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Hareket eğitimi. Cimnastik. Oyun Grubu. Doğum günü partisi. Workshop

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For those who liked the story I wrote on a few previous posts, well I've decided to make "The Cool Kids" a series!😀 Enjoy!💕 • • Peaches found Louis and they headed to a tall area so they could be up close to the stars "How long have you known about this place?" She sat down and let Louis lay on her side "Well I've started coming here since last week," Louis looked up at the sky "Look I see a constellation!" He pointed at the stars "It's the Big Dipper!" Peaches cheered "This was a good idea Louis!" She patted him on the head with her trunk "We should have parties and stuff up here!" She giggled "Maybe, but I'm glad you like it." He shrugged and looked at her "So how's Ellie and Manny?" Louis said "Hmm... Well they seem to be doing alright" she replied, "I better get home before my dad gets worried" Peaches got up and smiled "Thanks for the good time!" She headed home - - - #fanfiction #iceage

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Due to the apparent Ice Age i'm living in, I thought it fitting to post one of the king combos of the 95/96 Ice Age era. One of the few things to successfully stand up against the power of Necropotence in the Black Summer of Magic. It seems that many people dislike the art of the ice age icy manipulator, but I find it to be an interesting looking contraption. It's a bit goofy, but that's what I like about it. Winter orb of course has the classic angry polar bear about to mess up your frozen face. #itscold #iceage #winterorb #icymanipulator #9596 #oldschoolmtg #magic9596 #mtg #magicthegathering

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This is a random fanfiction based off Continental Drift • • Peaches sighed as she laid across the side of a hill, she had to make a decision that could change her life, dump Louis to become a "cool kid" like the others, or stay his best friend and be made fun of. The other mammoths didn't like Louis because he was a mole hog and not a mammoth. "This is too hard.." She curled her trunk then looked up at the cloudless sky "What does Louis have to do with them anyways?" She got an idea "maybe I can see what they're like first then see if I want to join or not.." Peaches stood up then started to head towards The Falls. She spotted the mammoths. "Hey wait up!" Peaches walked down the slope then stopped in front of them "I made up my mind... Well at least I think, let's go explore and get to know each other better.." In the back of her mind she regretted this decision, when it was night, the others took her to a cave "Wow it's amazing! It's like we're upside!" There were vines all over the cave roof, all of a sudden, a blonde mammoth put a flower in Peaches' hair "Huh?" Peaches was confused "You're one of us now," the blonde replied "I knew you were cool" Peaches got a bad feeling "Oh no.. Louis..." All of a sudden you could see something pop out of the ground. Louis. "L-Louis! What are you doing here?" She stammered then brushed her hair out of her face with her trunk "I was going to see if you wanted to go stargazing, so I came to find you... So do you want to?" All the mammoths looked at her "Uh..." She looked over at her crush then back at Louis. Her crush was the most popular mammoth. "We'll talk about this later.. But I promise I'll come later" Peaches whispered to Louis then walked off to join the others - - - #fanfiction #iceage

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