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3.kare 😢 ağlayan prenses👼🔥💘

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It so much fun to experiment with different exercises and integrate them for maximum effect and offer all efficiency. Here I'm doing a wide grip cable pull down and a straight arm pull down alternating back and forth between the two exercises.To challenge myself a little more, I decide to have my legs lifted while doing both exercises. This did an amazing job of engaging my core and feeling that burn in my arms, back, and abs. Try this out next back day. Go til failure. #workthatback #backfatattack #backexercises #exercise #homegym #cablemachine #widegripcablepulldown #straightarmpulldown #engageyourcore #limityourresttime #keepitmoving #savageworkouts #challengeyourself #getcreative

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; bebikkafa 🐣 / 3.kareeğ yer yer bitiririm👯 @handemiyy

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