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Comment from Katty Knuxx 😽💨:

I eat, sleep, and breath fire.🔥

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Hareket eğitimi. Cimnastik. Oyun Grubu. Doğum günü partisi. Workshop

We are down to the last of the free GA tickets so do not wait! There will be a limited amount of $15 GA tickets available after that..!💨💨💨

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It's going down next Thursday! So many dope Sponsors on this one don't miss out on those VIPs!💨💨💨

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Comment from Cali GasPax:

Mids save lives ⛽️⛽️🙏

8 Minutes ago

Don't miss out on #Levitate710sesh next Thursday! It's going down again in a major way! Free tickets still available but will run out today or tomorrow!💨💨💨

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These magic tool wraps are also awesome for transportation of delicate glassware, the quilted design wraps up tightly to be stowed in a bag or basket 😘 $15 each, made with recycled fabric they are also sized to fit a tarot deck and crystals. If you want one DM me with your color request and I'll surprise you with a mystical and bohemian quilted design. #girlswhosmoke #cannabiscommunity #hedgewitch #witchesofinstagram

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Lmfao, this asshole blocked me because I said Jesus was black!!!! Really, you sit here and you post shit about the "Truth" and what not but when I speak the truth you block me? You're a black man who posted a photo about black people believing in white Jesus so when I say Jesus wasn't white I get blocked? lmfao read the Bible, it said Jesus had skin like bronze and hair spun like gold...pretty sure Jesus was black and I'm not even a Christian. 😂😂 it's 10:45 a.m. where I'm at, it's way to early for such fuckery. Could somebody explain to me what I did wrong because I'm just not seeing it... lol #lgbt #lgbtq #makeup #vegan #girlswhosmoke #blacklivesmatter #lesbian #gay #bisexual #transgender #genderfluid #pansexual #loveislove #girlswithnoserings #girlswithpiercings #cannabiscommunity #atheist #ddlg #anarchist #feminist #quotes #feelings

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