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Comment from martin42420:

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Fernando Mendoza


Comment from Fernando Mendoza:

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weider gym


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Seoung Koo


Comment from Seoung Koo:

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Sam Dodd


Comment from Sam Dodd:

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Rachel Mcgarry-Cernak


Comment from Rachel Mcgarry-Cernak:

I'm being brave posting this, my mid section is my trouble area...we all know abs are made in the kitchen and not in the gym . I've been doing very well the past few weeks with not eating too late, too close to bed time, and not super heavy dinner , but this week/weekend whooped my butt (I'll spare you the details) and last night we went out and I splurged and had a burger with fries . Now today I don't feel myself, kinda bloated and tired...but I guess the moral of the story is: we always fall, but what matters is that we always pick ourselves up again and keep pushing! So, off to the gym I go, and I am in the mood to do legs , arms , cardio ...pretty much everything! So here we go, picking self up, and pushing once again😉💪 weightlifting muscle bodybuilding body motivation dontstop cantstopwontstop kickass girlswholift runner running weights fitness fitnessmotivation

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CrossFit Sunderland SR1


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בשיר חוסיין


Comment from בשיר חוסיין:

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Comment from Thomas:

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Os mais Belos Gaúchos


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Paulo Mulinari


Comment from Paulo Mulinari:

Fazendo uma reflexão em minha vida, me dei conta que hoje, aos 24 anos e ela com seus 21, somamos juntos 8 anos de namoro. Sempre tivemos os mesmos gostos, seja pelo estudo, pela atividade física junto de uma boa alimentação e crença religiosa. Enfim, uma grande sintonia. Podemos dizer que a certeza que temos que o estudo é o caminho fundamental. Tenho uma imensa realização e gratidão na área da nutrição e ao mesmo tempo, ela na sua área, minha professora de Inglês NUMBER ONE🙏🏻❤💁 e assim seguiremos em frente fazendo os melhores planos para o nosso futuro! fitness gym lifestyle muscle motivation saúde saude vidasaudavel nutrição hardcoreladies força determinação estilodevida diet gymlife training bomdia motivação health brasil nutricionistapaulomulinari

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iLove amateurs


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Comment from Dean:

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Comment from masato_fit:

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Comment from Harry:

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Ilona Kokosh


Comment from Ilona Kokosh:

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Comment from IBA CLOTHING:

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Bodyfit showroom


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Logan Springston


Comment from Logan Springston:

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