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Amanda Donley


Comment from Amanda Donley:

Love you sister wife 😍😚 sisterwife bestfriend mybestfriendisbetterthanyours

1 Minutes ago

Bree Wilson


Comment from Bree Wilson:

My best friend is better than yours 😍👭 bestfriend loveyou mybestfriendisbetterthanyours

14 Minutes ago



Comment from Maeggotti™:

MY BESTFRIEND TOOK SECOND PLACE AT HER FIRST COMP! I'm so proud of you lex. All the hard work you put in. Most importantly, all the dedication you put into this entire thing. You gave it your all and Idc if a judge didn't give you first, you're first in my eyes. You amaze me more and more with what you do. Your determination to do something is out of this world. & I absolutely adore that. Good gawd you looked stunning up there!!!!! I love you so much, now enjoy your 3 days off then back to the grind. Because your next comp ain't no way you're taking anything but first🤘🏽 mybestfriendisbetterthanyours myblackqueen gawddamn beautiful YOUDASHITTOME

26 Minutes ago

Sarah-Jane Roe


Comment from Sarah-Jane Roe:

I fucking love you @abileeee89 nofilterneeded mybestfriendisbetterthanyours ♥️

37 Minutes ago

Joana Guimarães


Comment from Joana Guimarães:

A de sempre 💕 mybestfriendisbetterthanyours happinessyoucanshare saojoao2017 porto

1 Hours ago

Jillian Starkey


Comment from Jillian Starkey:

Everyone deserves their own box of sunshine ☀️Thank you best friend for always brightening my day 😊 @epenman mybestfriendisbetterthanyours

1 Hours ago



Comment from W.S.:

20 something years ago (😉)the world was blessed with a special gift. A women who is so caring, patient, & who truly knows the meaning of loyalty and family. The passion for her own family has motivated her to become the best special ed teacher I know and gives her the strength to take on a job that many others could not do. Your incredible desire to make "your kids" better in all aspects in life is really moving. I hope you know that God has you EXACTLY where he wants you. I hope you know you are making a difference in children's lives everyday. Children that may not even have the love you give them at home. Children who many others see as a burden you see as a blessing. And for that and so many other great things you've done & continue doing your reward will be big! God sees everything. He sees your heart and he will not let you down. Continue to seek him in everything you do and he will lead you to where you belong. I hope you have a wonderful birthday! I love you forever. HAPPYBIRTHDAY BFF worldsbestteacher mybestfriendisbetterthanyours

1 Hours ago



Comment from 👑:

Thank you for being there for me and sticking by my crazy side, you've put up with a lot, and for that I am grateful, you're the bestest, and one in a million, never doubt that I have your back for everything😘 appreciationpost❤️ mybestfriendisbetterthanyours 👯

1 Hours ago

Martin Charmoz


Comment from Martin Charmoz:

2 Hours ago

Karla Jerez


Comment from Karla Jerez:

Happy 21st birthday to this awesome human. I can't wait for our Portland adventure!mybestfriendisbetterthanyours

2 Hours ago



Comment from Kimberly:

Me and my boo thang @kris_joy0317 Thank you baby for making my birthday that much better!! 😘 😘 😘 623 33 bestie ussie mybestfriendisbetterthanyours

2 Hours ago



Comment from Corky:

Best friend times with kingoflamesa!!!! bffbeerbestbestfriendbestiesbestiesierranevadaserrianevadabeercamptourlongbeachchillincaliforniasocalsummersunnydaymybestfriendisbetterthanyours🖤

2 Hours ago

Tommy Nguyen


Comment from Tommy Nguyen:

Because its her birthday! Happy birthday bestfriend !! mybestfriendisbetterthanyours

3 Hours ago

Melisha Naick


Comment from Melisha Naick:

A good friend is like a four-leaf clover; hard to find and lucky to have. Sometimes all you need is a day with your best friend to make you smile. Friendship NonStopFun MyBestFriendIsBetterThanYours 😃🌸

3 Hours ago



Comment from Sarah-E:

Couldn't be more proud of this girl right here. You killed it up there not only did you kill your prep but you helped me with mine while doing it on your own. Truly a wonder women. So proud of you babe told you you'd get number 1. bestfriend mymotivation bestiefortherestie mybestfriendisbetterthanyours figure provincials figurecompetitor brown latina letseat beautiful blondesdoitbest

3 Hours ago

Chelsy Leigh


Comment from Chelsy Leigh:

love irononpatch powerpuffgirls unicorn cutebutpsycho diamond girlgang fuckoff rainbow cute fun custom girlythings mynewfav giftsoffmybestie mybestfriendisbetterthanyours

3 Hours ago



Comment from ELISBETH.:

When she loves you and feeds you 😍😍💃🙌🙌🤰 munchies nslp shefeedsme keytohappiness mybestfriendisbetterthanyours

3 Hours ago

Μαρία Γλύνη


Comment from Μαρία Γλύνη:

tahashtaggiasenamonopotdinstamoodmybestfriendisbetterthanyoursbestiessisterssoulmates ❣

4 Hours ago



Comment from $heena:

Screaming Happy Birthday To My Bestfriend, My heart @_trill_luv_lr on the countdown tho 💪🏾🎉🎉🎉🎈🎈🎈🎊🎊 freeluv mybestfriendisbetterthanyours onthecountdown FreeLarryLuv mybestfriend

4 Hours ago



Comment from Bethany:

Always jammin out to something lol @vocally_blessed1 you kill me sometimes 😂 mybestie loveher mybestfriendisbetterthanyours dera babe babygirl mybestietho waitingforever love nailsdid goodvibes positivevibes vibewithme snapchat snapsave followme bethanycruz gettoknowyourcity suburbia perfectlypolished mycityisbetterthanyours chicago evanston

4 Hours ago