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Creativity is such an inspiring thing. It can drive you to follow your passion and dreams in your own unique way. • But what does the word creativity even mean? Does it simply mean to be arty or musical? Or could it be used on a much broader scale? I believe creativity can be seen in everything, as I much prefer to see the word and meaning thinking outside of the box when carrying tasks. Instead of just taking the same old route, it's about venturing off and making your own. • Yes, it can too be used to mean art, music, etc. and that's what I'm using it as for now. • Recently I've been feeling super duper creative; writing songs, being arty, playing guitar, etc. and it feels great! Let some creativity into your life, it feels so good ☺️✨ • #creative #art #music #guitar #songwriter #love #music #travel #wanderlust #oscarwilde #quote #inspired #positive #goodvibes #happy #lgbt #lesbian #bisexual #gay #transgender

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Life is adventure🚐🌈 tag your ideal travel companion|menciona a tu compañero de viaje ideal! #vanlife #vanvibes

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