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Maria Pietrzyk


Comment from Maria Pietrzyk:

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Comment from GOING2NATURAL 🌱:

It's that time of the year again! Time to start getting our seeds prepped and ready for the garden. going2natural g2n organic natural healthyliving lifestyle nongmo health healthy amazing love beautiful happy follow fun family life motivation instadaily photooftheday picoftheday gardening planting growing

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Comment from lucinda_black_4:

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Ivana Trinnerová


Comment from Ivana Trinnerová:

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Maye Patricks


Comment from Maye Patricks:

Part I. at the crossroad of chance I paced my feet to the music of your heartbeat- deliberate, coy, tentative with promises. I searched unseeing the veiled flutters of your eyes, the nuances of your flowery words teased my imaginations so. so I, enchanted, worshipped the thoughts of you that with the setting sun and rains cradled me to sleep. I beheld at every chance the stars' portrait in your eyes, lively, lovely, leavened by the swell of your cheeks. I,wondered at your lips and hips the taste and sway thereof, like a salty sea, perhaps, winding up a continent of fantasy... Part II. ...and when you pull your head back and part those lips so ;when mirth breaks merry upon the gaiety of your being ; and my gaze tarry upon your gazelle legs, when your laughter breaks like fountain waters upon my stiff animation- and I, longing, lose myself in your gaze with the fervour of a child, there, in those times, do you not see that you are a flower growing in my heart, and all the treachery of my difficult ways are subtle confessions of my affections for you? Part III. so let me taste the honey that cuddles up in your tongue. Behold your eyes untiring, fingers interwoven. I will offer the sweetest words to you, let you perch on my chest. We will talk about things we may never do, yet live the moment like we will. Till, night and day we find a home in each other 's heart, then rise to hoist what we've found where all can see. Part IV. I'd be the right kind of wrong and you, the right that can't go wrong; embroidered affections, weird, fun, funny, weird sure, indefinite, sure, till we do us part. igers instagood instahub photooftheday photography art style poetry beauty cute instadaily picoftheday family special friendthatsmorethanafriend

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Jennie Nacol


Comment from Jennie Nacol:

Some days I have to remind myself ... doitforher thesimpsons stressed loveher family blessed liaangelad

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Comment from cxm_adler:

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Elizabeth Black


Comment from Elizabeth Black:

•💜From ~One Generation To The Next~💜• My Loving Father✝️ My Beautiful Daughter🚺 family legacy grandad grandaughter 💜🚺✝️ passingthetorch life 🌎 myloves myheart ❤️💞beautiful generations

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♛Irina Kalina-Zhukova♛


Comment from ♛Irina Kalina-Zhukova♛:

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Comment from Оленька:

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#John_Gra videomaker & skater


Comment from #John_Gra videomaker & skater:

Моя новая и уже родная семья - KoskovoSnowPark =* Скоро видео с этими героями KoskovoSnowparkKontest Справа от меня, по порядку: Анисимов Павел, неоднократный фаворит соревнований, лучший трюк 2017; Рядом с ним Таня, которая круто прогрессирует; Сбродов Дмитрий - Эй! Трёхкратный победитель best trick! Добрый, позитивный парень; А слева от меня Виииика, у которой, над доской которой, яйца двестикратно больше моих, которая несколько раз выигрывала женские контесты, первые места, лучший трюк, и даже учавствовала в мужском! Это snowboarding - моя ещё одна любовь. ЛучшийАктивныйОтдых с John_Gra johngra Косково вотчтоялюблю КосковоСноуПарк спусккосково сноубординг Архангельск Поморье family iloveit Koskovo koskovopark snowboard russiawinter northernrussia russia

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Maureen ♡


Comment from Maureen ♡:

The love of my life 😍 adayinthelife blessed adayinperth perthlife myprecious family love familylove

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Comment from hooope_93:

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Leandro Russo


Comment from Leandro Russo:

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Comment from Jane:

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Compass Creative Dramatics


Comment from Compass Creative Dramatics:

The lostboys are so ready for this. Come check out our family show performed by adults, for kids on April 23rd and 24th at @stage773!

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Flavien Galinat 🍂


Comment from Flavien Galinat 🍂:

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Ахматова Айдай🌙


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