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I realized I haven't posted in a while sorry :( TAGS!🌙💖 sailormoon usagi sailormercury sailormars sailorvenus sailorjupiter chibimoon tuxedomask aesthetics anime animeaesthetics sailormoonaesthetics aesthetic feminist feminism feminine activist

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Repost @kaitdubz ・・・ On the beach with my moonstone! Obvi💁🏻 20% off for all you beautiful people if you check out @kimzas and use promo code: kaitlyn20 gems moonstone feminine travelatsea energy stones barbados beach

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NYC fine art photographer


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Cezara 2017 camera test I'm starting to get comfortable with the Phase One system so wrapping up the test shoots. Back to regular programming soon. Cezara is a London-based acting student and model. nycart fineartphotographyportraitphotography portraits broncolor gender feminine millenialpink masculine phaseone mediumformat molasoftlightsnycphotographer actor

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10:22:55 AM total solar eclipse 🌚🌝 There are no words to describe what was seen as the moon hugged the sun. I kept repeating "is this real life!?" The temperature dropped and the sky became a mysterious dark silverly grey as we watched the moon come into perfect alignment with the sun. Truly the most beautiful sight I've ever witnessed. On the physical we sat and watched as the moon moved from first contact to totality. My imagination couldn't even conjure up the sight that was painted. To look into the sun as the moon blocked the light. To truly recognize how important our star is to all of our being. From the light to the temperature I was put into the reality of how small we are and how much power nature has on our being. My emotions were just as high as the visual sight. The feeling as the femimine moon passed over the masculine sun. Stillness and renewed. Letting go of past patterns. Moving from girl fairy into divine feminime. I am fully ready for this next chapter. Embracing womanhood. 📷 @jakewestphoto ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ totalsolareclipse totalsolareclipse2017 solareclipse eclipse solareclipse2017 oregon oregoneclipse symbiosisgathering symbiosis eclipse2017 planetearth lifeofadventure nature naturelovers alwaysgo wildernessculture getout getoutside festival feminine divine

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Congratulation @erdian22 your photo selected of the day 👏 👸: @cameliazhra ⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫ . . . Ingin di repost? 1.Follow  @feminine.ind 2.Tag foto terbaikmu ke  @feminine.ind 3.Jangan lupa gunakan hashtag ind ================================ ind wanita wanitaind selegram ledom kekinian hitz

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Feminine Indonesia


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Congratulation @micellesteady your photo selected of the day 👏 👸: @micellesteady ⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫ . . . Ingin di repost? 1.Follow  @feminine.ind 2.Tag foto terbaikmu ke  @feminine.ind 3.Jangan lupa gunakan hashtag ind ================================ ind wanita wanitaind selegram ledom kekinian hitz

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We curate our collection of jewelry from the best new and established jewelry designers so you always have the best selection available to you! 😇✨ Stop by our store to discover the brands we love, chosen just for you!

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Georgia O'Keeffe...very female

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Feminine Indonesia


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Congratulation @hanaaaast your photo selected of the day 👏 👸: @hanaaaast ⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫ . . . Ingin di repost? 1.Follow  @feminine.ind 2.Tag foto terbaikmu ke  @feminine.ind 3.Jangan lupa gunakan hashtag ind ================================ ind wanita wanitaind selegram ledom kekinian hitz

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🌸Daisy Flower Anklet🌸 | Brilliant, Cute & Elegant! FREE SHIPPING! This beautifully elegant Daisy Flower Anklet features a thread with two tiny beads and a Daisy flower bead in the middle. This anklet comes in 4 different varieties! Only at DarcChic~ *Elegance From Within* Get yours here =>> Choker feminine floral Flowers girly DarcChic freeshipping Elegance beautiful Brilliant radiant cute adorable Jewelry Accessories Broochpins earrings bracelets Bracelet necklaces Women IamDarcChic daisy daisyflower necklace adorable Female cute model supermodel flower soft Petals

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Food Body Wisdom


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Let's Stop Commenting On Size and Look at what's Inside 🙌 Today I was at the gym, and overheard a women saying to another women, "you look great, you look like your losing weight". The women replied Well thanks, but nope, the scale hasn't changed". My heart sunk .. I wanted to yell to the entire world STOP complimenting women on their appearance based on the size of their body. Listen, if you are on a massive weight loss journey, and you receive praise for it, that is Wonderful!!! And totally valuable 🙌 What is NOT valuable is commenting on a women's beauty based on her size, if there is NO intentional massive shifts taking place. --------------------------------------- Otherwise It makes you feel good about yourself when you lose weight or look skinny, and unnoticed otherwise. ------------------------------------------ For me this was huge. When I lost weight everyone told me how beautiful I was, when I gained a healthy amount of weight back to heal myself and find balance in my feminine, I was judged. YOU can see it in people's eyes. I even had my best friends mom asks you why I gained some weight back with concern, because the last time she had seen me I was sick, depleted and to thin (but looked great on the outside). This crushes the confidence of women. Trust me. I know, and I am committed to not commenting on women's body size and Preaching till I get the attention of women to hear that BODY size is NOT beauty : Beauty is expressed through a women who is Full in herself, confident and in love with the form she resides. What I AM committed to is telling women they are Beautiful, just as they are. Seeing women in the eyes of the divine. Big or Small 🙌 I love you . You are beautiful, no matter what ❤️. Photo Credit

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Mother Make Me

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What is a wish? 🦄 You hold something you've worked hard for 🏅You set an intention 🌰Then you let it go 🌬Once you truly let go it has room to come in the most mysterious and wonderful way. 🌈🌞🌸mothermakeme yoniblossom workhard letitgo makeawish bird embroidery vulva vulvaart nyc icapture_nyc futureisfemale feminine girly goddess

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Victor A. Saint-Hilaire


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Sun blessed. A day or two away from finishing the mural at Castle Hill with @masoneve. Will be posting images of the whole wall soon! Stay tuned peps. art instaart character mother feminine energy nurture nature tree line shapes mural wip castlehill bronx groundswell groundswellnyc

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Massimo Migoni fotografo


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Brittany Croft


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Picture on a Thursday after working another 12 hour shift. Tired. Hungry. The one evening I don't have my 2 kiddos. Hair in curlers, makeup, and wardrobe in my vehicle (while driving 🙄) Haven't been able to work out in over a week. Too busy to remember my off bug spray and shoes so literally getting eaten 🐜 as this shot was being taken. Thank you Richard! I love how sometimes in life things aren't always as they seem. No encouraging caption. Just life.

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I feel products like these are way over advertised (at least for me) but LISTEN my guy these are the coolest fucking makeup brushes I've ever seen 🐠🐬🐋✨🌟 - Source: @selfielighting - - - - - - - mermaid makeup makeupbrushes socool pretty interesting rainbow majestic whaletail fishing fishtail makeuplover loljkidontloveanymaterialpossessions but theyarecool feminine mystique idk mermaidcolors mermaidlife hashtaghashtaghashtag

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Let the storm Pass through Fierce Whirling Wind Pushing in every direction around you Don't stand rigid in its presence Ebb and flow With the release it represents For this is your Time to cleanse Scream with the thunder Howl with the wind Until it's time has passed You'll see you've made it To the other side, no longer Carrying burdens That no longer serve you And you can feel the sunshine Once again upon your skin maggierambles

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Feel beautiful everyday ...

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