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Comment from salaamjpn:

ストレス社会にほっとひと息。そういうの大事でしょ。休めないけど仕事中の余裕とか休憩は大切にしたいタイプ。かといって、いや、だから10分前行動は苦手。 #休憩 #缶コーヒー #kirin #fire #starwars #r2d2

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Comment from anwar_s_a:

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Comment from Michelle Rehberg:

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Comment from Gabe Corcillo:

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Comment from Marc Huertes:

Hello Cosmis, welcome to my life. 🌚🌚🌚🌚

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Comment from Bethany Thompson:

That one time we drove through the mountains in Wales and came upon a buncha ponies.... it's was kinda great. The Welsh countryside is unforgettable 💙

4 Minutes ago