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Comment from Elizabeth Kessler:

Good morning y'all! Check this out... I have extremely sensitive skin, which makes waxing terrifying. I usually spend the entire day with a kool-aid mustache and welps on my skin. I waxed my upper lip this morning, you can see the redness in the first photo. I used my Heritage Store pure Rosewater, and 7 mins later the redness was going down. I added 40 Cure Creme after that and waited 7 more minutes. The irritation is completely gone! Rosewater naturally soothes inflamed skin. I've been using this method for several months. I 40 Cure Creme, is packed with healing, organic oils and extracts. No chemicals! I thought I'd it can heal psoriasis, eczema and rosacea, why not see what it could here. I'm so impressed with LimeLight, y'all. I applied a little concealer while the 40 Cure was sitting on my lip, and now I'm ready to head out with fresh looking skin and no makeup! How amazing is it to feel this comfy in the skin God gave you?!? It's priceless! #LimeLightByAlcone #UseWhatTheProsUse #LizKesslerMUAH #Fresh #SkinCare #ChemicalFree #Skin #gorgeous #Natural #CrueltyFree #bareskin #raw #bare #young #matureskin #Love #Life

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