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Comment from Angie:

Sometimes you have to walk away from what you want to find what you deserve

10 Minutes ago

Comment from Adia Shardae:

17 Minutes ago

I said yesterday when I first saw this video that I ain't want no parts just because the snowball effect is real... So now in 2017 after the shut down of Backpage & we closed the laptop and proceed to take it to the black top😒 YALL NIGGAS wanna Gun Down a "Punk". WHEN YOUR CHASING this transwoman down the street you call her "scary AZZ" 🙄 Let me clutch my pearls because IS THAT THE SAME "scary AZZ" feeling NIGGAS get when they pulled over? Because, MOST of y'all ignorant HETEROSEXUAL people were RAISED by a BOOK that for all you know William Shakespeare coulda written... but the African American people EMBED that into your CHILD 👶🏽 Growing up that BEING GAY, HOMO, PUNK, FAGGOT & all the things unholy is YOUR JUSTIFICATION to condemn the next person or PASS judgment upon them when you PRE MEDITATED & said TONIGHTS agenda is to GUN DOWN A PUNK TRANNY😠 BAFFLING TO SAY THE VERY LEAST... SICK to think these same NICCCCCCCCCCCAS crying bout fuk the police 👮🏽 don't shoot because #BLACKLIVESMATTER 🤔😕 Go around MALICIOUSLY fuking with the TRANSGENDER WOMEN! You got a glove on the hand with the gun huh👀😾It's PATHETIC! We are TARGETED, we are ALWAYS in HIGH demand but what I will not stand for is NEGROS telling me BLACK lives MATTER when in our own NEIGHBORHOOD & COMMUNITIES it's okay for #BLACKonBLACKCrimes because personally, moralistically & The Bible says it's a sin... well so is FASHION & red lobster & 2 carats in yalls ears. DONT get me started on Tatoo's with all the markings of everything BUT google maps on yalls "Temple" but PUNKS are 😭 "WORSER" Cuz it's an ABOMINATION📿🆘🌎☮️⛏🔪🔫 #ShaunaBrooks #Transgender #TsMadison #NewOrleansTransgender #hatecrime #girlslikeus #transisbeautiful #BlackTranslivesMatter

30 Minutes ago

Comment from Jaila Simms:

It's ALWAYS a motion picture at @thajuicejoint Especially when you've got @lifeoftitus @melanesia_ @kgedadrummer and @shardesangz orchestrating!!! The Vibe was high when @stixxtaylor smashed a quick solo👍🏿 Band was killing !! @buddasobassick @hellastrings too many musicians to tag. Lol!!! U get the point ☺ For Booking Inquiries Email: JailaWithAnI follow my journey: #TransRockstar #Singer #Songwriter #Producer #Actress #Arranger #vocalcoach #lgbt #tlgb #TransPride #GirlsLikeUs #RnB #HipHop #UrbanAlternative #jazz #gospel #Transgender #LifeOfAPioneer #livemusic #NewMusic2017

37 Minutes ago

Comment from Sara C:

I'm so excited for Creating Change 2017! Also my first time on an airplane in years. The last time I was in Philly it was only for a few hours before my choir left for Rome. I'm glad I get to be there for a few more days this time 💜💙💜💙💜💙💜 #girlslikeus

39 Minutes ago

Comment from Abra:

Happy Wednesday! It's #humpday and I am going to get a hair cut. In preparation, I simply detangled with a drop of conditioner and allowed my hair to dry naturally to bring out its natural waviness. The tightest curls are in the back. I'm looking to change the style up a bit, so I'm excited to see what the hairdresser will be able to do for me, especially to do with that big forehead. Will update after. Obviously ;-) #hair #wavyhair #haircut #mytransreality #girlslikeus #transisbeautiful

40 Minutes ago

Comment from 👩🏻:

Baby it's cold outside 💝

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Comment from Daegen Atkinson:

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Comment from Daegen Atkinson:

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