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Filip Dizdar


Comment from Filip Dizdar:

This is probably the hardest long shot I ever did, also the most fun. 🙂 Van with no driver going towards the tree, no space to move and just 30 seconds to get in and get out. It couldn't be done without some great people helping @_matija_petrovic_ @matijasalman ...the shot is in the music video "Neka te kraj mene" for the Serbian band @sarsbend i" and yes, weed was real 🙂 hippie cinematography van summer movi blackmagic weed longshot film sars nekatekrajmene hippies weed joint flowers shot scene musicvideo nekatekrajmene marijuana dolly steadycam gymbal

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Comment from HERB:

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Comment from Frederik🍁:

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So High Right Now


Comment from So High Right Now:

via: @wowsohigh Check us out @highinweed if you are high af.. 😂 Snapchat: thehighvibe 🍁 joint cannabis weedporn weedstagram420 cannabiscommunity potheadsociety maryjane bud ganja stoner 420 710 stoned hightimes mmj thc highsociety

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The Cannary


Comment from The Cannary:

Now that's what I call a wake and Bake! Nice photo by @cannasmokeit • • • • • venicebeach medibles weed santamonica edibles marijuana cannabis 420 weedstagram ganja stoner kush thc weedporn maryjane cannabiscommunity highlife hightimes high culvercity stoned pot dabs smoke dank joint weedstagram420 710 blunt westhollywood

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Paulo Palma Carter.


Comment from Paulo Palma Carter.:

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mama davi


Comment from mama davi:

Gaya dlu. Sebelum Acara seminar manager d oriflame.. D oriflame semua bisa terwujud. Do siplin konsisten Dgn Tujuan yg Kita ingin kan. Wujud kan lksh Mimpi Mimpi Kita Dgn gabung Di oriflame ..semua gak Ada yg instant semua perlu perjuangin tuk menjaga semua Mimpi Kita oriflame changes live joint 24.900 berbisnis oriflame mama berbisnis Titi.

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Comment from CannaBisociety420:

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The Dab Lounge


Comment from The Dab Lounge:

Grab a few packs of Canna Cards. Come get your complete set today!!! **Open 24 hrs** weed dabs smokesesh joint blunt co coloradosprings colorado tradingcards

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420 Is on my mind


Comment from 420 Is on my mind:

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Nicholas Wereszczynski


Comment from Nicholas Wereszczynski:

"Good Kush Throat" Nice party trick :P illustration gothic blackandwhite smoke joint nude

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about a stoners life.


Comment from about a stoners life.:

Outdoorsmoking! I love this weather! 😍 Get your 100% hemp shirt here: @canadreamclothes weed cannabis cannabisculture stayhigh joint mcdonalds awseomepot pothead stoner smoke 420 goodvibes 420everywhere 420everydayallday stayhigh thc thclifestyle hightillthedayidie joint joint picoftheday mylady guy inked pierced teardrop bridge cheeks septum facetatt facetattoo f4f

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Comment from Weedbedo.1:

"Un bon verre et un peu d'herbe" 🌱🍺 drink drinkporn drinkandweed cannabis cannalife cannabiscommunity cannabislover,weedstagram weedporn weedday joint jointtime

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Mahfuz Hossain


Comment from Mahfuz Hossain:

: তো ... আপনি জিন-ভুত-পেত্নি মারেন, এক্স-গার্লফ্রেন্ড রে মারতে- : না -_- । dhumro_udgiron smoking_series art drawing sketch sketchbook penonpaper geralt geraltofrivia thewitcher thewitcher3 wildhunt thewoods silversword steelsword bountyhunter jackofalltrades smoke smoking cigarettes joint dailylife illustration character characterdesign mxhxsavage savage comic savagecomic baalerhashtagpart7

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Comment from 🍁420🍁:

This kush got me over here 🚀🍁🔥 weed maryjane stoner stoners stonerco stonergoals stonersociety stoned stonedaf chill high highaf joint blunt raw lighter light smoke marihuana marihuanitos herb smoking lit litaf wakenbake

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Hannah #hanzdollarsign


Comment from Hannah #hanzdollarsign:

sitting with you by the water never felt so good.. maybe thats the drugs talking tho ☠ trippy acid shrooms face colors pink blue purple marijuana bong bonghits blunt pipe joint girlswhosmoke girlswithtattoos tatted tattoo hippie moon moonbeams tagsforlikes noshame makeup dabs selflove

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Comment from Alpha_King👑:

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Comment from exz.cvv:


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Smokey Treehouse


Comment from Smokey Treehouse:

Check out my YouTube channel @the_smokey_treehouse There's a link in my bio. thesmokeytreehouse weed dab concentrates thc oilrig bong smoking 420 cannabis joint blunt wax shatter crumble weedstagram weshouldsmoke weedporn terps lowtemp quartz bangger carbcapyoutuber high hightimes dopemagazine california sandiego

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