rodriguez


Comment from Fede Rodriguez:

Se nos pasó el día 5, asi que decidimos romper el 5 y seguir con el 4 directo 😂😂 // We missed day 5, so we decided to break the 5 and keep on the 4 directly 😂😂 . patasalmundo playmobil cuentaregresiva photo photography missed dream bcn soon . Follow: @patasalmundo for some travelphotography

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Comment from axeltuhilatu12:

Jika mereka menertawaimu atas apa yang kau lakukan jika karena itu salah, berikanlah sebuah senyuman sebab segala sesuatu belajar dari kesalahan.

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Comment from silk&velvet:

🌸🌸🌸🌸 pink pastel princess tumblr art fashion vintage goth gothic kawaii hippy peace happy safeplace travel dream gothicstyle model modeling mermaid pastelgoth grunge crybaby

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Valen V


Comment from Valen V:

The bridge to a better business and life will not be made by taking it easy on things, it will be made be making hard decisions daily. — 👉🏼 Click link bio @people.planet.profit for more info and how to set your own hours, work from anywhere and gain access to proven money making systems. — 💥Double tap and tag someone if you agree💥 — decision entrepreneur life business success motivation cash millionaire entrepreneurship lifestyle luxury money inspiration travel ceo advice dreams businesslife hustle work vision quotes globalshift internetmarketing motivational quoteoftheday dream networkmarketing freedom determination

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Comment from Решетникова🦂🐇🐈✌🏻️:

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Tanner Hilkewich


Comment from Tanner Hilkewich:

Use your head, boy your stuck up in them clouds..Well I think we fly high cuz we stuck up in the clouds 🤔🌤⛅️🌥Tbt toothlessinparadise travel thailand betheadventure views dream believe achieve

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Comment from Sasha:

I watched "House of Lies" earlier today and one guy said: "where would I be if I only ask myself what if I don’t? You have to ask yourself what if I do?” True that! How effing easy? You just have to believe in yourself. Find that fire, passion, light or whatever you call it within you and fight for what you really want, for what makes you absolutely happy🦄 Sky is the limit ⭐️ KK, on this epic note i’m gonna call it a day and get some good night sleep. Nighty-night, my lovelies! 💋

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Mikey Bonasso


Comment from Mikey Bonasso:

Shared our mission today with the Rotary Club of Fairmont. Thankful for the opportunity! Was a great turnout and met some amazing community leaders. Big things to come! 🚀

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☆《 Lily Haley 》☆


Comment from ☆《 Lily Haley 》☆:

I love you. ♡ blackandwhite short eyeliner night tired bored lips alternative girl stars galaxy sleep selfie vsco vscophotography grey inlove cute gap lovely love selfie like dream

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Comment from blake1h:

throwbackthursday the best Taco Bell with a view. @vernoset nofilter

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