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Comment from EL:

Outtakes. . . . . . manchester monochrome nightout la ootd gothgirl outfitinspo allblackalways allblackeverything nyx

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Avelina De Moray


Comment from Avelina De Moray:

Have you preordered yours yet? @reereephillips clutch 👛 available at: . . reeree clutch avelinademoray avelinademoraycluth purplebag suede vegan veganbag

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Comment from aranidx:

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Roxane Ω 💚7💚


Comment from Roxane Ω 💚7💚:

🐁.... ____________ portrait french frenchgirl girl witch myself selfie badquality alternativegirl femalemetalhead dark goth gothic gothgirl longblackhair blackhair black metal metaldoll metallady metalgoth metalgirl metalgothgirl metalhead gothstyle makeup bat wiccac

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Comment from Sierra:

Dragon earcuff 🦂 . . . . . . portrait softgoth messybun gothic gothgirl gothgoth altgirl metalgirl rocker updo lgbt 420 retro hairstyles beautiful tattooedgirls fantasy steampunk ootd wild stoner style makeup rebel steampunk punk alternative boho brunette kawaii

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Comment from Alana:

afflecksmanchester graffiti graffitiart altgirl altgirls alternative altgirlsofig alternativegirl alternativestyle alternativehair goth gothgoth gothgirl rockchick

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Comment from 🔪💐賢志💐🔪:

Uh oh, watch out guys! desperate for attention here! How dare I 🙄 • • • • • • • • • • • • • pinkhair ootd vk vkei visualkei jrock goth gothgoth gothgirl gravure slutshaming antislutshaming pastelpinkhair harness succubus gothlingerie gothiclingerie nugoth punk punkfashion jfashion japanesefashion

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🕷🦇Livy Lobotomy🦇🕷


Comment from 🕷🦇Livy Lobotomy🦇🕷:

Blurybabe 💎 . goth goff gothic gothgirl gothmakeup alternative alt alternativegirl piercing piercedgirl punk emo emohair scene scenehair tumblr microfringe collars follow4follow spamforspam like4like darkaesthetic

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Comment from Sinú:

Love this fluorite kitty so much 💜 💜 💜. It is up in my etsy now...I may have to get myself one soon 😻🔮✨. catlover cats witchesfamiliar fluorite rockhound crystallove wiccan pagan witchcraft meditation yoga vegan boho bohemian moonchild occult gothgirl alchemy catsofinstagram alternativegirl girlswithtattoos cattattoo goodvibes hedgewitch greenwitch moongoddess gothic witchywoman gypsysoul hippielife

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Comment from 🔪💐賢志💐🔪:

"That's not attractive" "That doesn't fit you properly" "It would seem attention seeking" "Men find that unattractive and desperate" "Nobody wants to see that" "Too chubby" "Too skinny" Oops lmao I'm not one to usually post risqué type of photosets often, but there has been so many "slut" shamers lately, that I couldn't pass up the chance of ruffling peoples feathers just for exposing skin in outfits that make me feel confident. Even if people's bodies, men women or in between, are not to your specifications or don't follow your personal values/morals, doesn't give you the right when you shame them. Even if you're dating someone, yes, they can respect your feelings but whether they choose to dress a certain way or not is up to them. Nobody should be judged in anyway over what makes them feel good about themselves. WATCH OUT GUYS, MY ASS IS GOING TO STEAL YOUR INNOCENCE HUEH↜(ฅ •`ω`•ฅ)ψ • • • • • • • • • • • • • pinkhair ootd vk vkei visualkei jrock goth gothgoth gothgirl gravure slutshaming antislutshaming pastelpinkhair harness succubus gothlingerie gothiclingerie nugoth punk punkfashion jfashion japanesefashion

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Comment from Yukibell:

Big time sensuality

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Comment from 👽That-One-Cunt👽:

,;Shut your dirty, dirty mouth I'm not that innocent. * * alternative alternativegirl alternativechick alt alternativemakeup alternativehair goth gothic gothgirl gothmakeup indie emo emohair emomakeup emogirl madusa snakebites liprings makeup katvond jeffreestarcosmetics weirdo peircings ringsofsaturn makeup blacklipstick blackandwhite bloodlyrics

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Fancy Necromancy


Comment from Fancy Necromancy:

Good morning. I'm a hungry sleepyhead. Tags(goth punk gothgirl emohair gothgoth girlswithpiercings septumpiercing alternative snakebites nosering septum girlswithplugs liprings ootd hoodie piercing gothfashion alt nugoth alternativegirl pierced greenhairdontcare girlswithbodymods gothstyle ddlg emogirl creepygirl gothsofinstagram blacklips blacklipstick)

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She's Lost Control


Comment from She's Lost Control:

Salem you Creep! *When you are happily taking a hot bath and your cat stares at you while planning your murder* 😵 😂🔪🕵💀 mycat cat cats kitty Salem creepy murder scary lol catstagramm serialkiller planningyourmurder psycho catownerproblems gingercat whitecat bathingtime hotbath gothgirl

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..Tish Mistry..


Comment from ..Tish Mistry..:

When you feel like hiding from the world... - - - - - - - - - - camera gothgoth gothgirl metalhead metalgirl model modelling boudoir alternativemodel photography photographer photoshoot portrait alternative cosplay alternativefashion gothfashion makeup altmodel makeupartist cute piercings followforfollow brownhair girlswithpiercings likeforlike l4l like4like like follow4follow

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Leslie Ann


Comment from Leslie Ann:

🎶Double bubble disco queen headed to the guillotine,Skin as cool as Steve McQueen, let me be your killer king,It hurts until it stops, we will love until it's not,I'm a killing spree in white, eyes like broken Christmas lights🎶 nowplaying deathofabachelor panicatthedisco victorious 2016 2017 vocalist songwriter guitarist bassist drummer band musician spooky goth gothgirl gothgoth spookygirl alternative

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Jane Elizabeth


Comment from Jane Elizabeth:

It's the small things gothic goth gothicgirl gothgirl bubbles bubblebaths candlelitbath latenights

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Comment from jade🎶:

🔮. ironmaiden makeup gothicgirl goth inkedgirls gothgirl blackandwhite rocknroll metal defleppard music trainstation london

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Cat Ballantyne 😽


Comment from Cat Ballantyne 😽:

Good skin on a sick day 😮nofilter metalcat metal hotwaterbottle goth gothgirl nugoth photoedittime metalgirl girlswithpiercings blueeyes witchywoman bohowoman wonderwoman

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Giulia Jules


Comment from Giulia Jules:

I'm there, somewhere in the mirror... selfie Berlin selfieattheloo mirror spiegelselfie spiegel duncker gothic gothgirl gothicgirl

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