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katy cantalini


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katy cantalini


Comment from katy cantalini:

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katy cantalini


Comment from katy cantalini:

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Love Long Legs


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Beauty By Gina @ Silk


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Chelsea Elaine 🌺


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Ready for the first day of 2nd Grade! I can't believe how fast he's growing up! handsome timeflies slowdownbaby secondgrade 2ndgrader blessed modelmaterial firstdayofschool firstdayofschool2017 lovehim haveagoodday

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Ally Liddle ☪


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He is the definition of perfection ❣️. . . . . perfection babyboy babysofinstagram 7monthsold ilovehim happyboy myworld modelmaterial allsmiles blueeyes

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Vanessa Faith


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💋Edward Prince Marinelli💋


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Tramonta lentamente anche questa giornata. . Nei miei occhi rimane uno dei tramonti più belli della mia vita. Ho tanti tramonti che custodisco nel mio cuore. . Ognuno di noi dovrebbe averne almeno 3,4 ... (anche una decina non sarebbe male). . I tramonti perpetuano la malinconia di un attimo. . I tramonti tracciano una linea di confine tra la felicità e la tristezza. . I tramonti ricordano un vaso colmo di gioia che racchiude dettagli di istanti indelebili sulla nostra pelle. . Amo i tramonti.. . Quando sono veramente triste, mi perdo nei tramonti. . Buon tramonto a tutti.

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Ste Mercer


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This what 3 gym trips a week does to ya! No need to go every day! Rest is as good and needed to grow! I feel amazing and so should you! 😜💪🏼👍🏼👊🏼 puregym gym protein proteinfood instafit instamuscle instagay instalike instamodel shoulders biceps vest tanned model modelmaterial fit muscle proud beyourself DON'T LET ANYBODY BRING YOU DOWN! Jealousy is UGLY!!! 🤣

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Nory N Nicholas


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1st Annual Norysvision FotoFest & Studio Launch @ford.serenity @modeljayroyal-mua @juniejoon designer Norysvision Photography nyc beautifulmodels beautiful beauty beautyqueen

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Robert, Paddy, Watson and Buzz


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Pretending he doesn't know I'm taking a photo and acting nonchalant 😂💕 thestowelabs paddy paddington chocolatelab chocolatelabrador chocolatelabradoroftheday lab labstagram labsofinstagram labrador labradorable labradorlife labradoroftheday labradorsofinstagram dogstagram dogsofinstagram cute handsome adorable nonchalant actingnonchalant candid model modelmaterial

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Baby me 👶🏽

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Greg Williams | Actor


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Look what came in the mail today! 😍 I'm already loving them. Now I just need the seasons to change so I can wear them daily. 🤔 Thank you to @llbean for making an outstanding product, as usual! 😄

1 Hours ago

Michelle Clark


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There are no words to express how proud Jamie and I are of Laila and her determination. She's been working her hiney off all summer - whether it's dancing literally every week, (some weeks 20+hrs!) or with her school tutoring, she hasn't complained about her insane schedule even once. She comes home and pushes herself to learn more. Bear in mind, she is ONLY 5! I pray that she continues to reach for the stars and never gives up her passion. lailamichelle dancer danceisherlife dance ballet ballerina tap tapdancer tapper jazz hiphop hiphopdance hiphoplife longhair longhairdontcare modelmaterial legsfordays split splits balletbody alwayslearning alwaysdancing

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Jåmëš Wįggįñš


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Target practice P.c @va_va_voom12 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . photophotosphotographphotographyphotographereveningfencehayhayfieldcowfieldfarmfarmingblueskybigskymodelmaterialmodelmensstylewanderwondererwonderlustexploreexplorealaskaalaskaalaskalife

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Karen Manis


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My baby and her sass!😄modelmaterial modelinthemaking

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Whitney Myer


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tbt to this tall glass of water and I visiting our hometown not so long ago. 😍

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