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Pat McDermott


Comment from Pat McDermott:

Just saw the picture on the left show up in my timehop this morning, what a change 6 years can make, nothing is impossible! @ddpyoga @diamonddallaspage ddpyoga change weightloss weightlossjourney weightlosstransformation smile confidence goals depression love motivation inspiration whatcouldyoudo beunstoppable artofowningit ownit differentpeople nothingisimpossible

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Comment from Antione:

Here's a snippet of today's session with @jaybetraining killing Shoulders 👉🏽 Get GasMonkeyGarage Sleeveless hoodie and other Fitness apparel visit BeGreatToday Fit ImOnIt Gains GainBangin Beard FitDad Motivation Inspiration Adidas Boulders BodyBuilding Gainz BeardGang BeastMode Dedicated FitLife Love Locs Mood Focus

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Brittany | Glitter & Bold


Comment from Brittany | Glitter & Bold:

In case anyone hasn't told you yet today - Congratulations! You made it halfway through another week 🎉 You're doing a fan-fucking-tactic job and your hair looked really pretty today 💁🏻 Now get on with your bad self and dance through the rest of this week 💃🏻 flashesofdelight motivation

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Nychole Hepburn🔹


Comment from Nychole Hepburn🔹:

👻Hello gorgeous!💀 Beauty attracts the eye but personality captures the heart!❤️️ goodvibes skull fashion blue actuallyshecan girlpower motivation inspiration lovewins sexyselfie sexyweekend ottd selfie beachbabe Kauai Princeville Hawaii USA

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Comment from wynn.n.doubt:

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Comment from Maurício.Silvaa🎶🎹:

🙏📸✨ . . . . . . . . . . . pianist keyboard love boy boenasnoches goodnight boanoitee BoaNoite boanoite boanoiteeee global saopaulo brazil aquietaminhaalma motivation night follow4follow followback wekend tecladista instagrammer black photo photographer photography instagram instagood frenchiesofinstagram perfection style night

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Brian Tu


Comment from Brian Tu:

I say today was a great workout! workoutwednesday Got it done gains goals workout Pushed play noexcuses noregrets workoutselfie Insanity max 30  and 22 minute hard corps swole beachbody fitness weightloss kickassbody getfit fitfam instafit fit hardwork persistance progress dedication onedayatatime bettereveryday myjourney discipline progressnotperfection motivation perserverance weightlossjourney fitnessjourney like and follow my progress Sincerely the panda! 🐼

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SOTA Weightloss


Comment from SOTA Weightloss:

SOTA Wednesday Tip of the Day! Need a great and healthy low carb substitute for rice? Cauliflower is your delicious solution, not only is this low carb but it goes great as a side with any dish you make! sotaweightloss healthyrecipe cauliflowerrice sota wednesday motivation lowcarb weightlosscenter weightlossjourney stateoftheart sotafamily health healthylifestyle healthyeating lifechanges lifechanging dedication plano texas dallas garland dfwtoday fortworth weheartfortworth familyowned faithbased

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Grigore Decev


Comment from Grigore Decev:

Great quote for today from Napoleon Hill. quoteoftheday motivation napoleonhill greatthings smallthings greatway doitright alwayslearning quote

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Brad Bromlow


Comment from Brad Bromlow:

So believe it or not, but this picture actually changed my life. It was my farewell party from the USS Ohio (the submarine I was attached to in the Navy) at Chuck E. Cheese. Yes, I picked the location and yes, it was a blast. Back to the picture, they told them the party was for my birthday so they brought out a cape and tiara. So, of course I had to get a picture in it and of course I put it as my @tinder cover photo. So how did it change my life? This is the picture @aubrieb swiped right on and sent me a message that said "nice tiara". That was the start of our never ending conversation. Everything in life happens for a reason. I always questioned why I got stationed outside of Seattle instead of Kings Bay (Kings Bay is about a 4.5 hour drive from my family and Seattle is about a 4.5 hour flight) but it all makes sense now, because that's where I met Aubrie. Sometimes in life we question why we are at a particular place or why something is happening. My advice to you, regardless of what you believe, have faith that all things happen for a purpose. So instead of worrying about things out of your control, do your best to put yourself in place to take of opportunities when they present themselves. Or put on a cape and a tiara and make those opportunities! sheswipedright tinderlovestory chuckecheese blessed determineyourworth

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Kristopher Molina


Comment from Kristopher Molina:

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John "Boomer" Authier


Comment from John "Boomer" Authier:

Dues paid ✔️ Ash is finally feeling better!Haven't been able to workout with her in a while. . iam1stphorm duespaid neversettle legionofboom

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CJ - inspire & doc progress


Comment from CJ - inspire & doc progress:

Focused on biceps and triceps today, mainly because I was worn out from hitting legs yesterday. I had a very strange gait all day because I was hurting (but in a good way). Thank god my office building has an elevator to the 17th floor! It's my birthday tomorrow so I may or may not go to the gym, it's going to be a game time decision! Happy Wednesday everyone, I hope you are working towards your goal(s) and are determined to finish out the week strong... I know I am! FuckCancer ALLSurvivor CancerSurvivor Leukemia Fitness FitnessMotivation Motivation FitLeukemiaSurvivor Scars CleanEating Healthcare Health FitLife Cardio Strength StrengthTraining FitnessAddict GetInspired Inspiration FitFam GetHealthy HealthyLife HealthyMind NoPainNoGain NoExcuses

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Comment from UndergroundProsPerformance:

This athlete was created in the @underground_pros laboratory 🔬🏋🏽🔬🏋🏽

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Adrianne OConnor


Comment from Adrianne OConnor:

This was my dinner tonight: salmon, mashed sweet potato and steamed broccoli. This is day 3 on this nutrition plan and it's AMAZING! I feel more energized, i can tell my body is getting exactly what it needs and my water intake has increased. This program is perfect for people who need the ENTIRE haul over. Be ready to shift your mindset and create a healthier body!

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Jennifer Stevens


Comment from Jennifer Stevens:

Goals. He was out to accomplish one thing, and he TOTALLY did.

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Colleen Gallagher


Comment from Colleen Gallagher:

Happy Birthday to this amazing Mom :)! Cheers to another year to the women who always brings laughter, excitement, adventure, love, stability and so many memories! Your the stability to my free spirit, the reason to my dramaticness, my biggest supporter, always adding on to my silliness and always doing thoughtful things for me and everyone else! We're all so lucky to have an amazing person like you in our life! Cheers to another year :)

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Katica Wallace


Comment from Katica Wallace:

❤️KLV....Wellness Wednesday!❤️ "Keep active - do something physical each day!" It can be as simple as taking the dog out for a walk (if you have a dog!😉). Make sure both your body and mind are active! I enjoy exercising on the beautiful causeway. I'm helping myself feel good, and I get to watch the sunset! 🌅 katica klv livingvibrantly livingvibrantlynow love dunedin causeway wellness exercise sunset joy fitness motivation inspiration

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Comment from _rivolta:

"Единственное, что мне важно - это быть человеком." monicabellucci камю love girl boy man woman style look fashion beautiful sexy motivation sport sea soul inspiration relax city sweet life auto gm gn quotes book rivolta

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Amine Gourari


Comment from Amine Gourari:

health fitness fit TFLers fitnessmodel fitnessaddict fitspo workout bodybuilding cardio gym train training photooftheday health healthy instahealth healthychoices active strong motivation instagood determination lifestyle diet getfit cleaneating eatclean excercise

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