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▶🎶🎵Keep them coming❕❕❕ @samiraagibson 👑👑👑 is killing it 🎙🎙🎙 "Change does not roll in on wheels on inevitability, but comes through continues struggle." - Martin Luther King #changegonecome.... 📣📣📣 #HAPPYMARTINLUTHERKINGDAY to you where it's still Monday ❤❤❤ Everyday should be #martinlutherkingday See #'s full video on her Facebook ☝ #martinlutherking #mlk #hat from @acceptedapparel #empoverment #build #grow #change #positivity #reflection #motivationmonday #passion #soul #swedishhairmafia #love#music #musicvideo #singer #bestsinger #naturalista #blackgirlmagic #melaninpoppin #naturalhair #blues #gospel #rnb #jazz

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Hareket eğitimi. Cimnastik. Oyun Grubu. Doğum günü partisi. Workshop

Comment from Karoline Mikalsen:

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Comment from Nick Reyes:

So many people hit their 30's and 40's and still have no idea what they want to do or what makes them happy. We are pushed into college then shoe horned into a major, and fed to the world without much deep thought of our future. After years and years in the workforce we become pot committed to our pre-written story of life and unwilling to start from scratch on the chapters not published yet. If you aren't having fun, you aren't living. Find your Why then pursue it without fear. Level up your happy, and level up your life.

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Comment from Anette:

Njuter av kvällens sista måltid 😍Det är några dagar sedan jag åt kvarg då det inte fanns att köpa i Spanien. Måste packas ner i nästa resväska till Spanien🔸Enjoying the evening's last meal😍It is a few days then I ate cottage cheese when I didn't found it to buy in Spain. Must packed in next suitcase to Spain.

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Comment from BA™AN:

#✈️🌇 ~ 😁😆🤣😂😂😂😂😂😅 My thoughts are uncontrollable at times when taking a piss of some things.

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Begin. Begin before you feel ready. Show up anyway. The time for action is now. 😘

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