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M r & M r s B. 💍♡


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NIC Bryton


Comment from NIC Bryton:

Dam that was tortilla 94kcal shame couldn't get brown 😒 two falafel cucumber spring onion spinach .instead of hummus a teaspoon mixture of light free-range egg mayo and sriracha hot chilli sauce and a crumbling of feta cheese that was lurking in the fridge leftover from Greek salad 😋 so around 300 kcals with a did of fresh toms and spicy pickled onion the Vegan can eat the rest 😁..vegatarian homemade lightlunch sriracha healthy spicy

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Comment from natalia:

Przepyszne trufle 💕💕 Mega proste w wykonaniu a w dodatku zdrowe👍😁 vege vegan vegangirl vegeblogger govegan veganfood veganfoodshare jedzenie perfect eateasy eathealthy veganfoodlovers healthy healthyfood veggies veggie veganlife sweets trufle eatvegan delicious cook cooking vegancook plantbased plantstrong cojedzaweganie weganizm instafood

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Stay Motivated And Dedicated


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Comment from fancy.foods_:

Perfection is key. elegant healthy mouthwatering food fries foodporn 🍣🍣🍣🍣🍟🍟🍟⚘tag your freinds if they like salmon

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Anita Kosk


Comment from Anita Kosk:

W Poemie takie właśnie serwujemy jedzenie! 🍴🍎🍝 @poemacafe_bialystok poemacafe poema suraska 6 kawiarnia lunch lunchtime food foodporn placuszki cukinia marchewka bataty majonezweganski sok jabłko marchew imbir decoration goodfood healthy healthyfood glutenfree insta instafood białystok Ja już zjadłam swój lunch, a Ty? 😉👍

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Comment from shredded_gram:

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Clinica de Ortodontia


Comment from Clinica de Ortodontia:

Desarmonias ósseas, fissuras palatinas, a ausência ou excesso de dentes e possíveis anormalidades em seus tamanhos, são considerados problemas ortodônticos de origem genética. Alguns hábitos, como a sucção do dedo ou o uso prolongado de chupeta, podem ocasionar o que chamamos de problemas ortodônticos de origem adquirida. Outros exemplos de problemas adquiridos são: a perda precoce dos dentes, tanto de leite como permanentes, e as obstruções respiratórias que ocasionam a respiração bucal e podem alterar consideravelmente o desenvolvimento das arcadas dentárias. Sejam de origem genética ou adquirida, os problemas ortodônticos necessitam de tratamento e acompanhamento profissional. A Clínica Luciane Closs é especializada em tratamentos ortodônticos e certificada para trabalhar com os alinhadores Invisalign®. Entre em contato conosco para realizar uma avaliação. lucianecloss ortodontia aparelhoortodontico aparelhoestetico aparelho aparelhoinvisivel dicas ortodontic ortodontista dentista dentist dentistry dentes teeth smile sorriso saudebucal healthy health healthylifestyle

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Comment from NewlifeSmoothies:

No fat banana ice cream🍌 Blend 2 frozen banana 2 tbsp of peanut butter (or any other nut butter). goodmorning life nutrition taste healthy smoothie super energy power health healthlife new goodlife fitness diet lowcarb fresh clear fruit minerals amazing summer sunnyday newyou newlife

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Akshay Sheoran


Comment from Akshay Sheoran:

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Comment from Asiakeo:

Nouvelle maquette scooter done ✅ 👌🙈😊 draw art child artiste colorpencil pastel asiakeo asianfood sushi logo fish freshproduct healthy healthyfood foodporn foodstagram wenesday children

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Elisa • Fitness Inspo/Info🏋🏼


Comment from Elisa • Fitness Inspo/Info🏋🏼:

Looking like a ghost on half these clips just because👻 I have to adjust to the new dubai gym lighting, because it is on FIRE😎! Being in a new gym has been so much fun, even though I think most people here don't see lots of women weight lifting as everyone stares a lot👀👀 __________ Enough about me; let's talk bootaaaay🍑 - glute activation (see a couple videos down for some exercises) - hip thrusts : 12x, 10x, 8x, 6x adding weights each time - Stiff leg deadlifts (absolute killers): 4x10 - Curtsy lunges: 3x12 (per leg) - Side leg press: 3x 12 (per leg) drop the weights and perform another 12 reps - Abductor (unseated, use your hands on the machine for support): Go until failure, drop the wights and go again until failure total of 4 sets ___________ I am still sore from this workout, which was on Sunday btw so good luck ;) is it safe to say happy hump day yet, are we Wednesday ? 😅

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Comment from adifalk:

Guten Morgen instafriends Ich war gerade beim Arzt und habe meinen zweijährigen Bodycheck machen lassen. Er bescheinigte mir einen TOP - ZUSTAND, für einen über 50 jährigen Mann. Lasst ihr euch auch regelmäßig untersuchen? Ich mache das seit 10 Jahren, mit allem was dazu gehört. Hautkontrolle, Krebsbluttest, großes Blutbild, abtasten und ... muss auch sein. Jetzt gibt es gekörnten Frischkäse mit Naturjogurt, dem Granola von @biggifa 🔝Himbeeren und die leckeren veganen Kokos-Crunch von @veganz kommt gut in den Tag. machdichwahr bleibgesund frühstück breakfast yummy lecker eatclean healthyfood healthy cleaneating vegan veganfood flooorrriiimotiviert teacher followme gesundernähren fitboy fitlife fitnessfood fitnessaddict boy instagram goodvibes

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Comment from ADBfit:

Oggi giorno di riposo 😴ma si continua lo studio matto e disperato 📚📚😱

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Comment from Fit_brit:

And my WCW goes to... 😜💜💪🏻

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Comment from Snag:

It's been a long week 🥐🍩💕

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Sarah - Food Blogger


Comment from Sarah - Food Blogger:

My Sultan tea moment 💚

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Exclusive Health&Fitness


Comment from Exclusive Health&Fitness:

Excuses are useless. Results are priceless. motivational quote gethealthy getstrong fit healthy

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Comment from Mark:

Sustainable weight loss is never quick, but once you get started it's so easy to carry on. You can see results quickly and once you get into the habbit of monitoring your body – it will keep you motivated.

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Agnieszka Cieciora IFBB Bikini


Comment from Agnieszka Cieciora IFBB Bikini:

Dzień bez słońca? Co mi tam, liczy się pozytywne nastawienie i ludzie, z którymi chcesz się tym dzielić 👊🏻🙃🔝 "Enjoy the Little Things" 👸🏼👑👸🏼 Lashes&Nails @strefapiekna_ewelinalaba Permanentmakeup @desire_isabela lips permanentmakeup eyebrows eyemakeup nails makeup lifestyle project fitlifestyle fit fitness model blonde polishgirl photoshoot photography fitness love sun holiday bikini bigbootyteam bikinifitness bootyqueen queen friends womanshealth healthy athlete miami nyc

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