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Comment from FAKE the SMILE 🙂:

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So Gorgeous Box 💎💄


Comment from So Gorgeous Box 💎💄:

Se for pra roubar, que seja beijos. 💋💋💋💋 sogorgeous kiss instabeauty instamake makeup lipstick

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Leydis De La Cruz


Comment from Leydis De La Cruz:

The Kiss Every time you kiss me, a poet is aroused to birth a new verse filling up the universe with prophetic words that alter the very fiber of the earth. People begin speaking in tongues, war finally finds its peace, sparring lovers call for armistice, flags of hate turn to love, anxiety finds its beloved calm, and all of that happens…. when you kiss me. When you kiss me, I see all the melodies Mozart thought of ………………………. but never wrote. I see Jesus preaching to the multitudes. I wave to Buddha, as your breaths engulfs me in your selfless love. and all of that happens….when you kiss me. I like Hester, wear my Scarlet Letter proudly, for I have not sinned.. but, having erred, I wear your signage all over me. For when you kiss me, Plato’s true form of the universe is revealed to me. There are no foreign letters to me No language unknown, Every kiss ever given by all the worlds lovers, poets, Don’t equate to the catalytic agent that’s created, When you kiss me!! LeydisProse 8/18/2017 bilingualwriter womenwhowrite womenwhowritepoetry omypoetry ink inkpoet inkpoem inkpoets wordporn writerscommunity writersofinstagram kiss love

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Jasmin Christl


Comment from Jasmin Christl:

Liebe, Lache, Lebe! Wenn das nicht funktioniert: Lade, Ziele, Schieße! 😘 insta instgram instalove mood girl instagirl unicorn bezaubernd cute sweet oldbody nice kiss love babygirl weekend badhairday shithappens time ❤

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I do Ghana


Comment from I do Ghana:

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Comment from Lgbtq+:

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2 Fangirls On A Mission ❤️💜


Comment from 2 Fangirls On A Mission ❤️💜:

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Comment from sweatspringday:

Lol korean kiss sunset sun withyou seoul pusan kpop muse music

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Comment from alaraz7:

Feliz noche del viernes!!! 😘 fashion style stylish love TagFire me cute photooftheday nails hair beauty beautiful instagood pretty swag pink girl girls eyes design model dress heels styles outfit purse jewelry shopping glam kiss

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Tasha Götza


Comment from Tasha Götza:

Meine Nervensäge ❤ Katze cat catlover catlovers nappy plüschi 3 jahre nervensäge ichliebesie mädchen fell dreifarbig kuss kiss kissing endlesslove liebling liebe love loveit l4l likeforlike

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Comment from nikkvanryck:

"Kiss me before I fade away " said the hibiscus to the hibiscus 🌺 flower hibiscus kiss kissing beauty

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Comment from CorgiWanKenobi:

Hooman has a something called "Gradooat Stoodant Orientation". I wished her luck by licking her face, right after she smeared some stuff on her face. corgibutt derp kiss corgi

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Dori Csaky🌸


Comment from Dori Csaky🌸:

👫💗💗 love kiss couple boyfriend family holiday icecream wine walk night lights summer

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Comment from Joey_JS:

Our deepest love of friendship is nobody can understand....... . joeyjs

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Michele Di Ridolfo


Comment from Michele Di Ridolfo:


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Comment from Holly_Model:

Bhè cosa dovrei dire... Mi sei sempre rimasta vicina, mi hai sostenuto sempre nelle mie pazzie... hai sopportato il mio carattere... mi ha cresciuto e solo grazie a te sono di diventata la donna che hai sempre voluto... grazie a te ho capito che la vita non è facile e bisogna lottare in ogni momento... tutte le didofficolta, i miei problemi d'amore... il mio cuore solitario .. le pazzie che ho fatto per ragazzi che non se lo meritavano... le ho fatte zempre con il tuo sostegno anche se continuavi a dirmi di non farle! Oggi ho capito che con il miei 20 anni dovrò andare avanti da sola.... perché la vita continua.. grazie di tutto piccola mia... mi ha fatto una promessa..ti ricordi? "Molto presto io e te ci rivedremo..." Spero che lotterai con tutte le tue forze ai fini di mantenere la tua promessa... è anche se sei lontana da me quasi a 3000 km ti prometto che ti starò sempre vicina con il pensiero... sappi che non ti abbandonerò mai... perché la DONNA che sono diventata oggi è solo grazie te 😙❤ babyboy love truelove mamma kids foto_italiane amore child boy babyclothes pampers cute instacool instagramhub instagrammers mummysboy kiss kissing kisses igersitalia amoremio mylove amori della instamom instastory bambini youtuber vlog oggi

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Comment from rubi_singh:

NO_CAPTION MOOD_OFF😥 love couple cuteme girl boy beautiful instagood instalove loveher lovehim pretty adorable kiss kisses hugs romance forever girlfriend boyfriend gf bf bff together

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Aleksandra Frontczak


Comment from Aleksandra Frontczak:

mazagon playa verano calor relax relajototal relajo dulce espana freetime instalove kiss

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Comment from Dolly:

Repost @closet.kitty 90srnbtypeofheart 90srnbtypelove ❤️ sending love out to all of you this weekend love lovequotes loveislove instamood ifitdoesntfeellike90srnbidontwantit mood instalike love cute adorable TagsForLikes kiss kisses gf bf bettertogether photooftheday happy instagood instalove loveher lovehim smile xoxo

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Marie Lammert


Comment from Marie Lammert:

Complètement ouf ... happydays friends fou kiss love

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