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Y: i...i...i... *stutters*😢 Jb: baby breathe You look at Ariel and give her the "i am scared" look Am: babygirl .... Y: I am pregnant Jb: really! Joey picks you up and twirls you around Jb: I am so happy Y: you are? Joey put you down and looks you in the eyes and smiles Jb: of course I am Am: there is a little baby Birlem inside your belly 😍 Jb: I love you You hug him and kiss his nose Jb: when do you want to tell the fans baby? Am: uhhh I think it's best to keep it a secret or at least until they start to notice Y: yeah I think so too Jb: I don't care I am Just glad to be having a baby Birlem To be continued #joeybirlemfanfics #loveyou 💕💕

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Alhamdulillah..punya anak ky kmu nak..pling mngerti..asal bundanya skt sedikit dy langsung panik..perhatian lebih dri siapapun.. #loveyou #kesayanganbunda😙

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Whoever invented maternity leggings is a genius. These leggings and the hubby's tshirts are on repeat around here lately. #37weeks ------------------------------------------ In other news, my blood pressure has started to rise, and the swelling has DEFINITELY set in. Good thing baby girl will be here in 2 weeks! Now, if anyone has any good shows I should check out on Netflix let me know! I won't be doing much until she gets here.

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