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Aurelia-Sophia Roman


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Money Education & Lifestyle


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Give your dreams a high priority, it is who you are and what you can become 🚀

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Dee Wade


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Sharon Gill


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It had been a while since I dressed up and went out with a group of friends & had some fun!! It's fun dressing up 💄+👗=💃🏽 Please email me if you have any questions livingmybiglife Let your family & friends know about @livingmybiglife you can follow me on the follow social media outlets: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat & Vine please subscribe to my YouTube Channel the link is in my bio!! sizedoesntmatter plussize plussizelife bayarea bayarealiving norcal siliconvalley california british punjabi makeup hair curls makeupartist dinner hairstyles darklips feelinggood happiness love lifestyle glow highlight lips smiles amateur goingout saturdaynight

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Ashley George


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Got a good sweat today! loveinsanitymax30 lovehateshaunt nofilter hubbysmakingdinner sweatinitout feelinggood motivated workingtowardsmysummerbod iworkout fitness healthyeating coupleswhorkouttogetherstaytogether dogsintheway downwarddog sohungry needmorewater gonnabesoretomorrow

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L´vac Design


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Courtney Lynn Cowe


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I don't usally do this. But im really starting to feel confident in my own skin im starting to see progress and im feeling great about myself and it has taken forever for me to feel like this big, thin, tall, short were all perfect in are own way. <3 feelinggood nohate bigandbeautiful nobodyshame progress 💪 amazing confident loveyourself

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Krystal Coady


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Strange things my imagination might do. 😊 atmosphere smile doubleselfie mirrorselfie croptop victoriasecret jeans longhair straighthair l4l feelinggood confidence onemore

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Christine Sykes

Comment from Christine Sykes:

Wild Goose Chase tonight! This was a new one for me since last round I didn't have access to the deluxe workouts! So much fun!

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Lemon pepper chicken with onion, garlic, red pepper, basil, Italian seasoning, olive oil, lemon with a sweet potato on the side! Hmm loveeee healthy eating!! healthandfitness healthyeating healthyliving smartchoices youarewhatyoueat feelinggood

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A͙M͙I͙N͙E͙ E͙L͙ I͙D͙R͙I͙S͙S͙I͙


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Tu as une place dans mon cœur que jamais personne n'a eu 🙏🏻😍 mablonde tagsforlove pictureoftheday lifegoeson lifestylechange inlove relationshipgoals relax motivation mybabe baby outfit feelinggood instalike kinging coffee nightout followme likeall marrakech morocco

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Cinnamon Williams


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".. Lay it on me, Put it down on me... 💕😙👌. NightTimeSelfie. DontPayMeNoMind. FeelingGood.

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Aurelia-Sophia Roman


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Preparing for tonight's RadioActive show in the 2RRR studios just downloading some tunes 🎤🎼 tune into Wednesday between 6:00-7:00pm on 88.5FM or live steam

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Aurelia-Sophia Roman


Comment from Aurelia-Sophia Roman:

Unity through Diversity Love not Hate! ❤️

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Aurelia-Sophia Roman


Comment from Aurelia-Sophia Roman:

I'm a great believer that your Vibe attracts your Tribe and I'm very blessed to be surrounded by positive motivated kind generous souls who want to make a difference on this planet! I no longer have time for selfish self serving people who think the world owes them something! JustSayin

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Sobith Malayil


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