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Hareket eğitimi. Cimnastik. Oyun Grubu. Doğum günü partisi. Workshop

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Ben yapıyorum...Güzellik adına değil, çünkü makyajı ,saçlarımı sık sık taramayı sevmiyorum...Hele ruj sürmeyi hiç sevmiyorum.. Sorguluyorum ,yüzleşiyorum kendimle..."Bugün ben bunu yaptım..." diye mutlu oluyorum,ya da kızıyorum kendime..."Neden?" diye .. Demet Yasemin #fotoğrafım #hayatadair #insan #myphotography #instaturkey #life

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Желаю каждому из вас ощутить свободу, ее неповторимый вкус, и ошеломляющую силу любви... ведь и во сне нам бывают дарованы минуты откровений, от которых мы бежим в жизни... за которые осуждаем себя... за давно ушедшее, потерянное, или не найденное... но мы пришли на эту землю, чтобы быть счастливыми, любить, и никто не вправе осуждать нас за это! #свобода #vscocam #жизнь #всечтонужно #vlg #followme #like4like #likeforlike #life

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Comment from HellyBiblo:

For Swara music is everything ,she is transported to some other world as if words of its song has taken her along ... Strumming guitar for her is panacea it pretermit those downhill moments Through music She express what cannot b expressed ,her heart is healed once again and makes it flow from heaven to soul She is a mystery box no one able to figure Swara s emotion as she was never the one that emote expressively , her emotions are packed like the cadence in music you decode them while you sing Her voice gives soul to universe ,wings to the wing , flight to imagination and life to everything ! Everyone will find a Swara in themselves " @hellyshahofficial :for you dance is passion but here you are playing a character i.e.; who is vehement ,passionate for guitar !' What a growth Girl ! There is a huge difference i I could spot on the way u strummed guitar then and now ,now you seem to have imbibe her wholly ,you are aware about Swara s body language like how would she carry in so and do circumstance ' Helly u make it very realistic & natural. You give life to Swara 🎧🎻🎷 #HellyAppreciation #HellyShahAppreciation #swaragini #swarabose #swara #swaramaheshwari #guitar #music #life #passion #love #happiness #heals @hellyshahofficial

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Partiu buscar meus passarinhos.... ☺️🐛🦋🦅👧🏻👦🏼

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