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Beautiful Alt Girls 🔮


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@draculangelica 🕇❤ goth gothgirl dark tattoo witch sweet love makeup beautiful alternativegirl altgirl piercing darkhair underwear legs body vampire pinklips eyes pale bewitch palegirl feature black selfie follow pink

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🌙art,and oc's


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Nova is using her magic to make Ravens hair grow faster, but Raven just wants sleep. . . webcomicshortcomicalienaliengirlgrungegirlgrungegirlscreepycuteartworkdigitalartocsmyocsoriginalcharactersgothgirlcomiccharactersketchcharacterdesignTumblrtumblrartartistart🎨instagramartistartistsoninstagram

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Beautiful Alt Girls 🔮


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@leighravenx ❤🕇 goth gothgirl dark tattoo witch sweet love makeup beautiful alternativegirl altgirl piercing darkhair underwear legs body vampire pantyhose lips eyes pale bewitch palegirl feature burningangel tonguesplit

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Lucy ∣∣ Люсинда


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∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ goth gothgirl emo emogirl scene suicidesilence alternative alternativegirl scenegirl depression anxiety model music bands metal deathmetal heavymetal punk lonely deathcore screamo sad bmth bassist makeup salasamobójców AA guitarist vocalist hollywoodundead

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Comment from deadwonderland__:

Someone told me stay away from things that aren't yours, but was he yours if he wanted me so bad?

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Comment from Shattered:

"Down you fell, deep into your mind Off to wonderland, leaving what's real behind" botdf wonderland alternativegirl gothgirl scenechick chickswithtats insanity vampirefreaks lunatikhairdye tattoos piercings aliceinwonderland gauges

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Katherine Ginbey


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Blue haired Harley at ya service . . . . . gothgirl gothic emo emogirl corset bluehair girlswithdyedhair girlswithpiercings girlswithlonghair piercing surfacepiercing harleyquinn demonia demoniaboots kneehighboots

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💀💀 girlswithpiercings girlswithtattoos girlswithsleeves metal metalhead metalgirl pale paleaf witch eclectic witchy gypsysoul introvert empath spiritual goff gothgirl darkbeauty gothgoth gothicgirl darksoul creepygirl alternativegirl altgirl inkedgirls motd stmua girlswithdreads

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8th Sin


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💀⚰Maryssa Carrillo⚰💀


Comment from 💀⚰Maryssa Carrillo⚰💀:

How how how how how how??? Ive always wondered how someone with a boring....very boring mediocre life (meaning ME) can even begin to be apart of people so great?! Like all these beautiful people have thousands of thousands of they not realize the impact they have?! My gosh its wonderful!! Hanaj gothgirl gothic gothgoth jyrki69linnankivi jussi69official hero inspirational wwjd whatwouldJUSSIdo ?!?

8 Minutes ago

🔥 Suki ⚓ Bedeaux 🔥


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😻 PURRR 📷: 💄💋: @gloriousgoddess_mua ❤: @dollercreme sukibedeaux povmedia gloriousgoddess photography mua newage dreadlocks glam producer singer plur edm dancemusic bassmusic electronicmusic red green emo rocknroll yrushoes hashtagcrazy rnb gothgirl vibes lovesit sequins tartan style

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Comment from me_andthebats_:

Spooky friends! How are you? Sometimes I try to be an elegant young woman but, immediately, my dark side jumps out! 🦇 So everytime I hang out I look spooky and ALL BLACK! Ahahha 😂 . This is how looked yesterday night for my best friend's dance show 🖤🖤🖤 @s_fevrier 🖤🖤🖤 What do you all think about it? Was I too spooky for a theatre show? Ahahha . gothgoth gothstagram gothsofinstagram gothsofig gothsofinsta goth goffgoff instagoth gothgirl metalgirl darkgirl rockgirl altgirl gothstyle goff vampireskin porcelainskin vampiregirl gothlook wearingallblack ootd spookygirl darkalternative brunette curvygoth curvygirl summer2017 summergoth longhairedgirl curlygirl

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Laura Haslam


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ArisTotin AristoGoth


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A fraction of my collection which will need to be transported soon 📚🖤 Book Books Goth Gothic GothGirl Witch Wolf Study Literature Reading

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Ghost Kid 𖤐


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I'm currently watching Russell Brand and I can't sTop laughing - - - emoemogirlemohairemokidgothgothicgothkidgothgirlghostscenescenekidscenegirlpunkpunkkidpunkgirlalternative]

16 Minutes ago

✨ Lisa Mørketid ✨


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Piccoli alien crescono

17 Minutes ago

Ville Ylönen 🕸


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Didn't think I had tanned much this summer, then I stood next to these pale ass bitches sunkissedglow

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Comment from Na`Dia💋Solomon:

GangGang 🎢 AlwaysGotMyPinkCup Hydrated

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Comment from Shattered:

alternative goth fangs vamp mask piercings collar gauges bored tattoos gothgirl chickswithtattoos

243 Days ago