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A'mi James 🐶


Comment from A'mi James 🐶:

To cool for you 😎 havaneseoftheworld havanese havaneseofinstagram havanesepuppy dog dogs dogsofinstaworld dogsofig dogsofinstgram havaneselove doggie cutedogs animal pets doglover

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Comment from Azumi:

Sorry, Momo. instadogs dogsofinstagram havanese summertime poolside

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Comment from Irene:

Dodger wanting to jump in the water havanese summer2017

10 Minutes ago

Bernie Meinen


Comment from Bernie Meinen:

Goodbye sun. henrylouismeinenesquire havanese havaneseofinstagram dogsofig dogs

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Comment from KatesCaninesLLC:

For 8yrs, Shea the havanese has barked at and charged people coming through the front door. Today we talked about how to create a calmer environment in general which will assist us in effecting calm when a trigger happens. In this clip, I have just knocked on and been let in. The vocalization was quick, but he was still in ON mode. So dad utilizes some unfixed spacial pressure to create a calmer state of mind. I then shook dad's hand enthusiastically which usually sends Shea into a tizzy. Instead, he approaches me calmly to sniff--which is fine! We just don't want him charging in an excitable manner. katescanines calmthemind calmthesoul havaneseofinstagram 8yrsyoung

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Comment from Oscar:

My dad got me ice cream! 🍦

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Alex Bauer


Comment from Alex Bauer:

I'm trying out the digital side. This is Scout! @tribal_spaceman canon photography dogs havanese havanesepuppy

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Jim Weisz


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Welfare swimming pool waterfun summer grandbabylove grandbaby wetdog

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Comment from Teddy:

Did someone say ribs??! ribs🍖 smellssogood sharingiscaring havanese havaneseoftheworld havaneselove havaneseofinstagram instadog dogsofinstagram

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Stephanie Yuck


Comment from Stephanie Yuck:

Ready to rock and roll latte havanese thatface beauty wantstogoforawalk

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Comment from Njusha:

The moment mommy wants to make a Foto of your new sleeping spot and your terrier cousin just photobombs it. . . . animalaugh havanese havanesedog havanesenetwork hundi ilovemypet ilovemydog pet dogstagram dogsofinsta weekendvibes fotobomb happysunday dayslikethis havaneser terrier jackrussell jackstagram jackrussellterrier havanese_feature havaneselove

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Jill Bacharach


Comment from Jill Bacharach:

It's another gift-a-palooza! Crossing the bridge. Just brilliant. Sempre Alfie. My oneandonly My heartwarrior alfie sempre lamorenonmuoremai howyoudoonethingishowyoudoallthings notadaygoesby fiercelove mylittleguru missionaryheart abondlikenoother brokenopen beherenow dontmissthemoment lovewhatyoulovenow pourmoreloveintoit worshipwhatunfolds iloveyouprogram havanese havaneseofinstagram dogsofinstagram dogoftheday mustlovedogs ibelieveinlovealfie blackandwhitephotography blackandwhitephoto

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Tiller Charles (TC)


Comment from Tiller Charles (TC):

Thanks for the goodie bag Louis! This @organik9 apple bar that was in there is so yummy!! • appleflavor wholefood madeinUSA snackbar allnatural rawingredients @louistheodoredouglas

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Jamie Rule


Comment from Jamie Rule:

Saturday's are best spent with these two @bauersphotography 🐶👨🏼 • • • boyfriend havanese havanesepuppy summer

21 Days ago

Jamie Rule


Comment from Jamie Rule:

The closest thing I have, want, or need to human child anytime soon✨ • • • havanese havanesepuppy mamasboy dogmom

41 Days ago

Jamie Rule


Comment from Jamie Rule:

Anyone who wants to tell me that my dog isn't my baby can get the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks the heck out of here, because my baby and I don't need that kind of negativity in our lives ✨ • • • havanese havanesepuppy dogmom mamasboy

47 Days ago

Jamie Rule


Comment from Jamie Rule:

The plural of Havanese is Havanese. I checked ☀️ • • • havanese havanesepuppy dogmom mamasboy mamasgirl puppers

71 Days ago

Jamie Rule


Comment from Jamie Rule:

Who could say "no" to this sweet little pupper? 🐶 • • • havanese havanesepuppy mamasboy dogmom haircut

81 Days ago

Jamie Rule


Comment from Jamie Rule:

In honor of nationalpuppyday here's a tbt of me trying not to cry the first time I held my sweet pupper a year and a half ago💖🐶 • • • havanese havanesepuppy dogmom mamasboy crying

93 Days ago

Jamie Rule


Comment from Jamie Rule:

"Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowledge of what's going to happen next. Delicious ambiguity." -Gilda Radner🌻 • • • havanese havanesepuppy dogmom mamasboy gildaradner

109 Days ago