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My heart has grown cold when I realize that society pull and the simplistic principals never change but the beauty of someone that works to gain knowledge means the opposition will never stop me. I may be alone my vision is supported by many mentors in history and I totally geeked out on Khaleesi's character because she is pure adaptation of so many amazing woman I have found in history that step up fearless like she does. 😍😍😍 the darkness of realizations pain is temporary compared to the strength that's the lessons bring. #gameofthrones #bringit #justalittlegirl #poorlittlegirl #ha #youmadbro #choosetopursue #ladyprenuer #younghustler #10x #womeninpower #6amsuccess #choosetopursue #highheelshighgoals #earniteveryday #bossbabe #queenelizabeth

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Thank's @avakolker_ 💕 I love you little girl! 😘 You have a lot of talent and I hope you can make all your dreams come true and I wish you a lot of lucky and hapiness with all of your family and friends 😊 A lot of kisses from Portugal 🇵🇹❤️ #thankfull #loveyou #justalittlegirl

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