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Comment from Anna Mantinaou:

#My_man Με κακόμαθαίνει!!❤

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Comment from Huyền My:

When I feel bad, I always look at him. He is my everything. I'm cry, his smile make me laugh. I'm sick, his smile make me feel better. I'm meet a problem, his smile make me solve the problem. His smile can do anything for me and he is my motivation, my anything. When he smile, my world is shinning. People say he not handsome. OK, I love he because he mild, talent not handsome. He not perfect for u, but he is my everything! Thank you, Min Yoongi! Thanks because u became my light, my star, my world! ❤️ #민슈가 #민유기 #슈가 #my_man #my_sunset #everything orginal pic: SUGASOUL

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חיייימשללייי .. שרופה לו על החיים 😂 #MY_MAN

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