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Comment from Izumi:

ダイエットスリッパ 始めました。 ダイソーからやって来たスリッパ 黒猫3匹 結構しんどいです 少しでも痩せたい といいながら アイスを食べる

5 Minutes ago

🐱 Hayatımın kedileri 🐱


Comment from 🐱 Hayatımın kedileri 🐱:

Huzurlarınızda Bekir ve Kaşmir 😊 kedi cat cats catstagram catsofinstagram feline petstagram love funny lifewithcats catsarefunny catsareawesome paw brothers tabby tabbycat boys

11 Minutes ago

Mr Toby Kitty


Comment from Mr Toby Kitty:

Mum has been super sick the past few days and has been stuck in bed, I have been a good kitty and looking after her by napping by her side.....naturally ____________________________________________________ napsfixeverything napping aussiecats catsofaustralia sick cats catlife lifewithcats tuxedocat sofluffy mrtobykitty catsofinstagram

17 Minutes ago

Ida Berg


Comment from Ida Berg:

Morgonrutiner med katt ❤ cat livingwithacat lifewithcats 😘

22 Minutes ago

guyito, a.k.a. the blitol bloy


Comment from guyito, a.k.a. the blitol bloy:

"I love being outside! I'll just be here all day, thank you very much!" Minutes later... "What's in there? It looks exciting. Let me in now!" catlogic windowseat windowcats jj_windowcats roomwithaview friyay furriday tgif weekend backyardcats yekkers kuyayekkers ekam adoptdontshop beautybeyondbreed neuteriscuter rescuecats puspin proudpuspin pusangpinoy pusapin catcareph wheninmanilapets wim_pets bestorangecats 7catdays yourcatstoday bestmeow catlife lifewithcats

27 Minutes ago

Jonesy The Kitten


Comment from Jonesy The Kitten:

If you turn the sound up, you can hear Jonesy's little battle cry and Spooky yelling at J to stop bugging him. jonesythecat jonesy kitten gingercat spooky lifewithcats catsofinstagram

38 Minutes ago



Comment from StellaMcBella:

You Mad?😠😹 ignored mad cats lifewithcats ilovemycat crazycats catsofinstagram kitten instadaily instasmile cutecats dogs puppies petstagram catstagram kitkat instapic hangingout

38 Minutes ago

Olivia The Witty Calico Cat


Comment from Olivia The Witty Calico Cat:

💬 Hello furiends! Miss me?! I've been on a strike out of hate for the evil black thing that took my living room away. Now she's gone to her furever family and I'm very happy (cos I got my living room back). Not sure if I'm gonna furgive hooman for her behaviour but still, she makes for a good pillow so I'll give it some consideration. Hope everyone out there is doin just fine! What you been up to?! . . . . cat calico kitty bestmeow catlover catlife catstagram catsofig catsofworld lifewithcats animalaugh calicoville dailycat instacat calico_features catsofinstagram cutecatcrew catscircus instacat_meows sleepycat_feature meowbox catsgram catsmeow catsagram instagramcats meowstagram instakitty balousfriends igcatjunky @cats_of_instagram @catgr4m @picturepurrfectkitties

53 Minutes ago

Kuro & Loki


Comment from Kuro & Loki:

Dad hugs 😻 sleepycat sleepyhead snore catnaps sleepykitty sleepykittypurrpurrpurr savannah_feature savannah savannahf6 f6savannah savannahcat savannahcats f6 exoticat cat dailycat livingwithcats lifewithcats kitty catloversclub catlover catsofig catsofworld catsofinstagram cutecatcrew cateyes whiskers savannahscute tinytiger

1 Hours ago

2 Devon Rex brothers


Comment from 2 Devon Rex brothers:

Enjoying our new cat tree 😻🎄devonlyfe lifewithcats meowcat rexesofig devonrex devonrexcat instacats instapet instakitty instarexcat petstagram catlovers catstagram catsofinstagram kittygram kittiesofinstagram igcats catoftheday

1 Hours ago

Kitties 'n Coffee


Comment from Kitties 'n Coffee:

Can't keep my eyes open 😴 kittiesncoffee 🐾☕️😻 Photo Credit: @kfilich

1 Hours ago

Merlin and Mim 🐾🐾😸🇦🇺


Comment from Merlin and Mim 🐾🐾😸🇦🇺:

Yep! The weekend is close! tgif scottishshorthair

1 Hours ago



Comment from 441no8:

Right there.... purrrrr そこそこ.... lifewithcats tabby

1 Hours ago

Misa Ushida


Comment from Misa Ushida:

以前は仰向けになってくれないシャイな猫でしたが、2年ほどかけて、時にケンカをしながらもやさしくマッサージを続けた結果、こんなに無防備になりました。達成感。 catstagram catmovie lifewithcats 白茶猫 ねこのいる生活 猫になりたい ザ無防備

2 Hours ago

Brantley Cox


Comment from Brantley Cox:

Eddie is vampire rarrr. kitties lifewithcats meow cats bros vampirecat pets petsofinstagram instacat

2 Hours ago



Comment from B A R T H O L O M E W:

WhereMyKittySleeps I like to sleep on mums bed. It doesn't matter which side... as long as I'm next to mum!

2 Hours ago

Elle Williams


Comment from Elle Williams:

When you can't sleep because a cat thinks your face is the perfect bed. LifeWithCats DaisyAzaleaMae LoveThisCatThough

2 Hours ago

Stephanie H. 🐾🐱🇺🇸


Comment from Stephanie H. 🐾🐱🇺🇸:

Looks like Boris lives flowers too! 🌼🌼🌼siberianforestcat siberiancats cats cat kitten catsofinstagram siberiancat cutepetclub siberiancatsofinstagram fluffycatcrew meow kittygram kitty kittensofinstagram kittenlove cats_of_instagram lifewithcats catstagram catoftheday my_loving_pet siberian_cats_lovers catlover catlove kitten

2 Hours ago

Maja Itner


Comment from Maja Itner:

Mein tapsiges Kerlchen 💙 ------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- adoptdontshop🐾 adoptedpets adopted lifewithcats lebenmitkatzen bestmeow curiosity catlove catlover lieblingskater lovelycat beauty kratzbaum katzenliebe katzennothilfeassisi ekh weißerliebling

2 Hours ago

Dean'a Dixon


Comment from Dean'a Dixon:

thebeautifulwho says goodnight nighttime bedtime catlife lifewithcats catmom therapycat catblog blogging night sleep

2 Hours ago